Second Wave of Xbox Game Pass Games for November Announced


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  • Dragon Age
  • Dead Space
Console and PC:
  • Mortal Shell
  • Exo One
  • Next Space Rebels
  • Fae Tactics
  • My Friend Pedro
  • Undungeon
  • Deeeer Simulator
  • Evil Genius 2
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Hell yeah, I want Mortal Shell. Almost bought multiple times.

Exo One seems neat. Never heard of it.

Pedro just got a frame rate boost I think. I have it on Switch and wasn't impressed, but I will try again.
All the rest seem okay. Fae Tactics looks decent visually.
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First fortnight that's kinda dead for me.

It's alright, I have enough games that have fallen off and got Forza.
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I was just looking at the EG2 trailer the other day, had no idea it was coming to GP. Every couple weeks it is something new, the size of my backlog now...

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Exo One defo had the next gen visuals in its trailer and cool looking Journey / Rez style gameplay - looking forward to seeing how its turned out!


Fae Tactics looks really interesting, might try it on the phone.

Mortal Shell and Evil Genius 2 is just icing on the cake at this point, not sure how I can find time.

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Do Cloud and PC/Console versions share saves? Can I like, take my Forza progress on the go if I use the cloud?
Glad Mortal Shell is here...that game needs more love. I wish they got acquired so the sequel can have a real budget to it...the best souls like clone yet.


I debated buying Mortal Shell about a hundred different times and never pulled the trigger, I'll definitely be checking it out when it drops on GP.


There's a couple of games I want to check out on that list. I don't know about Dead Space on cloud though. I just finished playing the trilogy and it is still awesome and holds up SO well, but playing it on a phone just wouldn't be the same.

SF Kosmo

Yeah. You can literally just sync your Xbox controller to your phone and play Forza on your phone from the same save. When you log back in though it will cancel your quick resume for obvious reasons.
I'm on PC so I'm proper shutting down the game, not an issue. I have a GameSir X2 for my phone so I got the control thing covered.

Wow, pretty cool, that's worth the extra $5. Latency isn't bad with a USB connection too (bluetooth pads on phone are probably not a good idea for this though), I was able to place first in a couple events. Neat!
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I'll try mortal shell as people are saying it's worth it. otherwise nothing interesting to me in this batch.
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