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Ryse 2 in the Works and it Could be Multiplatform, Xbox Insider Says to Have Heard


I know the game has tons more potential, but I do not want a sequel. The story was really, really good but if they just do the predictable, fuck off.


Such a weird marketing advertisement. I wonder if there's something to the 2042 or if they literally just mean 2042? Because due to global drought, clean water, food shortages, and disease probably mostly everyone but the rich will be dead by then 😄
Played it recently again on PC. Not the best port, had to tweak some settings in Nivdia control panel to reduce the stuttering. Other than that, still looks beautiful but the game did get boring after a few hours. Hopefully the combat is improved by giving us more control over it.
I am always telling people that God of War 4 is overrated like crazy, there is nothing special about it...
Sorry but Ryse is legitimately just a fucking dogshit game from start to finish, everything about the gameplay is pure and utter trash.

The fighting system is a crime against humanity, the animations are beyond trash, there is literally NO system here to see... it's button mashing without any rime or reason... no combos... no depth... but that isn't even the worst about it. the worst part is just how fucking retarded it feels to play, I was think about a word that best describes how it feels to play Ryse... and retarded is the only word that truly describes it. It feels like there is something fundamentally wrong with every part of the character controller script in this game.

everything feels delayed, everything feels sluggish, everything feels semi-scripted and automated...
so yeah, I think the only true way to describe Ryse is that it feels retarded, like it had a severe birth defect, even shitty licensed games like Avatar The Burning Earth don't play and feel this bad, and actually have more depth to their gameplay than Ryse.

I am known by many on this forum from constantly shitting on Uncharted and TLOU for their shallow gameplay and all show + no substance to their gamedesign, but Ryse... Ryse takes this to a whole 'nother level, to a level that is almost not believable given that it was made with a AAA budget and a big first party launch title... it makes The Order 1886 look like a decent game, that's how bad it is.

so don't you dare compare it to God of War which has a mediocre but not terrible fighting system and has more than 3 enemy types...

What difficulty did you play it on? I had a blast with it.


We need more ancient roman era games, so. bring it on.

It had some really cool moment,s and some beautiful location, gameplay was just super vapid
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There really was a lot to love about the first game. I give it a little more leeway regarding its obvious shortcomings than most due to it being a launch game. It did what a single player story focused launch game should do. It sold us on the upgrades and experience we should expect from a new console generation and provided a new baseline for cinematic high fidelity gameplay. I sure wish there was a no frills story focused game pushing the eye candy available on launch for the Series X. I don't think Microsoft understands how important that is when launching new hardware. In regards to the story and lore the first game had some hard hitting moments. A certain corridor scene springs to mind along with some super cool struggles through the colosseum. The game even had a multiplayer mode. I wish Crytek had the balls to make the harder difficulty the only way to play. Normal mode in the game was super easy and it allowed you to just blast through the game without actually figuring out the system or mechanics. Though there wasn't much depth to the gameplay; in my opinion normal mode didn't really showcase the game in its best light. Please let the rumours be true regarding a new game. I wanna find out more about the gods and I'd love to see them push the engine and crazy animation system forward and raise the bar once again.


Recently reinstalled it to play it on my 3080ti and the stuttering made it unplayable. How did I ever finish this game back in the day?


Recently played ryse about a year ago during lockdown, for what it is it was a decent game but nothing special, hopefully they change the gameplay into something better then batman arkham, its a short game but at the same time im glad it was because when you reach the final level it definitely over stays its welcome, mulitplayer was weak af though
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