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Series x controller buttons make loud clicking noises


Series x controller(s) are definetly loud. I have one that came with the console + 20th anniversary one.

While buttons feel bit "loose" and noisy, the worst thing is the sticks, damn they make LOUD noise when they touch the sides. Like going from one extreme end to another -> sounds almost like some one would be hitting a hard wood with a spoon loudly. And no, I dont use aggressive force when I game, even normal moves of sticks make them sound like a drum set.

clank clank clank clank.. clank clank..

Few my friends have commented that "lol that is too noisy!" when I brought my series x to them to show stuff out, as none of us have really been xbox gamers.

We even started to laugh to how ridiculous it sounded when two player did the "clank clank" noise in the same time.

And no headphones can mask that out, I would say it is so loud that it would make night gaming impossible even from next room, if there would be someone sleeping on the next.

It is not "game over", but noticeable flaw. I guess if someone have been playing xbox for years and they have got used to it, they dont even notice. But as Playstation gamer for decades, it is just weird how hard plastic they use around the sticks.

Data Ghost

I personally like the clickyness of the buttons. Having owned pretty much every console ever I can safely say there is nothing worse than spongey non-precise feeling buttons. Saying that it drives my wife mental when I am going full speed during a game like Tetris Effect :D

Side note, I bought a gorgeous design labs controller recently and I love it however the left trigger would make a plastic hitting plastic clicking noise (which isn't right for the triggers) meanwhile the right one would have the correct 'padded' feel when you press it all the way down. I popped off the panel on the side and I could see there is a little rubber pad where the trigger hits the plastic. This wasn't stuck down fully and had moved slightly. 2 minute job putting it back in place with a pair of tweezers and its sorted. Just in case anyone else has the same issue.
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