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Game Dev Hardware Platform Scorn dev talks about Xbox Series X console exclusivity, says CPU is more important than SSD for next gen


Jan 5, 2020
Big Caulk County
How anyone can be impressed with the Scorn trailer is beyond me. It was extremely static with not much going on per frame.
Probably cause it's one of the handful of actual next gen games that have been shown. We've seen a couple that Xbox gamers will be getting. And we've seen nothing for what ps5 owners will get. It's better to be excited about something, vs excited about nothing.

Mod of War

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Oct 23, 2018
I don't know what meta gaf is. *embarrassed gif*

SSD gonna be the huge difference maker. And only one console has the fastest!

Does a leopard change it's spots? You were an Xbox fan before coming back from your ban, so is this the new angle you are going with?

Knock off the childish games.

Edit: Actually, scratch that. I see you were on final perm warning, and clearly transparent.
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Nov 5, 2016
One Big Room, Full Of Bad Bitches

The game’s director Ljubomir Peklar talks to GamingBolt about the pros and cons of next-gen SSDs.

“For a system to take the full advantage of the next gen CPU/GPUs, the amount of data needed to be streamed in and out of memory is pretty big,” Peklar explained. “That’s the main reason why both console manufactures went with the SSDs and a specialized I/O approach. This approach was pretty much a necessity. You could, for example, get similar results with average SSD speeds and more memory. You would have to preload more game data into memory, but on the other hand your SSD wouldn’t need to fetch that much data every second. When next-gen engines start to incorporate these kinds of workflows, some new possibilities will open up in theory. Like having an open world game with high fidelity assets found in smaller scale games, or as they said in the Unreal 5 tech demo, movie quality assets.”

“There are two reason why this is not possible on current gen. One is hardware,” he said. “Mechanical drives simply can’t keep up with the amount of data- there’s not enough memory, current CPU/GPU would struggle to compute it all adequately etc. Second is the amount of work/time needed for developers to create all these very high quality assets, for any game size, let alone for a large open world game.

Peklar suggested in conclusion that as far as the difference between the SSDs that both next-gen consoles employe is concerned, it’s effectively not going to seem as big as it seems on paper right now. “As for differences between the two solutions I feel that it will end up a matter of diminishing returns,” he said.
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Aug 9, 2014
No actual interest in Scorn whatsoever but for both next gen consoles, it's CPU > RAM > GPU > SSD for me. The SSD is great but imagine a Jaguar CPU (lmao) with it. UGH. The SSD would be a waste. Once Sony revealed that they put the vast majority of their focus on their custom SSD but weakened the GPU, the CPU (slightly) and slower speed for the RAM, my decision to go with Xbox Series X as my primary gaming console was made. It's funny, for what will be three generations in a row, the platform that I wanted to stay with as my primary ended up doing shit that I didn't want them to do which basically led me to go with the other platform. SMH.


Apr 7, 2019
im glad this developer shed some light into the cpu which is not really being talked about. GPU and SSD has taken the limelight, but not the CPU which is *significantly* better than the jaguar CPU