SEGA tops Metacritic's 2021 Publisher Rankings, propelled by Persona 5 Royal and Yakuza 0

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Frankly dude...what sources do you have for Focres?
You know why you don't have sources? Because Sega didn't release any sources. What we have is pictures of game stores with Sonic Forces taking dust, sometimes on daily cheap discounts and not selling at all. Mania also don't have sources, but do people love to play it. Most of their fans and non fans buy it and love it, but for some reason Sega doesn't want follow up games(Taxman already said that Sega didn't reach him for more Sonic games). What more source do you want? You want Sega answering exactly your question?

It's pretty obvious. Sonic Team is on the market of main 3D Sonic games for ages. What do you think they would feel when their main game is considered a piece of garbage and a game some people offend as a "fangame" gets the better end of the stick? The only reason people even remember that crap of game is because Iizuka probably wanted Mania to reconect with the story of Forces.
I wasn't asking sources for Sonic Forces sales datas .............. "dude". I don't give a shit about Forces.
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As much as I still want Sega to bring back some of their classic IPs in a AA/AAA fashion, there's no denying that they are still a very talented developer and publisher and do right by their fans. This is probably a smack in the face to people who only think of Sonic when it comes to Sega, however; they are so much more than just that IP.

I wish there were more marketing muscle given to some of their titles, particularly in the West for some of the more Japanese-centric releases, but it's good to see the Yakuza and Persona series embraced by the West more, and their aggressiveness with GamePass seems to be paying off. I hope they're looking at the Azel Resurrection fan project and offer to maybe help fund it or get them together with Forever Entertainment to make it happen because games like PD Saga deserve a lot more hands playing them than they've gotten up to this point.

They've never been in the bottom:

- When Sonic Force has been released, Sega was still 3rd.

- Sega is the only big publisher staying so long in the top 3 (4 years out of 6)

- 2019 seems bad but wasn't in fact. They were 18th (metascore 73% which is not bad) because tons of tiny publishers with only 5 to 8 titles were included in the overall ranking.

- Sega is the only publisher who won 2 crowns...

They've never been six feet under.

A lot of people are very ignorant about Sega in general if it isn't Sonic or Genesis/MegaDrive-related (even there they only think of it as the Sonic & sports game machine). They're the sort who think Sega's output died with the death of the Dreamcast, despite the fact a lot of their best games have been post-Dreamcast releases.

I think part of it comes from the fact that a lot of Sega's games now aren't the same IP they had back in the day and while I also want games like Virtua Fighter, Ristar, Space Harrier, Thunderforce (they own the TechnoSoft IPs now) etc. to come back in a big way, I can also acknowledge their strengths with their modern IP. For an industry with people constantly complaining about devs/pubs who keep recylcing the same IP it's odd to criticize Sega at times for being arguably the most experimental dev/pub when it comes to creating new IP, historically speaking. They probably have more gaming IP than several other companies combined.

All I can really ask for from Sega is more marketing behind some of their other releases, maybe with more trans-media content for select ones. The new Sakura Wars should've had an anime to go alongside with it for example, 13 Sentinels could benefit from an anime or manga too. Or maybe these things already exist and I don't know about them yet :S. I also still think they can do some things with specific IP they aren't doing, like an MMO Crazy Taxi game (or just a new Crazy Taxi period). Maybe even a mash-up of Crazy Taxi x Outrun or stuff like that.

Lastly I hope they really do improve the consistency in Sonic games. Do more work with guys like the team on Sonic Mania, work with DotEmu on giving the SOR4 treatment to other games like Shinobi or Comix Zone, and maybe let Sonic Team try other games or return to older IP like Burning Rangers. And personally, I'd dig stuff like a Persona x Phantasy Star type of crossover game, just for fun.
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