Second Wave of Xbox Game Pass Games for November Announced


im giving we happy few a try. Kinda of okish gameplay though story and characters are interrsting.
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Just a heads-up for Mortal shell boys and girls (Xbox series - same problems on PS5 though) :
The game is fooked when it comes to bugs.
- Pressing start/A on the starting screen not working sometimes which forces you to quit the game and re-launch it.
- Random crashes to dashboard
- Random freezes forcing you - again - to re-launch the game.
- Lute/guitar sound gets borked resulting sound coming out of them,
- Enemies popping in a couple of metres in front of you (this got worse by the latest patch apparently).
- Getting stuck in geometry
- The G'damn Rotting Christ DLC is STILL broken and doesn't work months after release (again, due to the latest patch).It may sound stupid but i mostly bought the game because of said DLC and i still haven't been able to experience it.
- Various weapon bugs judging by reddit.
- Various bugs during the new rogue-like mode DLC

Yes, it's a good souls-clone (one of the best in fact) but...there's just way too many bugs, i get that it was made by a very small team but...bugs are bugs and they haven't done/fixed anything in months.
It's also pretty short, there's a level (Obsidian caves one) which is the largest "dungeon"/area of the game and that alone is about 6-7 hours of gameplay but the rest of them are about 1 hour long.

If you like the souls series give it a try, the atmosphere is pretty good and the combat even better - the hardening mechanic is pretty sweet and a nice twist/addition to the tried souls combat.

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Digitize my body because there's more games than I can play!

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Mortal Shell is shit. Slow and incredibly unresponsive combat. Got about 5 min in and my character glitches and can't walk anymore. Had to reset.


Gonna keep playing a bit more though. Really glad I didn't buy this.
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