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News Scalpers Lose 30% On PS5 Prices, Despite Restock Problems

Feb 23, 2018
They don’t loose 30% by still getting more than they paid. They gain less would be more fitting, and then it‘s 60% less (200 vs 500$).
Unless more PS5 exclusives are released I don’t think anyone is really in an urgent need to get a PS5
Yeah the title phasing makes pretty much no sense unless there is actually some large group of "scalpers" out there who bought a console from another scalper at $1000 and have sat on it since then waiting to sell.

I couldn't imagine anyone sitting on inventory for a minute longer than they have to because at this point the price only goes down as time goes on.


Feb 8, 2018
homer simpson GIF
Well there is currently almost no reason to buy any next gen console so far.
Most games work on the older models and there is not so much new stuff coming in the next year.
They will still sell all consoles but demand is definitely sinking and so people are also not willing to pay the much higher prices.
Btw, used ps5 are also available all the time with just 50-100€ higher price but often with a few games and a second controller. There is not much room for profit if you can get a used model for a much more reasonable price.
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Feb 28, 2018
What a weird way to phrase that. I bet they will keep dropping rapidly until November when people start looking for Christmas presents again. The tail on that price jack will be much shorter though, so we'll probably be at normal prices late next spring if nothing else goes wrong...no new epidemics or anything.


is mad because DF didn't do a video on a video of a video of a video on PS5
Mar 19, 2013
I don’t think a drop from $1000 to $700 can even be considered a lose…

It is still $200 easy profit.
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Jan 24, 2015
I bought mine off a scalper, dont have regrets tbh. The way I saw it, I paid the bloke £80 to stay up until 3am pressing F5 while I slept like a baby. I can see why they do it, but this issue is on the retailer, there are so many ways they could prevent this, but they dont, because a sale is a sale and they couldnt give a fuck.

Also, not to make this a console war issue, but I think the demand for PS5 will now be slightly lower since Sony seem to be charging for slight upgrades on games while MS are becoming more and more user friendly, that surely will lower demand slightly?

This dude gets it 🤣
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Mar 9, 2020
I don’t think a drop from $1000 to $700 can even be considered a lose…

It is still $200 easy profit.
while the title is wrong, ps5s have lost 30% of their value on the secondary market in the US, not scalpers have lost 30% scalpers are still making money, but not 200
using the US as a reference they need to pay sales tax on the purchase so that adds 5 to 10 % depending on the state, and then they lose about 15% on transaction fees unless they sell locally, so at 700 they are looking at a 45-70 usd in profit, another 50 usd drop in secondary demand and scalping will end, though it will likely come back around the holidays.


Jan 12, 2018
And I bet most of them have played something like two or three PS5 games and it's not been switched on for four months because they're not interested in playing PS4 games on it. The irony. :p

Most of my PSN friends that are online have one and are on usually daily or several times weekly.

Right now, I can see people playing F.I.S.T. Destiny 2, Tales of Arise, NBA2K, Madden, Astro, Apex, GOW, Overcooked and other games....and it's pretty late here.

There is an absolute abundance of games to play and PS+ games just dropped last week.
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Jan 12, 2018
They were at 10 million back in June.... they should be hitting 15 million in the next month or two.

But then all the parents and families looking for a present will be added to the pool of people looking for one. Gonna be tough to find one around end of October, start of November and of course December.

Then Spring will be a bit easier to get one for the core gamers... late spring I guess.

Would be cool if they hit 20 million or more by March 2022. I think I saw that they forecast 22-23 million total sales by then.

The games lineup around then is pretty insane too.... Horizon, Sifu, GT7 and Forspoken along with multiplats like Elden Ring all within a few weeks of each-other. Then GOW and other games later in the year.

Great for gaming. They just need to stop nickle and dime-ing for upgrades and stop the next gen tax. Also forget about PC and start focusing on doing better for their real customers on console.
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May 19, 2017
Supply is getting slowly better, it's still nowhere close to a point where we can buy one at a retailer anytime but there are multiple restocks each month.
At the same time we're probably getting close to 14m consoles shipped so demand from core gamers who want one at all costs should go down.
If you want one you can either follow online restocks or get into a preorder list and you should get one within 1-2 months at worst, there's no sense to give money to these people who are reselling it at outrageous prices.

You can get on a pre order list? Where? I’m based in the USA.
Thank you in advance. 👍🏻 😀