Sealed Super Mario 64 sells for more than $1.5 million, almost doubling a record just set on Friday


There are so many factors behind graded collectibles. It's really not just a case of "Oh, I can go on ebay and buy an identical one for $500."


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I would be 45. I am obviously not putting all my eggs into one basket, but if I feel like a game could be valuable one day or if I got 2 copies laying around, then I think it's worth a try. There is not much to lose.
It’s special with big manuals, maps and posters imo, like a Baldur’s Gate box with a whole big book as manual or something like that, maybe that will be worth something. But for the most part I don’t think modern games without even a piece of paper as manual and rarely the complete game on the disc will be as special.


For being a 9.8 I can see a fucked up corner in their main picture.
Yup if that busted corner can get a 9.8 can't see it been that hard to get a solid 10 lol graded games in general are a total joke. With comics and trading cards when you get them graded they are single items with no internal contents. With a videogame it has a manual (usually) plus a cart or a disk rattling around in a box/case. Over the years they are going to rub inside the box especially for something that might be 30+ years old at this point so how can you really grade a game in it's entirety as been worth a certain score when all you are grading is the outer package it's madness lol. Nobody in these grading companies have xray vision.
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Yeah at this point, these game sales are just a dick measuring contest for the ultra-rich. Fuck it, let them waste their money
So if you have the money to just buy one of every physical game released, will it still pay off in 30 years or is this a dying trend?
Likely, no. People are guaranteed to be thinking this now, making values of today's games plummet in comparison to the past.

When I was a kid, it was baseball cards. I saw how much stuff like Mickey Mantle rookie cards went for, I thought if I held on to all my 1980s-90s era cards they'd be worth a fortune.

Today, those cards are worth basically what they were worth at the time - not a whole lot.


What I'm really shocked at is the fact a sealed Super Mario 64 is so rare. It's an old game but not that old. Surely there are ton of these things around....or apparently not.


It sounds a little bit racist to just pick on Nintendo fans.
Collectors in general are nuts.
And it sounds a little ignorant to use a word which meaning you clearly don't grasp. Look up the word racism in the dictionary. In 2021 you should really know better than to use it to make a dumb argument about video games.


Funny part was i was watching mizkif stream the other day, and he bought like a whole bunch of n64 games and nintendo games in general sealed for 1-9 grand each a year or two back as he explained. He said its my retirement fund and pension they will become super expensive shortly.

His investment in those games was something like 90k which are all graded also, and from the last auction he was watching his games got sold for 450k total.

What was unique about that particular copy?

9.8 graded, which is almost mint condition = pretty much impossible to get. This is not your average store copy u would have found back in the day.
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Funny how I'm seeing quite a few listings for new and graded games anywhere from 18-650k show up on ebay... I wonder why.
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