Should I play Yakuza 6 or Judgement next?


So I recently finished Yakuza: like a dragon and really loved it. I’ve also played Yakuza 0 and really loved it as well. In between, I’ve been working on dark souls: remastered and a plagues tale as palette cleansers but I’m getting the itch to head back to Komochuro for my next game.

Im not really interested in going to back to play the old Yakuza 1-5 games. Would I still be able to enjoy Yakuza 6 having just played 0 and 7? Part of me thinks that playing Judgement might be a better call since it has new characters and has a sequel coming out kind of soon too.
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Im gonna have a different opinion. I like the whole series, and Judgement is a good game, but I don't like it as much as the others. The extras weren't really to my liking, meaning the mini games mostly. And I don't like the main characters fighting style at all.....or the way he dresses...or looks. His personality is fine, and the story is good.

Yakuza 6 I also did not like as much as the others...and honestly I'm not sure why.

Personally I think the whole series should be experienced, but you will be burned out if you did them back to back.


I found Judgment to be really boring when it came to side activities and things to actually do in the city. Main story was good but slow as hell even by Yakuza standards. And the main character was.. pretty forgettable.

That being said jumping straight to Y6 might be very confusing so if you don’t want to play Kiwami then go for Judgment.


From experience you can skip yakuza 3 and 5 with almost no problems. Read about it and you're good.
I feel like yakuza 4 has some more important story beats, so at the very least check it on YouTube.

Kiwami and kiwami 2 should be played though.


That’s like hundreds of hours of playtime. I loved the two Yakuza’s I played, so want more, but yea, maybe makes sense to play Judgment if this is the case.
You could always try the Fist of The Northstar game they did 😅

I didn't like it much at all.


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I am RIGHT where you OP.

Just finished Like a Dragon (freaking AWESOME game) but don't know where to go next. Was gonna jump into Judgement then play Zero.
If I liked Judgement/Zero I was going to give the rest a try.

I really liked Sleeping Dogs but don't know if that is a good comparison to Judgement/Yakuza 0-6


I'd jump to judgement. Unless there is a good youtube video breakdown for story of older games. Judgement was amazing. Loved the story. Plus you can jump to lost judgment in month. Can't wait for the sequel
I wouldn't play 6 without playing the others. It's the finale of 7 games worth of Kiryu, that isn't something you want to just jump in to.

Play Judgment, play the sequel coming out this fall, slowly work your way through the rest of the games. These things somehow get churned out yearly, so next year might be 8/Like a Dragon 2.

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I found yakuza 6 quite self contained, I played it after 1 then zero. I'd play yakuza kiwami, 6 then judgement. I find kiwami to important to the overall series to miss out on.


I finished 2 days ago Y6 after having played and finished all the Yakuza since Zero (with the exception of Y5, I think it is by far the worst of all) The essentials to understand the Saga are 0 - Kiwami - Y3 - Y5 - Y6 ( Yakuza 6 starts immediately after 5), if you have no interest in playing from 3 to 5, you can jump to 6 without problems since it has a "Memories" section where you can find out what happens in the games previously. Yakuza 6 is a wonderful game.


I found yakuza 6 quite self contained, I played it after 1 then zero. I'd play yakuza kiwami, 6 then judgement. I find kiwami to important to the overall series to miss out on.


I love 6!

I think it makes sense to play Judgement last too as to have it fresh in their minds before the sequel comes out. I personally hope the Yakuza series goes back to the beat em up style we saw in 6 or at least just split the series for the turn based stuff.
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