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RTTP: Xbox 360


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Hey GAF, so I got the Brook Wingman adapter for the Xbox, meaning amongst various combinations I can use the Series X controller with the 360, something I've wanted to do for a while now. So I flashed the firmware update to the stick, and after that I plugged it into the USB port of the 360 and plugged in my Series X controller with the cable into it. It works flawlessly and let me play the 360 once more!

So here's the stuff I played in my last session:

Sonic Unleashed- This game is like my dream game because it fits my current tastes like a glove. It's part Sonic game, part beat em up, with some sprinkles of rhythm game that makes the game feel Sega like and distinct from other games that did those things too. The intro was Pixar like and well done. The story is nice too, it's like a slightly lightened up Sonic Adventure so far in that it's not too serious but the stakes are still there so it's not Sonic Colors kind of cartoonish story telling. Look forward to beating this one soon.

Dark Souls: I meant to play Bayonetta after Sonic Unleashed, but the disc wasn't reading properly, so I thought to test with another disc, Dark Souls, to make sure the disc drive was working right. Luckily, it was working! So onto Dark Souls I went to. I had a save from the last time I attempted this game, but since it's been too long, I made a new save with a new character. I went for the Wanderer build. I enjoyed the atmosphere, combat, and the level design in particular so far. I looped back to the first bonfire, and stopped there for now.

Bayonetta: I have this game already on other systems, but I love playing games on their original systems, in this case the 360, for various reasons, the main one being that I'm one achievement away from having all of the achievements for it! I usually don't care about achievements but for this game, might as well go for all of them since I'm one away and it's one of my favorite games. I played Angel Slayer, which was a nice way to unrust and get better at the game's combat again.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: A classic! This version of the game has the full roster available from the getgo, yet I stuck with my mains from other ports of the game. I'm so rusty at this game, I didn't win the first match so onto the next game.

Resident Evil CODE Veronica X HD: For this one, I went to the Battle Mode as Battle Mode Claire. Pure dumb fun! Shoot shoot shoot at the enemies until you make it to the boss at the end, kill em and win! It was nice to see many of the game's environments again in this abridged version of the game.

So yea that's how my 360 session went thanks to the Brook Wingman Xbox adapter!


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I see I’m not the only one feeling retro today - I pulled the PS3 out of storage today. I’ve been thinking about trying to get a cheap x360 or xb1 because I never had a chance to play gears of war 3.


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I see I’m not the only one feeling retro today - I pulled the PS3 out of storage today. I’ve been thinking about trying to get a cheap x360 or xb1 because I never had a chance to play gears of war 3.
Noice, speaking of which, I do have the Gears trilogy on 360! I remember liking the first game's atmosphere, the 2nd game's story, and 3's combat...now I might replay them myself
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Unleashed is great. I bought it on sale last month and playing it on XSS which means its 60fps.

Its challenging, and yeah I think its good. There are quite some noticable production values here. Game is a looker as well. If i'm not mistaken this could be considered Sega's last AAA Sonic game.

Even the werehog, which drags on for too long does break the pace and has some neat platforming marred by unreliable camera and controls but overall I don't entirely hate it. What I hate most is collecting medals to advance the story. The speed stages aren't tailored for it.


You are missing the "TRUE" sonic unleashed experience only available on the Series X though...on the 360 there is a big performance cap..I brought it in the recent sale a couple of weeks ago....otherwise all these years I never bothered looking twice at it..
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