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ShadowBringer - A Stealthy Reverse Horror Adventure Where You're a Symbiote Monster Escaping a Lab


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

ShadowBringer is a first person reverse horror stealth adventure where a symbiote monster attempts to escape from a top secret research facility it wakes up in.

In ShadowBringer you are a symbiote monster which wakes up next to a smashed bio-tube with no idea how you got there. As you explore you soon find that you’re trapped in a research facility filled with vats full of experimental organisms and patrolled by armed security guards. Time to make your escape!

You can be harmed by light, so you need to stick to the shadows and your only real form of attack is a stealth attack that takes a while to recharge. It’s best to stay out of view then, but thankfully you can use a Dishonored-esque teleport which allows you to sneak around unnoticed.

Some of the controls seem a little odd (there’s nothing mapped to the left mouse button) and it would be nice if you had a simple slashing attack to make use of those impressive claws. Other than that though it’s an excellent little game with high quality visuals, well crafted stealth environments and an intriguing story. A Sci-Fi horror adventure where you’re the thing that’s lurking in the shadows.

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