Rumor: Sony coming up with 6 inch, Full HD Android phone

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"Samsung is ready to unveil the next Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S4 at early next years mobile world congress (MWC) in the Spanish city of Barcelona"
said an official from the firm asking not to be identified, Sunday. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 will be held between 25 to 28 February. - November 19, 2012

Samsung to introduce a 4.99″ Full HD AMOLED
"The Engineers over at Samsung display out done themselves this time, they managed to make a 4.99″ Full HD display with a stunning PPI of 441."

Hope this helps, you friggin turtle.

I believe the collection of the spec but not 3200mAh. Samsung just need to offer 2500mAh and sd slot to crap over everybody.


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5 inches is the max unless Jncos suddenly become popular again.

Is the S4 Snap Drag Quad Core processor even optimised now?

Looking at all the benchmark tests, it seems as if the dual core custom A6 processor spanks all S4 phones at the minute

Added to the fact they have shit battery life, I am not looking forward to Sony's efforts..not one bit

Spanks all over it in single core tasks or multicore tasks?


I believe the collection of the spec but not 3200mAh. Samsung just need to offer 2500mAh and sd slot to crap over everybody.

it's going to have a 3200mAh! they have developed a smaller slimmer 3200mAh battery than they already have in the note 2. This is running a 1080p display with a quadcore ARM Exynos (Cortex A15) @2GHz.

Not some crappy 1.5GHZ APQ8064 Quad core SnapDragon Pro.

Don't believe it if you don't want. THAT IS FINE.

Me: I AM READY !!!

I don't believe it. And its dualcore A15 not quadcore. You keep throwing money at the screen.

Yeah, the tablet uses a dual core A15 and has pretty crap battery life, a quad core one would be even worse and with a smaller battery (~2500mAh as you suggested) the phone would burn itself out in less than 3 hours.

Just remember the chatter about the GS3 before it came out, back then people were talking about dual core A15 and it ended up being based on A9. For sure Samsung will go for their own SoC rather than Qualcomm, at least for non US markets, but it is very, very unlikely that they will put quad core A15 for tablets into a phone.

The best we're going to get next year is whichever phone uses ST-Ericsson A9600 with their integrated LTE baseband.


it's going to be quad core.

hell they are even announcing a 8-core next February...

Forget about dual-core or quad-core processors in mobile devices, as the EE Times reports that Samsung will be unveiling an 8-core ARM chip next February at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. At the conference, which will also include new technologies from Intel and Nvidia, it is expected that Samsung will preview the new system-on-a-chip with two quad-core clusters.

The first cluster is clocked at 1.8 GHz and is intended for high performance apps, while the other runs at 1.2 GHz and is designed for energy efficiency. It’ll be interesting to see if an eight-core mobile processor ever makes it into a future iPhone model, especially since Samsung is the company’s manufacturing partner for chips of this nature.
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