Rogue Legacy 2 |OT| Does Coulrophobia Run In Your Family?


Playing the original sporadically now. I enjoy it in short bursts but I feel the progression takes way too long. Hope this come out of early access before too long.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Anyone play the new patch? Hoping to put some time over the weekend.
Played about an hour so far. The inclusion of the new features makes this finally feel like it's a proper sequel instead of just the first game with a new art style.

The inclusion of EXP per class is the best part, in my opinion. That way, if you get stuck with lame classes you don't normally play it's at least worthwhile and counts towards something (in addition to the gold you may obtain). The relic system is also awesome, and it gives you random buffs in the middle of a run but they typically cost you a reduction of your Max HP. The new classes are all pretty cool, I especially like the cook because their weapon applies burning (damage over time) and their special ability recovers health and is replenished by picking up meat. The Valkyrie is also pretty cool with their directed spear attack that lets you attack in any direction.

Overall this adds a ton of replayability to what's already there and it adds two new areas to explore (and a few more that are "under construction"). Really good stuff, hopefully they have a few more updates this size before the game releases to 1.0 and I would be super happy with that.

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Rogue Legacy 2 – v0.3.2​

With the Arcane Hallows update, we took a stab at game balance in order to make the early game more approachable and have it curve cleaner into the late game. We’re happy with the changes we’ve made, but think we made the experience a touch too easy. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs, updated class balancing, and made system tweaks that massively change the way you play.
Does this update make the game too hard or too easy? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Discord channel.

- The Cellar Door Dev Team


Mages have had a major bug all this time, and fixing it will make them a lot stronger. This, along with the buffs to magic, will make them REALLY strong. They may be nerfed in a future patch.
  • Fixed the Mage's custom spell pool. Unlike all other classes, the Mage's spell pool is broken into two categories, Offensive and Utility. This ensures Mages always have an even spread of abilities, to ensure they have an even spread of abilities. There was a bug so Mages were only taking from the Offense list, cutting their spell pool in half.
  • Mages Utility Spell Pool: Flame Shield, Magic 8 Ball, Wind wall, Shockwave, Freeze strike, Prismatic, and Thunderstorm.
  • Mages Offense Spell Pool: Fireball, Lightning Spike, Blaze Bellow, Searing Shot, Gravity Beam, Time Bomb, Fungal Spread.
  • Knockback increased on the Mages wand, and the firebolt (before explosion)
The Ranger is in a great state. But we still feel like we can give them a few QoL changes to make them feel just a bit better.
  • Ivy Canopy now creates a tiny side wall to help with fringe angles.
  • Attack Exit window reduced (slightly)
Valkyrie's been top-tier for a long time. We don't want to reduce their health or damage more, so we're going to increase the skill floor a bit.
  • Spin Radius reduced (slightly)
  • Spin Counter Window reduced (slightly)
  • Spin "Spam Grace Window Reduced" (only affects button mashers)
The recent change to Barbarians reduced their damage, but the increase to their vitality just made them stronger. This, along with their new aerial maneuvers, really keeps them at the top. We’ve removed the health bonus from the last patch and we’ll see where it goes from there.
  • Bonus health scaling reduced from 130% to 120% (Original launch values)
The Knight is our intro class. We want them to be the jack-of-all-trades, but right now they’re just the winningest-of-all-everythings. The new Shield Dashing Tech plus the change to the talent made them extremely good for veterans, but not super great for beginners (who don’t spam the shield). These following changes will hopefully help new players get more out of blocking, and prevent pros from abusing it.
  • Knight Block now has a 10s CD.
  • Knight Perfect Block window increased.
  • Knight Perfect Block damage, explosion radius, and knockback all increased SIGNIFICANTLY.
Turned out Suave launched with a bug. Now that it’s fixed, Suave is working properly and is VERY strong. While the Gunslinger has Suave, their DPS (damage per second) is nearly doubled. We’ve reduced their damage scaling to compensate for this. This also has the side benefit of making Suave really powerful for other fast hitting classes (especially Assassin and Barbarian).
  • Suave bug FIX: It now ADDS 30% of your MAGIC as damage BEFORE weapon modifiers are applied.
  • Empty shooting no longer keeps you airborne forever (you’ll slowly fall).
  • Pistol damage down. (But compensated by Suave status effect).
Good, but deals a touch too much damage.
  • Cloak reduced from 3.5s to 3s.
  • Damage down slightly.
Good, but often overlooked for other classes so we want to be careful with nerfs lest people think it premature.
  • Roll CD raised from 1.5s to 2s.

Now that we’ve settled in a good rhythm for how mana regen works, we’ve taken a look at the damage output spells have been doing, and think they could use a nice buff across the board. These buffs benefit the Mage the most, obviously.
  • Fixed bugs where the last tic of certain spells wouldn’t trigger depending on the magic of framerates.
  • Searing Shot impact damage from 125% INT to 150% (510% dmg after burn applied)
  • Fireball explosion damage from 125% INT to 150% (510% dmg after burn applied)
  • Windwall damage increased from 40% INT to 60%
  • Blaze Bellow TIC damage raised from 125% INT to 135%
  • Shockwave INT damage raised from 200% to 225% and knockback increased by 25%
  • Sporeburst Status Effect damage raised from 150% INT to 200%
  • Freeze Strike Size increased, and damage raised from 50% to 75%
  • Lightning Storm damage raised from 250% INT to 275%
  • Tesla Spike damage raised from 40% INT per tic to 50% per tic (max 500% dmg)

Early bosses are easier. Later bosses, harder.

Estuary Lamech
  • Base Health reduced
Void Beast Halpharr and Byarrith
  • Arena layout change. Bounce platforms have been added to the center, and a second row has been added to let people get super high. We originally wanted players to kick up off the skeletons but we think it’s asking too much from the players this early on in the game.
  • Skeletons Bone throw attacks now go higher to accommodate for people hanging too high in the air.
  • The Big bone attack is now smaller.
  • Fixed big bone end pieces not having a hitbox.
  • Community: Fixed Skeleton Bosses small bones not being counterable (stomp, and throw)
Estuary Namaah
We were safe with her on initial launch because we were afraid people wouldn't be comfortable with the platforming. Now that we see how people are faring, we're bumping her AI up a bit.
  • Move speed increased.
  • Aggression Increased.
  • Dashing attack speed increased.
Estuary Enoch
  • New SFX and Music have been added to the Boss. It’s gooood stuff.
  • Health and damage increased slightly.
  • Void Shield can no longer be destroyed by Knight Block or other abilities that destroy projectiles.
  • Fixed explosion not triggering during mode shift.
  • Blightborn Furcas has a new attack animation!

We pushed the new armor algorithm knowing it was powerful. It turned out to be too powerful. We’ve re-enabled “chipping” so that blazing through low level areas will still have a small amount of consequence. Stacking-quenching runes will eliminate this almost entirely though.
  • Taking damage now reduces armor by 1. Chipped armor can now be restored via quenching runes.
  • Quenching runes are now 30 weight (down from 50).

  • Dwarfism gold bonus down a tier 50% to 25%. (As more range classes were created, being a Dwarf went from being good on a few classes, to being good on a lot of classes).
  • Monochromacy gold raised from 20% to 25%.
  • C.I.P raised from 20% to 25%.
  • Alexithymia raised from 20% to 25%.
  • Masochism mana regen on hit down from 100% to 50%. Masochism now grants a 25% gold bonus.
  • Blessings now display their proper buffs (10% and 5% vs 5% and 2.5%). This was just a display error, so nothing else has really changed.

  • Trinkets now only drop from gold chests.
  • Gold chests will now always drop gear if the gear is a low enough level, before reverting to ore.
  • Community: Chests now drop a little more gold at the start to help with their early game rewards scaling.
  • Charon Gold Bonus Milestones raised. It was so low that it was better to give Charon money rather than buy stats in order to hit the first few milestones.

  • Knockback on Sentries and all variants reduced so Barbarians can push them back
  • Crossbow enemy damage up, and size down.
  • Dexterity rebalanced. You will scale faster in the beginning, but slow down sooner near the end.
  • All characters start with 5% bonus crit chance, and your starting Dexterity and Focus were brought back down to 0.

  • Community: More room fixes.
  • Community: More typo fixes.
  • Community: Removed “In development” weapon accidentally added to the Curio Shoppe.
  • Community: Fixed pistol and bow projectiles not scaling with player size.
  • Community: Fixed the crossbow enemies not being named.
  • Community: Fixed bad text links in skill tree.
  • Community: Crossbow enemy names not displaying fixed.
  • Added sound effects for Mimic Chests.
  • Wolves initial delay now properly working.
  • Blessings now display their proper buffs (10%/5% vs 5%/2.5%). This was just a display error, so nothing else has really changed.
  • Fixed bug where Namaah's wave attack sound effects could loop forever.
  • Fixed bug where the game would be capped to 60fps on a high refresh rate monitor even if vsync was disabled.
  • Fixed bug where Resolve was being calculated incorrectly if you had purchased or upgraded Archeology Camp in your castle.
  • Made various changes to "gold/meat/mana stuck in a wall" logic to try to prevent items from glitching into the floor.
  • Fixed bug where Enchantress UI wasn't resetting to the top when re-opened with a different input device.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Diva and Puritan traits could reveal the locations of enemies not yet activated in Fairy Rooms.
  • Fixed bug where Mimic Chests would sometimes face the wrong way when entering a room if you had activated them previously.
  • Fixed bug where Slugs would not randomize direction when you entered a room.
  • Fixed bug where the final room of an Arena would play the wrong music.
  • Fixed bug where slugs and wisps would sometimes be invisible when you entered a room.
  • Community: Fixed bug where snow mounds would spawn on the ceiling and sides of walls.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Gnawed Bone relic wasn't stacking correctly.
  • Community: Fixed bug where downstriking did not apply the Serrated Handle's Bargain damage bonus.
  • Community: Fixed bug where enemies would still appear in full color when summoned from Arena portals if you had the Associative Agnosia trait.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Diva trait would cause a black bar to appear in the water of Axis Mundi.
  • Fixed bug where Doomvases would sometimes light the room up when activated.
  • Fixed regression bug with Disattuned trait causing an exception due to changes to how the black fill effect worked.
  • Community: Fixed bug where a test weapon was appearing in the Curio Shoppe.
  • Community: Fixed bug where you could jump over the roof of one of the Study Miniboss entrances.
  • Community: Fixed some room layouts that could softlock players.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was not applying to the reload ability.
  • Community: Fixed bug where you could jump over the door trigger to the boss door in the Axis Mundi.
  • Fixed regression bug where changes to address layering of the black tint effect resulted in the effect sometimes not appearing whatsoever.
  • Fixed bug where the screen would shake every time a miniboss in the Stygian Study was beaten.
  • Fixed bug where deactivated sniper enemies in fairy rooms would have their aim indicators visible.
  • Community: Updated player card to now fully display your base stats and current changes to those stats.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the info displayed for twin relics was not correct.
  • Fixed bug where certain enemies would have the wrong hitboxes enabled upon entering a room.
  • Community: Fixed bug where overriding an enemy's activation logic when summoning them would retain that setting even when not being summoned, which caused enemies like Mimics and Doomvas to immediately attack upon entering a room.
  • Fixed bug where the Suave status effect was only applying to bonus magic damage, not actual magic damage.
  • Community: Fixed bug where, in very rare scenarios, an ability would not properly reset its animation parameters when stopped, resulting in occasionally sticking the player in an attack (occurred when Duelist performed the attack-roll-attack combo).
  • Fixed bug where Resolve was not applying to the base HP grace amount, meaning 0% resolve still left the player at 50 hp instead of the intended 1 hp. This also means grabbing a vitality apple with 1 hp will kill the player.
  • Fixed bug where dying to the health tree would result in some weird UI.
  • Player can no longer interact with interactables while stunned.
  • Fixed bug where player could still take damage when running into a frozen enemy.
  • Handled scenario where raycast point would exist above the player, which resulted in player sometimes being pushed through terrain from above.
  • Fixed minor issue with side collider checks.
  • Rewrote below collider inside-point logic to mimic the logic for side colliders because it was a lot cleaner and far more efficient.
  • Vampire trait now only applies on weapon attacks.
  • Changed Quenching runes to stack additively instead of as a mod percent.
  • Fixed bug where only one projectile from Spore Spell was triggering collisions with secret walls.
  • Community: Fixed bug where volume settings were not applying to the CDG Splash screen.
  • Changed status effect logic so that effects that apply every tick no longer have that tick rate reset every time the status effect is reapplied.
  • Fixed bug where Gnawed Bone was not displaying correctly in Relic HUD.
  • Added more debug tracking for mismatched room indices.
  • Community: Fixed bug where remapping input would not update the game text until you restarted.
  • Added a confirm menu when resetting controls to default.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to remap 'Move Right' to the right mouse button would not work.
  • Community: Fixed bug where options menus were registering the right mouse button as a mouse click.
  • Community: A bunch of skills have been rewritten to be betterer worded.
  • Fixed bug where fairy room trigger levers would be positioned in the wrong place when spawned in a mirrored fairy room.
  • Fixed some issues with some fairy challenge rooms not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed bug where teleporting to the bridge room in the Study would play the Castle music.
  • Fixed bug where slugs would not turn around when they reached a door at the edge of a room.
  • Void Wall added to tower to prevent exploit entry.
  • Changed Naamah’s Memory room.
  • Mouse input no longer overrides keyboard input when using shops.
  • Fixed bug where rapidly moving the mouse up and down on the buttons in a shop would make the shop scroll.
  • Fixed bug where increasing vitality in the healing room would deal no damage if the player was currently invincible.
  • Fixed bug where reloading any other way than with a talent would trigger sentries.
  • Fixed exception thrown when switching monitors that had different supported resolutions.
  • Fixed bug where exception would be thrown if you switched to a different monitor and then played again when that monitor was no longer connected.
  • Fixed bug where going too far in the lineage scene and zooming back would glitch out portrait viewing.
  • Added speed logic to portrait viewing in lineage scene. The longer you hold the button, the faster you will scroll through the portraits.
  • Added speech bubble to Docks intro plaque.
  • Fixed summoned bosses not appearing in death recap.
  • Added audio for Gongheads.
  • Added audio for Murmur.
  • Added audio for Portrait cutscenes.
  • Fixed an uncomfortably long silence between Lamech phase 1 and phase 2 music.
  • Fixed broken Lamech staff attack audio.
  • Fixed bug where Clouds wouldn't play the "zap" sound when you teleport away from them.
  • Fixed bug where the Charon Gold Bonus could exceed the MAX level.
  • Fixed bug where Arena music would wait a few seconds before starting.
  • Fixed bug where beating a boss would sometimes not resume the biome music after the portrait cutscene.
  • Changed the Study miniboss rooms so they stop the music when you beat the boss.
  • Fixed bug where you could take damage while using a global teleporter.
  • Fixed bug where enemies and props would abruptly disappear when moving between biomes.
  • Fixed bug where decos (books, candles, etc.) would sometimes take a few frames to appear.
  • Fixed bug where resolution and primary display settings sometimes weren't being saved when switching monitors.
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Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.4.1

The bigger the patch the more likely things are going to go awry, and with the Drifting Worlds this was no exception. There are some really big changes in this patch, including fixing boss health (their current HP is less than 50% what it was in the last patch), and re-locking all teleporters when entering new Threads. And though we’ve managed to nail down most of the biggest offenders, there are still a few straggling bugs that we will address for a future patch. All-in-all, we were able to get an update out so quickly thanks to the lightning fast feedback from the RL2 community. Thanks so much for your help and support!

You can read the patch notes below or check them out on our website:

- The Cellar Door Games Team


  • Certain trait effects no longer apply to some enemies (For ex. Disattuned no longer applies to Mimics).
  • Max stacks of the Boxer’s Combo status effect reduced from 100 to 20.
  • Increased HP of Irad Estuary.
  • Lancer Buff:
    Shorter knockback from melee strikes.
  • Lancer Buff:
    Dash strike now reduces cooldown of moves by 2 seconds
  • Gunslinger Tweak:
    Gunshots now reduce CD once every 4 hits.
  • Hephaestus' Hammer no longer has a CD but instead slows the user while they spin.
  • Hephaestus' Hammer now grants CD on hit.
  • Added game option to skip the tutorial.
  • Major change/bug fix:
    All bosses HP have been restored back to normal. They were having their HP cut in half with the latest update (due to HP code refactor).
  • Remade Tower boss fight to provide more challenge. New level layout and moveset has been changed.
  • Gnawed Bone and Hyperion's ring removed from pool of allowable relics in Challenges.
  • Changing Threads (NG+) now resets the purchased state of all teleporters.
  • The cost to unlock teleporters now rises with each higher Thread.
  • Reverted Hermes Boots relic so you are once again immune to ALL static spikes, not just static ground spikes.


  • Fixed bug where certain enemies were given Commander buffs when they should not have.
  • Fixed bug where Lancer and Boxer were not appearing at the Sage Totem.
  • Fixed bug where rerolling a twin relic would cause the new individual relic to keep spinning all by its lonesome.
  • Fixed bug where Tower was spawning a room where you could drop through to the abyss.
  • Fixed crash bug when entering the Sisyphus Scar.
  • Fixed bug where the post processing stack was not correctly releasing temporary render targets, which caused various problems, including bloating the Player.log file with tons of warning messages.
  • Fixed retaliation damage return equation.
  • Fixed HUD bug where certain values of mana would cause the MP text to stack vertically.
  • Fixed bug where Catalyst relic applied 20% damage instead of 120%.
  • Fixed bug where relic info box would appear in front of some of the pause menus.
  • Fixed bug where cancelling out of an aimed ability would disable the player's ability to drop through platforms.
  • Fixed bug where beating a boss was not saving a certain value correctly, resulting in players being unable to open the Drift House.
  • Geras Granting Gold fixed.
  • Fixed wrong music playing in eyeball boss fight
  • Fixed the Elemental Curse enemy logic, and the expert versions not moving
  • Updated Study Transition to dissuade players from entering the biome too early.
  • Fixed Return Damage Equipment set.
  • Fixed bug where the look of weapons and helmets were not changing when equipping Gilded, Obsidian, or Leviathan gear.
  • Fixed bug where the icons for Gilded, Obsidian, and Leviathan gear was missing from Blacksmith shop.
  • Fixed bug where Burden of Adaptation and Burden of Mobility were missing icons in the Threads of Fate menu.
  • Triggering Fatal Blow relic now properly displays the icon.
  • Fixed bug where AxeSpinner was not reducing Spear spin talent cooldown on hit.
  • Fixed bug where you could still navigate the options buttons in the Main Menu while the introduction cutscene was playing.
  • Fixed bug where relics that gave player a free hit would get around the Future Successor's Bargain and soft-lock the game. The only relics that can now get around Future Successor's Bargain are the ones that cheat death.
  • Fixed bug where enemy summon list was not being tracked properly, resulting the Arenas sometimes not ending properly or treasure chests not appearing after defeating an Estuary.
  • Fixed bug where Hyperion's Ring would not trigger in Scar Challenges.
  • Fixed bug where True Enoch would occasionally not turn when hitting a wall during his rush attack.
  • Fixed bug where discovering a Scar memory would result in the Scar Discovered text to constantly appear whenever you read dialogue.
  • Fixed bug where some enemies defeated in Arenas would appear as question marks during death recap.
  • Fixed bug where Pacifist ability icon was not appearing in player HUD.
  • Expanded the hitbox to the Aerodynamic downstrike. This fixes bug where player could not proceed through the tutorial if they that trait.
  • Fixed bug where Tower chest icons were not appearing in the correct place.
  • Fixed bug where exiting the Skill Tree at just the right moment would stop many effects from playing.
  • Fixed bug where exiting out of the Skill Tree fast enough would glitch out the Manor visuals.
  • Tower Boss is now set to the appropriate level (was ~15 levels under even before the 50% HP cut).
  • Bug fix in Tower boss where a certain move would prevent the boss from attacking for a few seconds.
  • Skeleton Boss audio fix.
  • Tower in Journal Room fixed. Players can no longer continually read new journal entries in the same room.
  • Fixed bad LOC IDs on certain memories.
  • Various text updates.
  • Getting Pacifier Trait now properly shows its description in the player card.
  • Fixed bug where exiting to main menu while in the tutorial screen for NG+ would result in losing some recent changes to Skill Tree.
  • Fixed bug where exiting a challenge while a boss was dying would result in the boss appearing in the Drift House.
  • Fixed bug where the Sun Tower would sometimes build in such a way that the Boss room was not accessible.
  • Added a bunch of new enemy sound effects.
  • Added sound effects for the Totem and Living Safe.
  • Fixed bug where the Colorblind trait was disabled when in an arena or heirloom.
  • Fixed bug where MAX would appear on top of upgrade buttons.
  • Fixed bug where the first Fairy Chest you opened in a run would always give you 10 Aether per drop instead of the correct amount.
  • Fixed bug where the Upgrade button would appear even if your gear was at max level.
  • Fixed bug where you could get duplicate equipment/rune drops from chests.
  • Fixed bug where you could exceed the max empathy limit for some challenges.
Haven't checked it since the initial EA launch. It was good, but BRUTALLY difficult, which I think was already adjusted in a previous update as well.
Will definitely check it out this weekend.

Davey Cakes

I decided to pick this up again recently and noticed a pretty big difference from when it initially launched. Clear improvements across the board. Haven’t done anything with the latest update but I think this game will easily eclipse the original Rogue Legacy by the time it’s finished. It already feels very polished. Visuals are great and the gameplay/controls are very smooth. Every character class is fun to play.
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It’s a surprise pizza party! Only a month has passed since our last update and we’re pulling a new content patch hot out of the oven. It was always our plan to release an interim update that really gave purpose to fans that continued to play Rogue Legacy 2 into New Game Plus and beyond. And what better way to serve this than on a delicious pizza pie? Rogue Legacy 2 is already oozing with content, but we’re always looking for new ways to add fresh ideas and toppings. And we’re super hungry to show you what we’re dishing out in this latest patch.

The Pizza Mundi update isn’t a full content release with a new biome and new classes. Instead, it is an interim patch that spotlights a few features that we simply couldn’t wait to release, some major balance changes, and a whole lotta pizza. That said, in lieu of all this tinkering all Gear and Runes have been unequipped. Make sure to redo your loadout before tackling the dangers of the Citadel!

The ability to level up Gear and Runes has now been locked behind an upgrade in the new Soul Shop. But don’t worry, nothing has been lost! Previously purchased higher tiers of equipment will automatically become available the moment these upgrades are bought at the Soul Shop. While we know it feels bad to lose something you originally had, the loss is very temporary. Even better, all equipment can now go to higher tiers than before! This was our original vision for how the Soul Shop was going to work.

When releasing the Drifting Worlds Update a bug cropped up that prevented RL2 from launching for players using certain multi-monitor setups. We have isolated the issue to be within Unity, the third-party engine used for Rogue Legacy 2. This means we cannot address it ourselves, however a fix is in the works. We can’t provide a timeline for when the issue will be fixed, but while we wait we are rolling back the engine to a previous stable version.

It’s Pizza Time!
– It’s a true pizza party with the Pizza Mundi update. Not only are we finally adding a sign to the pizza shop where you find the stranded pizza delivery person, but everyone on the Docks eats pizza too! There’s also unique pizza health drops that are more potent than your average chicken drumstick. And finally, fables speak of an ancient weapon, laden with pepperoni and oozing with cheese, that only the luckiest adventurers will find...

The Soul Shop
– The purpose of the mysterious glowing orbs collected from fallen Estuaries is finally being revealed! The Soul Shop is opening in the Drifthouse, helmed by two adorable chthonic siblings. Unlock extremely powerful upgrades that affect all playthroughs in a profile, such as permanently improving your manor, locking preferred character classes, and more. Don’t forget that these unique powerups require Soul, a rare currency that can only be gathered in a handful of ways. Fun Fact: The Soul Shop is actually what this update was supposed to centre around but pizza’s funnier.

Relationships v2
– A lot of time was spent writing and implementing the new relationships that the player can have with the folks at the Docks, so we were saddened to hear how little impact they had when released in the Drifting Worlds. Feedback suggested our way of dispensing these tidbits of story were too irregular, making it difficult to follow what was going on. So we’ve gone back and completely rehauled the logic. Now only a few stories ever run at one time, we’ve sped up how often they appear, and players are rewarded when reaching the end of a story thread. We’re hoping this improves story coherence and provides incentives for players to seek out these narratives.

Axis Mundi Returns
– While we are very proud of the world diversity shown in Rogue Legacy 2, the truth is not all biomes are equal and some are enjoyed more than others. This point is most pronounced with the Axis Mundi. We want all biomes to be regions players are excited to explore over and over, however the Axis Mundi is an area with very high challenge and very little reward. To help address this we are increasing the room count by almost 20% with a focus on combat. Adventurers exploring the region will also get a special “Scavenger Bonus”, which will raise the player’s overall gold gain. And as the cherry on top, all loot that hits the water will magnetize to the player. All-in-all, we’re trying to reduce frustration and make the biome less intimidating.

Major Balance Changes:
While the pizza was baking in the oven we took a long, hard look at the game’s difficulty curve and went through a major balance pass to improve accessibility for newer players. Long story short, the game is easier in the beginning to allow new players to get their bearings, but eventually does reach its originally intended difficulty.

  • Difficulty Easing System added. Enemies will have less health and deal reduced damage during the early parts of the game. This system is only active during the first playthrough, and is disabled in higher NGs.
  • Community:
    Hazards (water, spikes, chain balls, etc) damage reduced by 20%.
  • Community:
    Pizza Girl Teleporter prices all normalized to 1750 gold.
  • New clues have been added for the Bridge, Far Shore, and Study Heirlooms. We’re using these windows of opportunity to better explain how the puzzles in the game work, and to reduce the number of people that get stuck on mandatory path puzzles.
  • Community:
    Lamech, Naamah, and Skeleton Boss HP reduced slightly.
  • The following changes have been made to skills:
    • Health/Attack/Magic/Focus/Dex UP III:
      Max level raised from 25 to 30.
    • Weapon Crit Damage Up:
      Max level raised from 25 to 30.
    • Magic Crit Damage Up:
      Max level raised from 25 to 30.
    • Armor Up I:
      Max level raised from 5 to 15 and price lowered.
    • Armor Up II:
      Max level raised from 10 to 25 and price lowered.
    • Armor Up III:
      Max level raised from 15 to 35 and price lowered.
    • Health/Attack/Magic/Focus/Dex/Equip Weight/Rune Weight II and III:
      Price for all these skills moderately reduced.
  • Scaling speed of Ore drops from Commanders increased.
  • Logic for how Gear is rewarded now uses a variant of the Rune Drop system. Drops won’t be so clumped together, and upgraded blueprints have a higher chance of spawning sooner.
  • Ore prices lowered and cost has more variance between pieces of Gear in the same set, giving players more opportunity to pick and choose what they want to upgrade. Overall, Ore costs are down ~25%.
  • Aether prices up. Their low price was actually a bug, so we fixed it and tweaked the numbers slightly (prices are higher than before but lower than originally intended).
  • Rune drop rates rebalanced. They’ll drop slightly slower to keep them from all dropping in NG+0 and +1.
  • NG+ Boss Chests will now scale appropriately into future NG+’s.
  • If you battle a Prime Boss, an additional scaling modifier will be applied as well.
  • Community:
    Dexterity and Focus buffed. The critical hit chance for each point in these stats has been raised.
  • Every point in Dexterity and Focus will now slightly increase critical damage as well.
  • Lancer Tweak (Community):
    Lancers can now change their facing direction while charging.
  • Lancer Buff (Community):
    An explosion now occurs at the end of a Lancer’s charged attack (AoE strikes yay!)
  • Lancer Buff:
    Lancer Mastery changed from 1 Flat Armor Bonus to % Armor Gain. This will help amplify the buff added to armor in the Skill Tree.
  • Boxer Buff:
    Combo duration raised from 1.75 secs to 2.0 secs. While this change wasn’t really needed, it does allow players to be more creative with how they keep the combo going.
  • Community:
    Tweaked the Axe weapon so that if you are in the tell animation of the air spin attack when you land, the attack will immediately switch to a standard ground attack.
  • Community:
    Lotus Petal max mana increased from 25 to 50.
  • Community:
    Grave Bell death dodge chance increased from 20% to 25%. Max stacks required reduced from 4 to 3.
  • War Drum now raises damage on every unique relic rather than total relics owned. Damage increased from 5% to 7.5%. This change was to dissuade players from making high-stack but low diversity garbage builds.
  • Community:
    Hector’s Helm low health bonus trigger raised from 25% to 50%.
  • Community:
    Achille’s Shield high health bonus trigger lowered from 100% to 50%.
  • 2 New relic categories have been added. Cursed Relics, and Purified Relics. This will help clean up relic prices.
  • Pandora’s Bargain is now Pandora’s Trial.
  • Pandora Trial’s Resolve cost from -15 to 0. Pandora’s box is now a Cursed Relic
  • Pandora’s Reward is now a Purified relic.
  • Cosmic Insight Redesign. Mana gain from taking damage raised from 50 -> 100. Mana gained can now Overcharge (exceeds your maximum mana pool).
  • Character Select now displays Antique resolve cost with a Resolve icon instead of italicized text.
  • The Grave Bell will now play a bell sound when activated.
  • You will now start with a default character with max stats for every Scar challenge. Now you can tackle challenges whenever you want and not have to worry about being under-leveled.
  • Preserver of Life challenge has been added.
  • Heavy Weapon challenge has been added.
  • Simple Start challenge has been added.
  • Sisyphus challenge has been updated to better explain how Scar challenges work.
  • Scar challenges have been given a difficulty indicator.
  • Added Reward info and Par Time info (platform challenges only) to Scar Challenge descriptions.
  • Geras now drops souls when you return from a Scar with a new trophy, instead of getting the souls silently added to your total.
  • The Soul Shop opens along with a myriad of new ways to improve your hero.
  • A new boss has been added to the game. Enable the Burden of the Beast in the Threads of Fate to challenge it!
  • Boss Memories now appear in sequence and are a new colour to help differentiate them from other memories.
  • 3 New Relics have been added to the game. Lotus Stem (Epic Relic), Charon’s Trial (Cursed Relic), and Charon’s Reward (Purified Relic).
  • 4 new Runes have been added to the game: Stone, Red, Sharpened, and Focal.
  • 1 new Fabled Weapon has been added to the game.
  • New lore has been added.
  • The Burden of Flame now increases the turn speed of enemy projectiles in addition to their movement speed.
  • Pizza sign added to the pizza shop entrance.
  • Added 9 new rooms to the Axis Mundi.
  • Scavenger Bonus added to the Axis Mundi that rewards players with bonus gold while traversing the biome.
  • Entering a biome now displays its risk level to indicate to players the preferred route when playing Rogue Legacy 2.
  • Item drops now magnetize to the player when falling off the map or hitting water and clouds (except for health drops if you’re vegan). This should drastically reduce the frustration when navigating biomes such as the Axis Mundi and the Sun Tower.
  • Added a new Pizza slice item drop that randomly appears and gives player more health than a regular drumstick.
  • New pizza-eating animations have been added to a variety of NPCs that inhabit the Docks.
  • Community:
    Completing NPC arcs will now give you a reward!
  • NPC Dialogue Priority System changed. Stories will now be more streamlined, focusing on certain NPC’s over others until their story is finished.
  • Lineage now shows how much mastery bonus a class rewards you with (assuming you are at least level 1 mastery).
  • Community:
    Beating an NG+ boss now gives bonus resources.
  • Pacifists now have chains over their inactive abilities in the Player HUD.
  • Speech bubble for the dummy at the top of the docks is now visible off-screen if she has something to say.
  • Aerodynamic hitbox size increased.
  • Community:
    Added a skip feature to the death recap screen. Press once to fast forward, press again to instantly skip to the end of the animation.
  • Community:
    Empathies for Platforming Scars (like Narrow Praxis) will now start the timer at a negative number instead of slowing down the game.
  • Increased size of the "Death Defied" banner and moved it to the top-center of the screen, rather than underneath the player.
  • All music and game audio is now muted when in the Death Defy screen.
  • The Death Defy screen now automatically closes itself instead of requiring a button press.
  • Added new rewind and victory sound effects for the Death Defy screen.
  • Community:
    Trick walls can now be opened with the Pacifist's weapon.
  • Added icons to the categories in the Library menu.
  • Updated the titling for journal entries in the Library.
  • Updated the description of stats in the Threads of Fate shop so that it follows the formula of all the other shops.
  • All resources are now always displayed at the Docks.
  • Added a bunch of new SFX.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where Burden of Blood was causing Irad to desync his HP values with the other eyes.
  • Community:
    Fixed regression bug where certain traits (like Diva) were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed bug where viewing patch notes on the main menu would darken the entire screen.
  • Fixed bug where money bags would sometimes glitch their animations when landing.
  • Fixed bug where walking backwards on sloped terrain while attacking would cause jitter.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where objects would sometimes not drop when standing on breakable platforms in the Kerguelen Plains.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where lance attack effects and resonant kick effects were not scaling with player size.
  • Fixed bug where upgrading an item in a shop would keep the button highlighted, even if you could no longer afford the next upgrade.
  • Fixed bug where Resolve Used in the Challenge Complete screen would sometimes appear as a float (79.9999) instead of a whole number.
  • Fixed bug where the Scar timer would sometimes not appear in the correct position on the screen.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where it was possible to run back and forth to trap certain enemies in their turning animation, effectively freezing their AI logic.
  • Fixed bug where runes that were discovered but not purchased yet were incorrectly influencing the spawn rate of other runes.
  • Fixed bug where False Enoch would sometimes dash to the right when facing left, and vice versa.
  • Fixed bug where Antikytheria and Coeus' Shell would reset their charges even if the player did not take damage from a hit.
  • Fixed bug where Antikytheria would increment the kill counter when defeating bosses or minibosses, instead of just normal enemies.
  • Fixed bug where ropes for hanging targets would sometimes appear in front of the target if you got close to them.
  • Fixed bug where text could exceed the horizontal size of the lineage screen description box.
  • Fixed bug where the Blacksmith and Enchantress description boxes would sometimes incorrectly round values downward (1.9999 -> 1).
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where the mimic chest's status bar was in the middle of the sprite, making it hard to see.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where hitting an idle mimic would sometimes not perform any knockback, causing them to leap directly into their attack.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where the filled amount of the player's healthbar would not match the actual health value (particularly for characters with Osteogenesis Imperfecta who died and were revived with Hyperion's Ring).
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where the Retaliation Rune return damage would not be exaggerated for characters with the Histrionic trait.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where the Enchantress UI would sometimes display percents as 0.xx instead of xx% when unequipping items.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where hidden walls would not be lit correctly if you cast Lightning Storm or Tesla Spike inside of them.
  • Fixed bug where the lance explosion effect would sometimes trigger at the wrong time or in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed bug where relic icons would sometimes be the wrong size after a reroll.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where hitting any of Irad's eyes would increment the Glowing Ember hit counter once for every active eyeball.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where you could exceed the Glowing Ember max stacks by repeatedly hitting an invincible enemy.
  • Fixed bug where Irad's bottom eye was not fully immune to status effects while closed.
  • Fixed bug where attacking an invincible enemy would cause the enemy health HUD to disappear or flicker.
  • Fixed bug where the Diogenes Bargain XP bonus was not scaling its bonus correctly for higher enemy tiers.
  • Fixed bug where Heavy Stone Bargain was displaying an incorrect damage bonus amount in its description.
  • Fixed bug where the Aerodynamic trait attack did not play audio if you had unlocked the Echo Boots.
  • Fixed bug where the player could die after completing a Scar challenge, but before the Challenge Complete screen.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where the explosion of the fireball was not destroying curse projectiles.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where Ballistic arrows would go through doors and thin walls if you were standing next to them.
  • Fixed bug where a lance projectile would spawn whenever the lancer dashed through a breakable object.
  • Fixed bug where the lance projectile would not match player scale if the player was dashing.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where Diva trait would not trigger correctly if an enemy in the room had a commander effect that prevented them from taking damage.
  • Fixed bug where the spoon would disappear if you casted the Cook's talent and you had the spoon fabled weapon.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where in certain scenarios Commander traits would change on enemies when re-entering a room.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where Portrait enemies would have their portraits change when re-entering a room.
  • Fixed crash bug when killing an enemy that applied invulnerability.
  • Fixed bug where navigating threads in the Threads of Fate with a mouse would sometimes select the incorrect entry.
  • Community:
    Zombies can no longer have commander status effects applied to them (it just caused too many problems).
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where restarting a challenge with the Disattuned trait active would permanently set the player's hitbox to size 0 (preventing them from taking damage).
  • Fixed bug where the Gold Gain Unity Set was not updating on the player's HUD until the player entered the castle.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where one of Irad's eyes would sometimes not die.
  • Fixed bug where scrolling the mouse wheel while hovering over the left page of the pause menu Gear screen would also cause the right page to scroll, but not vice versa.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where dying to water in a challenge would trigger the player to teleport back to land and re-enable input, allowing them to pause the game during the teleport-out sequence and crash the game when choosing to restart or exit the challenge.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where running far enough away from a Mimic Chest to trigger its culling logic while it was in its death sequence would result it in staying visible as an inactive chest when you went back to it.
  • Community:
    Fixed flickering terrain in the Stygian Study journal room.
  • Community:
    Fixed being able to see under the water in the Echo Boots Heirloom when using free look.
  • Fixed bug where color trails were being applied twice to Orbiter hazards.
  • Fixed bug where Status Effect that applied invulnerability to enemies was not applying to summoned enemies.
  • Fixed bug where NPCs would sometimes play the wrong effects and sounds.
  • Fixed bug where Geras was not playing the correct animation when talking to him.
  • Fixed bug where Elpis was not playing the correct animation when talking and not entering her idle state when closing the Threads of Fate.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where Tower exteriors would sometimes generate ledges that led to nowhere, causing you to fall out of bounds into the Tower wall terrain.
  • Community:
    Fixed bug where you could fall into a cloud and get permanently stuck in a loop of taking damage and teleporting your current position.

Maiden Voyage

Gold™ Member

Rogue Legacy 2 – v0.6.0 – The Dragon’s Vow Update​

Sep 28

The fourth major content update for Rogue Legacy 2 has landed with the Dragon’s Vow. Our original plan was to release a smaller, earlier patch following the Pizza Mundi, but seeing as this will be one of our last updates before v1.0, we decided to take our time and go all-out. We’ve made combat more engaging with Skill Crits, improved accessibility with House Rules, and just all-around balanced the game to make it the best version of RL2 yet. The Dragon’s Vow also lands with a new biome, new classes, and a slew of new traits, relics, and more.

We want to give a special shout-out to the dedicated and always incredible members of our Discord that tested this patch in advance to provide feedback and ensure a smooth experience for everyone before it launched. This is a huge update and with it came a hoard of bugs, so the reports provided were absolutely invaluable. A few may have slipped through the cracks but the worst offenders have been squashed and we will continue to push out patches to address any others that come up. Thanks so much to our Discord members for going above and beyond in helping us make this patch possible.

For what we are hoping is the very last time, when loading a pre-played file all skills in the Skill Tree will be reset and the money spent there will be refunded. To help get things back to normal more quickly we’ve added a button that allows players to instantly purchase a skill five times. All equipment and runes have also been unequipped (due to changes in gear weight) and the Soul Shop has been reset. All Souls have been refunded and Mastery XP has been retained. No progress in the game has been lost.
We’ve also greatly improved input remapping support for different gamepads, but as a consequence had to reset all input bindings. Players will have to remap their gamepad controls when launching the Dragon’s Vow.

  • The Final Biome – Players can finally explore the subterranean depths of the Pishon Dry Lake, the final biome in Rogue Legacy 2. Fight off the encroaching darkness and traverse one of the largest areas to date. Meet new people, make deals, and do anything to survive. This region is not for the weak of heart, so players must steel their resolve and search through every inch of these cavernous walls to unveil the secrets behind a tragic betrayal.
  • Pinky and the Brain – Much like the Lancer and the Boxer prior, the Dragon’s Vow is introducing two new heroes that are polar opposites of one another. The Ronin is a disciplined warrior that can turn any opponent into sushi in the blink of an eye. The class boasts incredible range and lightning quick attacks, along with a powerful teleport ability to get them in – or out – of trouble quickly.
    Juxtaposing the cool and calm Ronin is the kooky and reckless Bard. Prep the stage to tell a tale, or improvise an adventure on-the-fly. The Bard encourages out-of-the-box thinking with their ability to make any arena their theater. Set up your notes, dance around your foes, and cause utter devastation with your innocent melodies.
  • Combat Evolved – One of the big challenges we faced after releasing the Threads of Fate was balancing how players were scaling into NG+1 and beyond. By focusing on increasing Critical Strike Chance, players were able to blow straight through even the highest NG thread, which was not our design. To address this we greatly reduced the ways in which players can raise their Critical Strike Chance, as well as reduced its damage scaling. But nerfing players is just not fun, so to compensate we’ve introduced Skill Critical Strikes (Skill Crits for short). Every weapon and spell now has at least one way of dealing extra damage, which is recognized as a Skill Crit in-game. Successfully reflect a projectile as the Valkyrie, pummel your opponents and build up a high combo as the Boxer, or risk dashing towards danger as the Knight to empower your attack. Regular strikes are still as effective as ever, but more mindful players will be rewarded with that extra mileage. Those satisfying random Critical Strikes are also still around, but now when combined with a Skill Crit they will deal mammoth damage to your unsuspecting victims.
    We also felt there was room for some enemies to grow in complexity, not just difficulty. This means going back to some of the classic enemies such as the floating eyeballs, and giving them new sets of moves and animations to keep you on your feet.
  • Classes Evolved – While it’s clear how different the Rogue Legacy 2 Class system is when compared to RL1, we really wanted to emphasize how different the classes are when compared to each other. And though the inclusion of Skill Crits has greatly helped with this, swapping your weapon (or spell) at a Curio Shoppe nullifies this distinction. So we are also adding Class Passives to the mix. For some classes this will be reflected with more extreme stat changes, like bonus health for the Barbarian, while others will gain unique abilities such as Mana Burn on all weapons for the Mage.
  • A Numbers Game – The changes to both Weapon and Magic Critical Strike Chance meant that Dexterity and Focus, the two stats that originally affected those numbers, also needed a new purpose. To that end, we’ve tweaked these values to now raise Skill Critical Strike damage. We’ve also taken the opportunity to improve Armor scaling, and tweak Equipment and Rune Weight costs. To the math heads, Dexterity and Focus now scale additively rather than multiplicatively. This ensures that pure Strength or Intelligence builds can scale into the late game. And with the addition of their influence on Skill Crits, Dexterity and Focus will have an impact right from the get-go.
  • A More Balanced World – With a heavier Metroidvania emphasis than the first Rogue Legacy, it’s much easier to get lost and overwhelmed in RL2. So we’ve gone through some problem spots again, to encourage newcomers to traverse the world in a specific order while still allowing veterans to break the rules. We’re also making the first few rooms in the Castle easier, to give players time to breathe right at the start. No sudden traps or intimidating Commanders will ambush unsuspecting heroes as they begin their adventure.
    We’ve also seen that, for veteran players that have beaten the bosses and entered higher Threads, the challenge starts to sputter quickly. So we’ve changed how enemy HP scales when entering more difficult Threads. Enemies in higher Threads are now a lot beefier and deal more, and the burdens that modify these values have become a lot more threatening. Along with removing the abuse cases with Critical Strike Chance, players can no longer coast to NG+10 simply by one-shotting every foe they encounter. To balance this out somewhat, the XP algorithm has been greatly improved and now scales higher when entering NG+1 and beyond.
  • House Rules – Despite its seemingly cruel difficulty, since the beginning Rogue Legacy has aimed for accessibility. Beat the game in one life through sheer skill and willpower, or take your time and strengthen your heroes through an expansive upgrade system. Rogue Legacy 2 takes it to the next level with features like Trait Bonuses and Mastery. And though the Dragon’s Vow already makes the game loop easier for players starting out, we don’t think that’s enough. So we’re introducing House Rules to give you complete control over how you want to enjoy the game. If you’re constantly running into enemies you can turn off contact damage. Find a certain platform too frustrating? Give yourself flight. Or do the opposite and crank the difficulty by making enemies harder. House Rules are fully optional, so if you wish to play Rogue Legacy 2 the way it was originally designed, the choice is yours.
  • The Mysterious Traveller – As you navigate the treacherous territories, a new figure will appear from time-to-time to reveal secrets about this world’s past. Who is this enigmatic character, and what role do they play in the greater lore of the Rogue Legacy universe? Only time will tell.
  • Glossary – Rogue Legacy 2 has become bigger than we possibly imagined, and while we’re incredibly proud of how much we’ve squeezed into the sequel, this makes keeping everything clear for players a constant challenge. So we are unveiling a Glossary that holds pertinent information on some of the finer nuances to the game. No longer do you need to seek out oft-missed stone tablets at the Docks, as the Glossary can be accessed at any time from the Pause menu. Currently it holds details on status effects and Commander Buffs, but will also act as a place for any future information that is not easily found elsewhere.


  • The first 3 rooms in Citadel Agartha are now pulled from a pool of easier rooms. These rooms will never have Commanders or difficult platforming sections.
  • Hazards now deal percent damage to enemies so that high health foes don’t bounce on the hazard forever.
  • Enemy Health and Strength scaling per NG+ now changes the base values instead of affecting the increase multiplier. This results in higher values per NG+ and greatly increases the effect of mods like Burden of Vitality.
  • The game will always guarantee that one of fairy room in Citadel Agartha, Axis Mundi, and the Kerguelen Plateau pull from an easier list.
  • Burden of Metal now reduces armor by a percent of Max Armor.
  • Getting hit by an enemy with Armor Shred will now deal critical damage to the player (1.5x) if the player has no armor.
  • Player Max HP mods are now applied additively instead of multiplicatively. This means Max HP mods will now give a little bit less health.
  • Community: Changed Massive Commander Buff to increase health at the base level so that it scales properly with all other health mods on enemies.
  • Added new visuals for Slug slime to make it more readable.
  • Added the ability to hide Commander Buffs under certain scenarios. Zombies and summoned enemies (including ones in Fairy rooms) can now have Commander Buffs applied to them.
  • NG+ enemy scaling has been increased. This is to accommodate the new biome that has been added.
  • Heirloom rooms tweaked to make them even easier.
  • The entrance to the Stygian Study has been tweaked to encourage players to go to Axis Mundi first, and a sequence-break mechanic has been added to the room.


  • Bard Class added.
  • Ronin Class added.
  • Skill Critical Strikes added to all Class weapons. The method to trigger them differs for each weapon.
  • Skill Critical Strikes added to all damage-dealing spells. The method to trigger them differs for each spell.
  • Unique passives have been added to a number of classes.
  • Boxer Passive: Is now Elusive and does not take contact damage from enemies when they are not attacking.
  • Boxer: Combo stacks on the Boxer’s attack is now tracked on the boxer and not the individual enemy, meaning you can now attack different enemies and keep the combo tally going.
  • Mage Passive: Mana Burn has been removed from the Mage Wand and is now applied to any weapon the Mage wields.
  • Blasting Wand Redesign: Now generates bonus mana if it hits enemies. Now grants “Charged” to the user if they spend 50 mana or more.
  • Gunslinger Passive: The Suave status effect has been removed from the Reload ability, and is now applied any time the Gunslinger casts a Talent ability.
  • Gunslinger Talent: The Reload talent ability has been replaced with Makeshift Explosive.
  • Holding the attack button with the Pistol while dashing or reloading will now cause it to automatically start firing as soon as possible, instead of requiring a separate button press.
  • Pistol Redesign: Lower ammo count, lower range, MUCH faster reload times. You can now reload while dashing. We want to push the Gunslinger as a mid-range hero so we’ve lowered his down-time, increased his damage, and given him access to more mobility options.
  • Duelist Passive: The Duelist now triggers the Charged status effect for a short period of time whenever a talent is casted.
  • Assassin Passive: Class now has passive that increases Super Critical Strike Chance by X percent.
  • Cook: Burn status effect is now applied to any weapon the Cook wields.
  • Frying Pan Redesign: Now triggers the Charged status effect every time you reflect a projectile, but the damage of reflected fireballs has been reduced. Frying pan no longer applies burn on-hit.
  • Spear Spin now grants 15 mana instead of 10.
  • Cook: Collecting a meat health drop as the Cook now provides the health benefits even if you do not have max charges on your Healing talent ability. To compensate, pizza health drops no longer provide two charges.
  • Cook: Fixed bug where getting a health drop as a vegan Cook would not refill one of your talent charges.
  • Removed Dexterity and Focus from all Crit. Chance calculations.


  • New status effect Dance.
  • New status effect Vulnerable.
  • New status effect Charged.
  • New status effect Poison.
  • Striking “Frozen” enemies now always acts as a Skill Crit.
  • Burn now Skill Crits for the last few ticks of its duration.
  • The Damage Mod for the Combo status effect now applies to all damage, instead of only weapon hits.
  • Enemies with 10 or more Combo stacks now take Skill Critical Damage.
  • Armor Break and Magic Break status effects no longer scale off strength and armor respectively.
  • Sporeburst status effects explosion is always a Skill Crit.
  • Windwall mana cost raised from 50 to 100. Damage increased. Cooldown timer removed.
  • Energy Blast mana cost raised from 50 to 100. Damage increased. Cooldown timer removed.
  • Freeze strike mana cost raised from 50 to 100. Damage increased. Cooldown timer removed.
  • Magma Mass damage reduced, but now Skill Crits when falling downwards.
  • Flamethrower now reduces movespeed while casting, but range has been increased significantly. Skill Crits after being active for a few seconds.
  • Flamebarrier damage reduced, but now Skill Crits after being active for a few seconds.
  • Thunderstorm now applies status effect Vulnerable to enemies struck.
  • Poolball damage reduced, but now Skill Crits on the 3rd bounce.
  • Timebomb now always Skill Crits.
  • Gravity Well now strikes for an extra tick. Last remaining ticks always Skill Crit.


  • Added Obelisk Relic.
  • Added Dream Catcher Relic.
  • Added Cornucopia Relic.
  • Added Serqet’s Stinger Relic.
  • Heavy Stone Bargain tweak. If you have the pistol, it now reduces attack speed (range and ammo reduction removed).
  • Heavy Stone Bargain tweak. If you have Hephaestus’ Hammer, it now reduces movespeed.
  • Vanguard’s Banner has been redesigned.
  • Lotus Stem has been redesigned.
  • War Drum scaling reduced.
  • A new Master Tier of relics has been added and multiple relics have had their costs rebalanced to accommodate it.
  • Taking damage now removes all stacks for Glowing Ember Relic.
  • Hollow Bones Gravity reduction reduced. You fall a little bit faster!
  • Picking up mana potions now restores one charge of the Mana Damage Reduction relic.
  • The Lotus Stem relic will now display a popup icon when it has saved you from taking damage.
  • Community: Attempted fix for Gnawed Bone Relic where it would sometimes not kick in when picking up meat at max health.
  • Fixed bug where Amaterasu’s Sun Relic was not using the correct value to determine how much each stack extended the duration.
  • Community: Refactored relic and trait damage mods so that they now apply multiplicatively after all stat mods are applied, like Skill Tree Upgrades, Equipment, Unity, and Mastery. This increases player damage output overall, but also makes the numbers more in-line with player expectations.
  • Community: Previously, only relics that changed player stats for a run were shown in the player info card, and others that only triggered in certain conditions (like every 5th hit) would not show. This inconsistency was confusing and not helpful, so relic and trait mod bonuses have been removed entirely from the player info card.
  • ‘Relic Purified’ text and effect now appears when purifying a relic.
  • Added Might Rune.
  • Added Eldar Rune.
  • Added Lucky Roller Rune.
  • Added High Stakes Rune.
  • Added Folding Rune.
  • Changed Quenching Rune to increase Max Armor.
  • Mana Regen rune stat gain has been reduced.
  • Status Effect Duration Bonus rune stat gain has been reduced.
  • Capacity Runes now raise mana by a flat amount instead of percentage.
  • Certain runes have been redesigned to scale with a variety of player stats, instead of just Strength and Intelligence.
  • Magnesis Rune now starts immediately unlocked.
  • The list of Runes in the Enchantress shop is now sorted in a different, more convenient order.
  • Rune entries in the Gear info menu now shows how many runes are currently equipped.
  • Added Methemoglobinemia Trait.
  • Added Perfectionist Trait.
  • Added FND Trait.
  • Added Clownanthropy Trait.
  • Added Superfluid Trait.
  • A new gear set has been added to the game.
  • If upgrading a piece of equipped gear in the Blacksmith Shop puts the player past their allowed weight, a warning message will now appear before the purchase, and the gear will be unequipped if upgraded.
  • Multiple Unity Bonuses have been changed.
  • All gear bonuses have been buffed to make the early game a little easier.
  • Drop rate table for equipment has been updated to encourage deeper NG runs.


  • Flamers should now keep moving forward with their flame attack after landing if they are knocked back.
  • Changed Flying Skull logic so that they now continually try to press forward with their dash attack, rather than stop completely when knocked back. This makes them a fair bit more dangerous.
  • Added new Large Flame attack to more advanced versions of Flaming Fireballs.
  • Added new Storm attack to more advanced versions of Flying Hammers.
  • Added new Spin attack to more advanced versions of Flying Daggers.
  • Added new Burn attack to more advanced versions of Flying Axes.
  • Tweaked the Fireball attack for Floating Masks.
  • Added new Shrapnel attack to Walking Plants.
  • Added new Explosion attack to Rocket Boxes.
  • Added new Explode Shot attack to more advanced versions of the Eyeballs.
  • Added new Tail projectile attack to Blob Fish.
  • Added new Ground Slam attack to more advanced versions of the Blob Fish.
  • Blob Fish can now walk on water and take no damage from hazards.
  • Zombies now stay out of the ground when you activate them, and only go back under if you stay far away.
  • Added new Lunge attack to more advanced versions Zombies.
  • Zombies now have a delay before they can go into the ground or rise out of it.
  • Zombies that dig underground now play a dust effect so you can still sorta track where they're going.
  • New enemies have appeared in the Pishon Dry Lake!

  • Add House Rules to the Pause menu. The following rules have been added:
    • Modify Enemy Health.
    • Modify Enemy Damage.
    • Toggle Contact Damage.
    • Toggle Flight.
    • Toggle Traits.
    • Toggle Difficulty Rating Display.
  • Added the Pishon Dry Lake biome.
  • Added a new Disclaimer window at start of game to help players that are experiencing input lag.
  • Added a mysterious traveller that now appears around the world.
  • Player HUD now fades out when colliding with player, enemy, or enemy projectiles.
  • Minimap HUD now hides when colliding with objects like the Player HUD.
  • Each level of the Charon stats bonus now gives the player +2 to Rune Weight.
  • Each level of the Charon stats bonus now gives the player +2 to Armor.
  • Gold given to Charon no longer counts toward future donation goals if you've exceeded the current donation limit.
  • Player Crit. Chance can now exceed 100% to allow for Super Critical Strikes.
  • Mastery XP algorithm now scales faster when playing in higher NG+. Upon first launching an old save file, extra XP will be awarded to compensate for the change in the XP algorithm.
  • Community: If a player strikes a resonant projectile on the same frame that they get hit, the destruction of the resonant projectile should now take priority.
  • Added functionality to change the colour of light text on light backgrounds and vice versa to improve text readability (for ex. swapping abilities at the Curio Shoppe). This logic needs to be added on a per-menu basis, so there may still be scenarios where this is not fully working.
  • Charon Tribute Levels have been raised.
  • Map icons now animate.
  • Fairy Chests now have a chance of dropping Empathies.
  • Community: Player damage retaliation no longer triggers if the player got hit but took no damage.
  • Community: Rounded all Health and Mana gain up instead of down.
  • The Threads of Fate have been unlocked up to NG +20.
  • The level text is now hidden on Aether and Ore transfer Soul Shop entry descriptions.
  • Added new Glossary menu.
  • Merged Insight and Timeline menu into Quest menu.
  • The damage text pop-up animation for when characters get hit now randomly shift slightly to the left or right to help readability when multiple pop-ups appear in rapid succession.
  • Community: Added Unequip All Gear logic to Blacksmith shop.
  • Community: Added Unequip All Runes logic to Enchantress shop.
  • Community: Added Remove All Burdens logic to Threads of Fate.
  • Re-enabled scientific terms in the Game Settings.
  • Game Settings description text now uses Info icons instead Warning icons.
  • Optimized world generation. (Still have a ways to go, though!)
  • Improved generation of the Stygian Study and Kerguelen Plateau biomes, allowing them to sprawl out more horizontally.
  • 10 new rooms have been added to the pool.
  • New Fairy Rooms have been added to the pool.
  • 30+ Rooms have been cleaned up to add new entrances, reduce spikes, and fix enemy placements.
  • Divided Axis Mundi into two large rooms instead of one super-large room.
  • Naamah Arena camera logic updated to make it easier to see below you.
  • The Journal UI now shows "???" for missing journal entries/memories, instead of having an empty space.
  • Master Smith has been added to the Soul Shop
  • Relentless Resolve has been removed from the Soul Shop.
  • Community: Skill Tree upgrades locked by a Soul Shop upgrade now display the name of the Soul Shop upgrade that needs to be purchased instead of being blank.
  • Community: Entries in the Soul Shop now have a purchase level and are only unlocked as more items in the Soul Shop have been bought.
  • Added The Dicer’s Den skill.
  • Added The Quantum Observatory skill.
  • Jousting Studies Skill now reduces damage taken when dashing.
  • Resolve Up Skill max level has been reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Increased the font size for the level text of skills in the Skill Tree.
  • Gold and Silver Requirement for Combat Challenge Scars has been increased, and their maximum rewards have been increased as well!
  • Community: Earning a gold trophy in a challenge now immediately unlocks all the empathies for that challenge.
  • Community: Chests that drop empathies now prioritize empathy drops for challenges you have not already earned a gold trophy in.
  • Taking damage in a Platform Challenge now adds to the timer.
  • Added support for PS5 controllers.
  • Removed the PS4/PS5 controller touchpad as a rebindable input. Pressing it will now always open the Map screen.
  • Added a variety of new enemy sound effects.
  • Added new ambient sounds for the Sun Tower.


Maiden Voyage

Gold™ Member
Pt 2:
  • Community: Fixed bug where Preferential Treatment in the Soul Shop would not activate unless you first turned it off then on again even though it says it is activated.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Preferential Treatment Soul Shop ability would not update the list of available classes to include the classes unlocked during that run.
  • Community: Fixed bug where rapidly purchasing skills in the skill tree would slowly make the icon shrink.
  • Tweaked size of entries to Gear info menu to fix issue where the last letter in the descriptions could get clipped.
  • Community: Fixed issue where jumping and attacking on the same frame with weapons that performed different moves in the air (Saber, Axe, Lance, etc.) would lock the player in a standing animation, make them fall very fast off of ledges, and prevent them from dropping down ledges with quick drop.
  • Fixed bug where if the player was on a platform that was too close to a walkable slope, if they walked onto the slope they would immediately snap downward.
  • Fixed game crash if the controller was disconnected while attempting to remap controls.
  • Disconnected controllers during button remapping now kicks you out of the remap menu.
  • Fixed bug where Map Teleporter line was appearing behind the rooms.
  • Fixed bug where players on keyboard would not drop through platforms if they were holding the left or right movement keys.
  • Fixed bug where rooms with both a Special icon and a Teleporter icon would occasionally flip between them. Now special icons take precedence, except when the Teleporter window is open, in which case the Teleporter icon takes precedence.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player could skip past the boss room in the Axis Mundi by jumping over it.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player was appearing in front of the darkened background when choosing to delete a profile.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the player in the profile window would sometimes hold their weapon at the wrong angle.
  • Community: Fixed bug where changing the game resolution while at the Docks would cause the Skill Tree castle to either expand or shrink every time you entered it.
  • Fixed bug where the option to delete a profile would appear on an empty profile if you still pressed the delete button.
  • Community: Fixed bug where killing Irad on the same hit that would trigger a mode shift would result in the middle eye continuing to fight instead of dying with the other eyes.
  • Fixed bug where players could enter NG+ without having beaten the tower yet.
  • Fixed bug where players could still critically strike with 0% Crit. Chance.
  • Player now walks to a position when talking to Geras in Sisyphus.
  • Fixed issue with button glyphs not matching for different gamepads.
  • Fixed bug where game would crash if you disconnected a controller while in its remap menu, but you had another controller connected and you tried to remap input with the new controller.
  • Fixed bug where game would kick you out of the remap menu if any controller was disconnected, even if it wasn't the controller you were remapping.
  • Fixed bug where you could connect a new controller in-between the time a gamepad input was remapped and the modified controller mapping was saved, resulting in one controller having the old map and one controller having the new map.
  • Fixed bug where the image displayed on the remap screen could desync from the controller you were actually remapping by using the keyboard input to enter the remap menu, and you had multiple gamepad controllers connected.
  • Fixed bug where the image displayed on the remap screen could desync from the controller you were actually remapping by holding on the gamepad remap option with a controller plugged in, plugging in a new controller, and entering the gamepad remap option with that controller without pressing any other buttons.
  • Gamepads can no longer start the remapping process for other gamepads or the keyboard, and vice versa. You can still navigate the remap menu, you just cannot start the remapping process.
  • Fixed bug where if the remapping process failed fast enough the remap listener window will never close, resulting in a soft-lock.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the game was not saving the controller map correctly if the first joystick connected was an invalid joystick (for ex. a steering wheel).
  • Community: Fixed bug where connecting non-valid joysticks (like steering wheels) would break the text input glyphs.
  • Fixed bug where connecting a non-valid joystick would prevent other valid joysticks from remapping.
  • Fixed bug where entering the remap menu for one controller type, but using a different controller to navigate, will result in the "Reset to Default" input glyph switching to the most recently used controller type.
  • Fixed bug where the Gear Unity unlock sound effect would play even if the Unity was not unlocked.
  • Fixed bug where the Unity Level Up indicator would not trigger in the Blacksmith Shop if auto-equipping equipment changed the Unity level.
  • Fixed bug where projectiles that spawned new projectiles when they were destroyed were not copying over the Crit. Chance and Crit. Damage values to the new projectile.
  • Fixed bug where the IsGrounded state of pooled ItemDrops was not being reset on spawn, resulting in some ItemDrops immediately triggering their grounded logic when spawning (such as magnetism).
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Boxer could get animation locked if an attack were cast immediately after Blaze Bellows.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Lancer could turn directions after charge dashing due to AttackFlip logic.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Ivy Canopy platform would sometimes spawn in a semi-transparent state.
  • Community: Fixed bug where biome modifiers (such as gold gain in the Axis Mundi) would stay active if the player exited to menu and re-entered the world immediately afterward.
  • Attempted fix of bug where Lamech would occasionally fail to turn on the second attack when using his sword.
  • Fixed bug where Lamech would sometimes turn multiple times after exiting his sword attack.
  • Community: Fixed bug where defeating Enoch while he was casting his vertical beam attack would keep the beam there indefinitely.
  • Community: Fixed bug where defeating Enoch while a proximity hazard was displaying its warning effect would keep the effect there indefinitely.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the amount of souls displayed in the Player HUD was not correct for the brief moment you completed a challenge and had not collected the awarded souls yet.
  • Fixed bug where you could have the game unpaused while the Steam overlay was up if you pressed SHIFT + TAB (default Steam overlay shortcut) while the game was paused.
  • Community: Player is now invincible during all transition swipes and remains invincible for 1 second after exiting them. This fixes bug where player could still get hit and die during swipe transitions when loading into very large rooms.
  • Community: Fixed bug where if player is killed on the same frame as exiting a room but defies death, the next room will fail to load resulting in them falling into the abyss.
  • Fixed bug where the sparkle effect would sometimes be invisible for some chests.
  • Fixed exception bug when exiting to main menu when an enemy is being summoned in.
  • Community: Gunslinger shot now displays quarter cooldown amounts in the Player HUD.
  • Community: Fixed rare scenario where a player could have a boss marked as beaten in their player progress data but not their global progress data.
  • Community: Fixed bug where changing profile slots in the backup menu would constantly bring up the corrupt save file message if loaded from a corrupt profile slot, even if the new profile slot was not corrupt.
  • Changing profile slots in the backup menu no longer brings up a confirm menu.
  • Fixed bug where the backup files loaded into memory were always from the profile you loaded the game with, rather than the profile you are currently on.
  • Community: If you have a corrupt save file and no backups available (which is virtually impossible unless the backups were manually deleted), the game now also gives you the option to switch profiles rather than just begin a new save file.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player would often spawn into the castle on the ground, with a ground smoke effect playing for seemingly no reason. This is fixed by delaying when gravity kicks in for the player when they spawn in the castle.
  • Fixed bug where Suave status effect was applying to all damage instead of just the weapon.
  • Fixed bug where an effect on the Barbarian's Shout was not playing.
  • Fixed bug where if the player went behind an enemy that was jumping, the enemy would play its turn animation twice upon landing.
  • Fixed bug where wolf warning and howl projectiles would not disappear if the howl attack was interrupted.
  • Fixed bug where wolf would slide on the ground when landing after dashing attack.
  • Fixed bug where entering a category in the Blacksmith Shop was not correctly moving the indicator to the currently equipped gear.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the aim indicator was not appearing for Expert or higher versions of the Flying Shield enemy.
  • Community: Fixed bug where certain spells were triggering as two hits when reducing the count on the enemy shields Commander buff.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the player icon position on the minimap would shift when opening the map window.
  • Community: Fixed bug where frozen bouncy spikes would keep moving.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Knockout ability was not consuming combo stacks when hitting the Gongheads or the Murmur.
  • Fixed bug where crossbow enemies would sometimes not shoot in the direction their aim indicator was pointing in.
  • Community: Fixed bug where crossbow enemies would keep following the player when frozen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where fireballs were being blocked by void lanterns.
  • Community: Fixed bug where if you entered a room with two commanders that applied invulnerability, one of them would be invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • Community: Fixed bug where flying bursts and flying hunters were not triggering darkness effects.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Elemental enemies would trigger darkness effects even before they entered hidden walls.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player could not drop down from platforms if their head was touching a ceiling.
  • Community: Fixed bug where some enemies would zip across the screen when landing on platforms 1 unit wide.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player would jitter up and down if he was touching ground and hitting his head on a ceiling at the same time.
  • Community: Fixed bug where certain enemies and player would sometimes zip across the screen under special conditions (separate from the 1 unit bug).
  • Increased turret activation distance to address scenario where if the camera was pulled out or the player dashed quickly enough, some turrets would not fire.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Flying Hunters would not trigger aggro when hit if they had a Commander Buff that prevented them from taking damage.
  • Community: Fixed bug where defeating a Commander that made other enemies invincible would only disable the effect after a short period of time rather than immediately.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the player would not face-plant correctly when entering NG+ if they had modified gravity.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Hero Complex would still show that the player could gain health from healing trees (even though they can't).
  • Community: Fixed bug where Rocket Boxes would sometimes stay in a stuck turn state when firing.
  • Community: Fixed bug where statues in the forest did not have gravity.
  • Second attempt at fixing bug where Boxer would sometimes jitter when attacking things while standing on a sloped platform.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Flying Daggers would have incredible speed if you walked far enough away and culled them while they were dashing at you.
  • Community: Second attempt at fixing bug where player could die and enter a leyline teleporter at the same time, resulting in a soft-lock of the game.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Bouncy Spikes were triggering Mana Burn if you hit them at the same time you hit an enemy.
  • Fixed bug where the aim indicator for the Mage would be too large or small if you had Gigantism or Dwarfism, until you attacked.
  • Community: Bouncy Spikes no longer trigger on-hit cooldown reduction.
  • Community: Reduced Blaze Bellows lifespan after turning it off to fix bug where it would trigger two hits even though it only cost one tick of mana if quickly tapped.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Mage's aim indicator would be visible during cutscenes.
  • Community: Fixed bug where forced AI logic calls were not being reset when an enemy was reset. This resulted in things like the bosses immediately triggering their mode shifts the moment they spawned.
  • Freezing a Flying Hammer in mid shockwave attack now displays a warning projectile for the duration the Flying Hammer is frozen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Rocket Boxes could sometimes attack in the opposite direction they were facing.
  • Fixed bug where the warning projectile for Rocket Boxes would stay active if you interrupted the Rocket Box attack.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Objective Complete HUD (for things like displaying when a world was beaten or an insight was complete) would stay on-screen in the Lineage screen if you retired while the display was up.
  • Community: Fixed bug where some percent values in the Enchantress shop would appear as integer numbers.
  • Community: Fixed bug where an old aim indicator was visible on advanced and higher tier crossbow enemies.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player would appear in their T-Pose when dying to the Blessing of Life.
  • Community: Fixed bug where spin-kicking close enough to the ground would not trigger the collision logic (meaning breakable trap doors beneath the player would not break).
  • Community: Second attempt at fixing bug where spin-kicking a breakable on the same frame you land on it resulted in the player failing to bounce upward.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player projectiles spawning from other projectiles (either due to collisions or death) would not have their cooldown reduction settings initialized. For ex. Hitting with the Lancer's charge explosion (just the explosion) would not reduce on-hit cooldown reduction.
  • Fixed bug where effects would sometimes last longer than they were supposed to.
  • Community: Fixed spikes in Irad boss room not dealing damage when touching them at certain angles.
  • Community: Fixed rounding bug that was preventing spells from being cast if you had a fraction less mana even when the player HUD showed you had enough mana.
  • Souls now come out of the NPC rather than the player when giving the soul reward for talking.
  • Fixed bug where, if Charon awards you with souls, you cannot collect them if you travel to the Castle (but you're still awarded them after the scene loads).
  • Community: Fixed bug where projectiles would sometimes timeout without playing their timeout particle effects.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Enoch's void projectiles would not animate their destruction correctly if they were destroyed prematurely (e.g. via Barbarian Shout).
  • Fixed bug where void projectiles would lose their trail particle effects if the projectile ever went off-screen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the second explosion attack from Irad's bottom eye would have sometimes have its warning effect disappear prematurely.
  • Community: Added more aggressive repositioning logic to clouds and water to hopefully fix edge scenarios where the player could still fall into the water and be teleported back to an invalid spot that would drop them back in again.
  • Community: Added a larger vertical knockback when hitting water or clouds to fix bug where enemies could slowly fall into the water and disappear without dying.
  • Fixed bug where some props that were too close to one another would spawn on top of each other.
  • Enemies that have no gravity and do not collide with terrain no longer perform raycasts to improve performance.
  • Community: Enemies that are falling now trigger raycast checks on both sides to fix bug where they would sometimes glitch out when sliding down slopes.
  • Community: Fixed bug where hitting a Flying Skull just as they were about to dash attack would result in them rocketing away at warp 9.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Crit. Strikes triggered by status effects were not applying Lachesis' Measure.
  • Community: Fixed bug where entering a scar with the Hollow Bones trait would double the lower gravity effect when exiting the challenge.
  • Fixed issue where the text margins for some Soul Shop entry titles was shortened to fit the extra buttons on it, even when the buttons were unavailable.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Magic Break was not applying to status effect damage like Burn.
  • Fixed bug where the UI colliders that hid the Player HUD were not scaling with camera zoom level.
  • Fixed null reference bug if Enoch was killed on the same frame a vertical beam was destroyed.
  • Attack flip logic now stops triggering once the player hits an enemy.
  • Community: Attempted fix of bug where breakables would lose their ability to be hit if they were culled when they were set to "DoNotCull" due to pooling.
  • Community: Fixed bug where heroes in the Lineage screen could clip through one another if they were too large or their weapons were too long.
  • Community: Fixed bug where stopping an NPC dialogue fast enough could get the NPC stuck in an animation.
  • Community: Fixed the tutorial stage so that free-looking doesn't show glitched parts of the level.
  • Community: Fixed bug where effects would appear in front of Charon's boat.
  • Fixed bug where the Zombie's hand would be visible upon first instantiation.
  • Community: Sky now scales larger to fit if the room is larger than the skybox size.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Bouncy Spikes could appear as enemies in a combat Fairy room, resulting in auto-completion of the room if every enemy is a Bouncy Spike.
  • Tweaked the position of the flap on the Pause upper menu as it was blocking some text because it was too low.
  • Changed the 'View Portraits' text in Lineage menu to 'View Legacy'.
  • Fixed bug where the Pizza fabled weapon was unkickable if you did not have the resonant spinkick heirloom.
  • Added delay to text pop up when failing to cast an ability to reduce message spamming.
  • Community: Fixed bug where holding the Free-Look key on the keyboard would lock your character into movement, even in scenarios where they weren't allowed to move.
  • Community: Fixed bug where non-perfect blocks on enemies with Armor Shred would not reduce the player's armor.
  • Fixed bug where none of the turret hazards (or the turret flamethrower projectile) was triggering a fade-out collision.
  • Fixed bug where journal text with carriage returns would result in having a leading white space or two when displayed in the Journal menu.
  • Fixed bug where the intros for all bosses except the Forest boss were missing SFX.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Gunslinger reload effects would disappear when switching rooms.
  • Community: Fixed bug where White Star was not destroying curse projectiles when it exploded.
  • Community: Fixed bug where it would take a while for Memory ambience SFX to stop playing when switching biomes.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Map Icons would appear behind the borders of rooms.
  • Community: Fixed bug where rerolling a relic in the Relic Swap room could swap to the same relic.
  • Community: Fixed bug where rerolling an ability in the Curio Shoppe could swap to the same ability.
  • Community: Fixed bug where there would be a lingering white sprite during certain effects when graphics quality was set to low.
  • Community: Healing rooms are now clamped to only heal up to the player's max HP and MP.
  • Community: Fixed bug where players could get twin relics for Lilies and other special relics.
  • Community: Fixed bug where dying in the Axis Mundi would carry the biome gold bonus over to your heirs.
  • Community: Fixed bug where a second relic would sometimes float in the air in rooms with only one relic to choose from.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Cartographer trait was hiding the player icon when accessing the teleporter map screen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where spin-kicking while behind a wall would remove the muffled audio effect.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Flying Axe would break tint effects when behind walls after attacking.
  • Community: Freeze Status Effect now resets when casted on an enemy that is already frozen, instead of cancelling it.
  • Community: Fixed bug where text in Curio Shoppe was not showing input icons.
  • Community: Fixed bug with repeat hit collision that resulted in the damage ticks to enemies occurring too frequently in certain scenarios.
  • Community: Fixed bug where rapidly applying the burn status effect to an enemy would not trigger the damage ticks until the application stopped.
  • Community: Fixed bug where aiming for the Knockout Talent was locked while standing on certain one-ways.
  • Fixed bug where Blightborn Astarte could get stuck if it slid to the end of a platform.
  • Fixed bug where the Bow would sometimes shoot incorrectly-colored arrows.
  • Fixed bug where entering Lamech's throne room would cause the torches to play a spark effect if the door was open.
  • Fixed bug where jumping in midair while holding down would not perform a jump if "Enable Jump+Attack to Spinkick" was disabled in the settings.
  • Fixed bug where Vitality mastery mods were not displaying on the Player Card.
  • Fixed bug where advanced Mimic Chests would loop their dash audio forever if you left the room while they were dashing.
  • Fixed bug where rooms would be permanently removed from the available room pool over the course of several runs, causing them to never appear again until the game was restarted.
  • Fixed bug where certain rooms (such as the Plateau's heirloom room, the Gongheads entrance room, and the mystery room on the right side of the Study) would sometimes fail to spawn.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Tower boss entrance room was sometimes inaccessible.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the journal rooms in Axis Mundi and Sun Tower would sometimes fail to spawn.
  • Community: Fixed bug where rooms in the Sun Tower would sometimes be mirrored incorrectly, allowing you to fall out of bounds.
  • Community: Fixed bug where one Arena room did not have the correct visual effect.
  • Fixed bug where foreground props were no longer appearing. (This had been broken since The Far Shores!)
  • Fixed bug where one of the player's death animations was playing the wrong sound.
  • Community: Fixed bug where relics were not resetting correctly after exiting a scar, causing you to sometimes have negative or zero charges on a relic you just picked up.
  • Community: Fixed bug where some objects were not deactivated during scene transitions. This caused books to sometimes appear in strange places in the lineage scene.
  • Fixed bug where moving between the Sun Tower interior and exterior would not always cause a swipe transition.
  • Fixed bug where the black background of the Map, Profile, and Timeline pause screens did not fully cover the screen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Blacksmith UI was displaying strength, magic, dexterity, and focus as floating point numbers instead of integers.
  • Community: Fixed bug where visiting the Forest category in the Journal would sometimes cause other categories to gain or lose entries.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Doomvases would sometimes get stuck in corners or wiggle across the screen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Panic Attack trait effect would remain permanently active if it was active while a portrait cutscene played.
  • Community: Fixed bug where dash-canceling out of a shield counterattack would sometimes cause the player to play their counterattack animation the next time the shield was used.
  • Fixed bug where no audio was played for certain projectiles.
  • Community: Fixed bug where dying or retiring between Lamech's phases would cause his second phase music to play in the lineage scene.
  • Community: Fixed bug where entering a Scar with air dash/air jump runes would not immediately reset your number of dashes/jumps to the correct amount.
  • Community: Fixed bug where music would stop permanently if a biome transition loading screen took longer than a few seconds.
  • Community: Fixed bug where biome music would not stop soon enough when leaving a biome, causing it to continue playing during the loading screen.
  • Community: Fixed bug where max mana trait modifiers were not being applied on top of the base max mana stat.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Crippling Intellect was not reducing weapon damage.
  • Community: Fixed bug where certain player projectiles could be destroyed by other player projectiles (like when throwing a pizza while standing on an Ivy Platform).
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Axis Mundi and Sun Tower maps did not have special room icons at the correct locations (or sometimes did not have them at all).
  • Fixed bug where getting several Max HP gains in quick succession would cause several "Max HP +%" popups to appear on top of each other.
  • Fixed bug where the "Max HP +%" text popup would get further and further away from the HP bar the more HP you had.
  • Community: Fixed bug where rerolling heirs could sometimes cause heirs to clip into the background or disappear entirely.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Portobellows were not stopping at the end of their charge attack.
  • Community: Fixed bug where spinkicking behind a hidden wall would cause the player to lose their silhouette effect.
  • Fixed bug where non-16:9 aspect ratios were not displaying letterboxes or pillarboxes, causing strange visual glitches, particularly if 16:9 was not forced in the Graphics Settings.
  • Fixed bug where non-16:9 aspect ratios did not display the death scene correctly.
  • Fixed bug where non-16:9 aspect ratios did not display the loading gate transition properly.
  • Fixed bug where non-16:9 aspect ratios caused the "Lv." text on the skill tree screen to appear in unexpected places.
  • Fixed bug where certain foreground and background objects would render in the wrong places when forcing 16:9 on a 4:3 window.
  • Changed the Pishon Dry Lake entrance room to only have one possible entrance, which should make it build more reliably and fixes issue where special rooms would spawn attached to the entrance.
  • Platforms created via Ivy Seed will now also grant SporeBurst, even if you do not have the Ivy Canopy talent.
  • Community: Antiques will now always appear beneath traits in the lineage description card.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the crossbow enemies would spin around in strange ways when you enter a room.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Body Buffet was dropping 2 meats/pizzas per enemy kill instead of 1.
  • Community: Fixed bug where dying while having a Panic Attack then playing as an heir with the Puritan trait would cause them to censor themselves.
  • Fixed bug where the map screen would draw on top of the letterboxes/pillarboxes in non-16:9 aspect ratios.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Axis Mundi's middle room had invisible ledges so you could stand mid-air in its doorways.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the display of burdens could go into the negatives when reducing the required burdens to enter NG+ via Soul Shop.
  • Community: Fixed bug where trying a new spell in the Curio Shoppe would not mark it as seen for future playthroughs.
  • Boss battle music now starts during the boss's intro animation instead of starting immediately when you enter the room.
  • Leaving a biome and returning will now always play the same music (randomly selected the first time you enter a biome per run).
  • The first time you enter a biome, the intro will play in full unless you exit the room before it's finished.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the sniper enemies would spin around in strange ways when the player enters a room.
  • Fixed bug where Enoch did not have hit SFX.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the White Star spell could kill you during a dialogue sequence.
  • Fixed bug where windows in the Tutorial were not being drawn correctly.

Davey Cakes

I need to hop back in. I haven't touched it since the first EA version.
Even in the state that it was in back in May (when I last posted in this thread), it already felt like a mostly-full game with plenty to do. Such as easy pick-up-and-play roguelite. Looks great, plays great. Very addictive just like the first one. The variety of classes keeps it interesting.

I'm not a huge fan of the Sun Tower, but maybe I just need a break from it. I'm curious to finally check out Pishon Dry Lake.
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Maiden Voyage

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Rogue Legacy 2 – v0.8.0 – The Winter Gifts Update​

Note that I left out bug fix list. It's available on the update page linked here:

A festive feeling is in the air and the season for giving is upon us! Celebrate with us as we spread the joy with the Winter Gifts Update, another event-based patch for Rogue Legacy 2. This release is loaded with goodies for the holidays, with new Scars, Burdens, Lore, and a ton of new Relics to savour. The world is also changing to become a bit more merry. Don’t forget though, this joyous occasion won’t last forever. The festivities only last until January 7, as we welcome the New Year and bid adieu to the old, and you’ll have to wait another year to experience it all again.

- The Cellar Door Games Team


Just a reminder to players experiencing time-based events in RL2 for the first time, the Winter Gifts Update is not a full content release. This means it does not include any major additions like biomes and classes, and instead focuses more on smaller changes and game balancing. Once the event ends on January 7, all progress-related content will remain accessible, so don’t struggle with FOMO if you can’t participate. We are just having some fun and building on the idea that the Rogue Legacy world is always changing.
Thanks again to our Discord members that played a beta build prior to launch to ensure as many bugs were addressed as possible. The CDG team will be taking some time off after the event goes live, and it would not be a very merry Christmas if we had to spend the holiday fixing bugs. So we really appreciate it, thank you very much!

  • Deck the Halls!: Even with their lives thrown into chaos, the people in the world of Rogue Legacy 2 take the time to celebrate. The Docks are now full of festive cheer, with gifts strewn about and holiday lights adorning the shops. The monsters are also taking part in the season, wearing joyful costumes and offering milk and cookies in a vain attempt to get themselves off the naughty list.
  • It’s Raining Relics: It looks like there’s a hole in Santa’s gift bag and a bunch of Relics slipped out! True to the name of “Winter Gifts”, we’re introducing 14 brand new Relics (along with some redesigns) to this update that add a ton of diversity to a player’s run.
  • A Monster Awaits: Not all is cheerful and bright in the world of RL2. Unearth the motivations of the top commanding Estuary, Irad, with the latest Prime Burden. Not only is the lore behind Irad so immense that it spans the entirety of the game, but we’ve made this our most unique confrontation yet!
  • A Retro Challenge: We’re also introducing a new Scar Challenge that will be sure to drum up nostalgia from fans of the original RL. But don’t lower your guard just because things seem familiar, as this Challenge is formidable and will test more than your memory.
  • Economy Clean Up: As we approach v1.0, we’ve been able to get a much better view of how the economy has been shaping up, and we’ll be using this patch as an opportunity to do one final major revision to it. This adjustment touches everything, from gold/Ore/Aether drop rates, to Burden costs, and even drop rates of Gear.

  • A new Prime Boss Burden has been added.
  • A new Scar Challenge has been added.

Our original design philosophy for Burdens was to give players a wide variety of ways they could make their playthroughs more interesting in NG+. Along with choosing different Burdens, players could also stack the same Burden several times if they wanted a real challenge. The spot where a single Burden remained hard but fair was setting it to around 3 to 4 levels, and anything beyond that was masochistic. We were hoping this would encourage players to diversify. What we found though is that players would still max out the level of a single Burden, thinking this level was the hardest curated difficulty. That was not the case, and players were not having a good time. So we’ve tweaked a bunch of Burdens to fix this. Now players that stick with familiarity and raise single Burdens to high levels should still have a fair, if not extremely difficult, experience.
  • Damage Burden reduced from 15% to 10% per level (max level reduced from 75% to 50%).
  • Health Burden reduced from 15% to 10% per level (max level reduced from 75% to 50%).
  • Enemy Lifesteal Burden reduced from 125% to 120% per level (max level reduced from 625% to 600%).
  • Enemy Aggression Burden reduced from 15% to 10% per level (max level reduced from 75% to 50%).
  • Enemy Projectile Speed Burden reduced from 10% to 7% per level (max level reduced from 50% to 35%).
  • Hazard Damage Burden raised from 25% to 30% per level (max level reduced from 125% to 150%).
  • Enemy Movespeed Burden reduced from +0.75 to +0.7 per level (max level reduced from 3.75 to 3.5).
  • Larger Biome Burden max level reduced from 50% to 30%.
    *Lowering this below 10% per level meant rounding issues could result in no change in biome size, but +50% makes traversal too brutal.
A massive update to Relics has arrived! There are some buffs, some nerfs, some remakes, and a WHOLE LOTTA new ones to discover! We want to give a special shout-out to our Discord member, Rhadamante, for his in-depth feedback for this update. He built a calculator to examine the Critical Chance/Damage for Relics in the game and showed us that, mathematically, they were slightly underpowered (popularity-wise though they were fine!) So we’ve gone and lowered their rarity to make them a better purchase.
  • Community RELIC BUFF - Clotho's Spindle: Rarity lowered from Rare to Common (Resolve cost down from 35 to 25).
  • Community RELIC BUFF - Atropos' Scissors: Rarity lowered from Rare to Common (Resolve cost down from 35 to 25).
  • Community RELIC BUFF - Obelisk: Rarity lowered from Rare to Common (Resolve cost down from 35 to 25).
  • Community RELIC NERF - Dreamcatcher: Multiple stacks of this Relic now only increase the max cap, not how much Mana you get per enemy kill.
  • RELIC REDESIGN - Icarus Wings: Changed to Icarus’ Wings Bargain. Now grants FLIGHT, but you take bonus damage.
  • RELIC REDESIGN - Incandescent Telescope: Changed to Incandescent Telescope’s Bargain. You deal bonus damage to enemies that are far away, but less to enemies nearby.
  • RELIC REDESIGN - Vanguard’s Banner: Damage Increased from 100% to 125% INT. Dash wave now spawns at the START of your Dash. Wave now destroys regular sized projectiles. Stacking this Relic now doubles the length of the wave. Rarity changed from Common to Epic.
  • NEW RELIC: Raven's Ring.
  • NEW RELIC: Heron's Ring.
  • NEW RELIC: Soul Tether.
  • NEW RELIC: Ivy Roots.
  • NEW RELIC: Corrupting Reagent.
  • NEW RELIC: Lamech's Whetstone.
  • NEW RELIC: Caltrops.
  • NEW RELIC: Voltaic Circlet.
  • NEW RELIC: Marble Statue.
  • NEW RELIC: Demeter's Trial/Reward.
  • NEW RELIC: Arcane Necklace.
  • NEW RELIC: Red Sand Hourglass.
  • NEW RELIC: Aite's Sword/Broken Sword.
  • NEW RELIC: Weighted Anklet.

The game has gone through a lot of changes, and as more content gets added the economy becomes a little more unstable. We’ve taken a look at the resources again to address the dearth of new Runes and Gear people can find, and how they scale with the amount of Ore and Aether collected.
*Some of these changes came in with the Hallow’s Eve Update but will still be listed here (because that’s when this revamp was supposed to be completed).
  • Disabled the Ore and Aether bonus drop values. This was turned on during the Arcane Hallows Update as a temporary bonus to help people catch up (when these resources were too rare). It was supposed to stay on for only 3 weeks… and now it’s almost been a whole year. Whoops! :X
  • Purchasing new Gear and Runes now cost their corresponding resource (Ore/Aether) on top of gold, even at their starting level. This will help explain to players what these resources do right away, rather than only when they obtain the +1 blueprints. This has become necessary due to the changes throughout Early Access that made the +1 drops for equipment constantly get pushed later into the game. Some players did not discover what Ore and Aether did until NG+1!
  • Buyer’s Start: New players will now have 1500 Ore and Aether at the start of profile creation.
  • Red Portal Chests (we call them Gold Chests) will now ALWAYS drop an Empathy (if available) and Ore.
  • Re-tuned Ore and Aether costs for Blueprints and Runes. As you reach +4 and up, their costs will begin to rise.
  • Gear and Relic drop rates adjusted. Previously, if a player went straight to a +9 Gear drop unlock, the system would begin to fall apart. We changed the backend to ensure a better flow of items if this does happen. Generally, obtaining new Gear should be more evenly spread throughout the game.
  • The Silver Chest requirement for all Gear pieces (excluding Trinkets) has been removed. Previously, every Gear set was composed of 2 Bronze Chest + 3 Silver Chest requirements.
  • Silver Chests will ALWAYS drop Gear if they can (*already added in Hallow’s Eve).

  • Repurposed Mining Shaft: Gold Gain bonus lowered from 20% to 15% per level. This ability was severely over-tuned and broke the game scaling. We’re considering nerfing this Skill even more, but will keep it as-is for now to see how it pans out.
  • Reorganized the bottom portion of the Skill Tree to get the Shy Geologist out of hiding. A lot of people missed the joke (or those who caught it weren’t sure), so we’re removing it.
  • Changed Min level caps to certain Skills for better pacing.

  • Kin Unity Lvl. 1 and Unity Lvl. 2 Bonus changed. The original lifesteal one was temporary (and ultimately overpowered). These new changes are much closer to what we wanted the Kin set to offer.

  • Blightborn Furcas: Given a new move and modified aggression values to make for a more interesting encounter.
  • Blightborn Astarte: Given a new move and a new base projectile attack to make this encounter a little more interesting (and easier).
  • Axe Knight: These dudes were too easy. A new chasing spin attack and a new throwing axe attack has been added to make them more deadly.
  • Community: Axe Knight name changed to Axe Forgers, Axe Solders, and Axe Welders.
  • Added audio for the Shock Edge / Thunder Poniard dagger attack.
  • Bosses are now frozen for only a fraction of the time regular enemies are.

  • ABILITY BUFF – Handheld Ballista: Mana regen per shot raised from 20 to 25.
  • ABILITY NERF – Pizza: Damage reduced slightly.
  • ABILITY NERF – Sporeburst Spell: Mana cost raised from 50 to 75.
  • Updated the Electric Lute's audio.
  • Player flight is now restricted to the same movement constraints as non-flight (e.g. abilities that lock your movement while jumping in the air now lock your movement while flying).

Adding more diversity to Red Portal Challenges. We plan to add even more later on, but this is a good start.
  • 2 new arena types: Big Battle and Mob Boss.
  • 4 new base arena room layouts added.

  • The Solstice Festival begins!
  • Tier 2 Flying Skeletons removed from Pishon Dry Lake.
  • Tier 2 Flying Fireballs added to Pishon Dry Lake.
  • The "Requires Aether's Wings" and "Requires Echo's Heirloom" tutorial textboxes no longer appear if you already have the respective Heirloom.
  • Changed the visual design of Axis Mundi tunnel rooms to better match the rest of the biome's aesthetic.
  • New Bell art has been added to the Sun Tower.
  • New art has been added for the mannequin.

  • Community - New Aim Fidelity Setting: If you have trouble with steady hands, you can reduce aiming sensitivity by modifying the minimum angles the joystick will snap to.
  • Community – Mouse Position Attack Flip Setting: Gamers on mouse and keyboard can now turn on attack flipping, so that the player will flip and face the direction the mouse is in when attacking.
  • New Time Slow When Aiming House Rule: Trouble with the dexterity required by the Archer and other classes like them? You can now slow down time while aiming to help line up your shots.
  • The Drift House is now completely absent from the Docks if the criteria to unlock it is unfulfilled.
  • Added some icons to Glossary.
  • Touching water or a cloud hazard will now reset your Dashes and Air Jumps so you can recover more easily.
  • New music now plays as you reach the end of Enoch Prime’s memories.
  • Quitting out of the Threads of Fate while there are active changes to the Burdens now displays a warning message.
  • Added Equipment set Unity to Gear card.
  • Added a new ability queuing system. Casting an ability (including attacks) while the player is at the tail-end of their current ability will queue the next one.
  • Changing the volume setting sliders via the keyboard, gamepad, or clicking on the UI arrows will now change the volume in increments of 5 units instead of 1.
  • Being awarded a gold trophy in a Challenge now displays text stating that all Empathies are now unlocked.
  • Added new icon to map, Unique Room, that represent mandatory unique rooms (like the Tower of Lights) that are separate from Bonus Rooms, because Bonus Rooms are considered beatable.
  • Converting between Ore and Aether in the Soul Shop no longer resets your conversion amount to 0.
  • Converting between Ore and Aether in the Soul Shop now displays a descriptive loss/gain text popup above the player's head.
  • Water in heirlooms no longer deals damage.
  • Targets now have 1 HP, regardless of their level.
  • Targets can now be destroyed with the Pacifist weapon.
  • Entering a Boss door now resets all ability ammo and cooldowns.
  • Implemented a higher fidelity for gamepad deadzone logic to allow for more extreme movement of the joystick before input is detected. To compensate, anyone that had their deadzone set to 0 will automatically have it set to 0.25, as 0 is now too sensitive for most (if not all) gamepads.



Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Thanks for the bump Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage

I might talk to a mod about moving this back into the gaming section when it gets closer to full release too.


Never knew there was a sequel. Played the 1st over and over and over. (As you have to).

Amazing game and the music was a delight. Havn't gamed in years apart from DOSBOX but this is essential for me.

Hope they have the same music makers, was the highlight for me.


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Well shit. I hope my save file carries over. I paused the progress on my last run as I had OP'd the fuck out of myself. 600 HP and a shitload of relics. Will be the first time I see the new boss.



Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Been playing the hell out of this game, it runs great on the Steam Deck.

I had kinda stopped playing during the last few Early Access updates, since it seemed like the game was getting to be pretty complete by then, and I wanted to wait for the full release. Anyone who liked the first game and was on the fence about this one should certainly pick this up.


Anyone playing this? Just bought it on one x and I don't know what exactly to expect. I've played the first one for an hour or two and that's it. Any tips for beginners? How are you finding the game?


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Anyone playing this? Just bought it on one x and I don't know what exactly to expect. I've played the first one for an hour or two and that's it. Any tips for beginners? How are you finding the game?
I've put probably 15 hours into it, I'm almost done my first and only run.

Build your castle with stats more than expanding early on, the grind becomes really fucking stupid later in the game, if you've grown your castle to get every class. When you get the Architect unlocked on your tree, only use him for boss runs and you might as well make his lock go to ALWAYS you'll be getting 0 coin but you're doing boss runs so who cares.

The game is fun, but I had more fun with the first one, Fairy Chests are very stupid and at times CLASS SPECIFIC, like "hit all targets" and then all the targets are in an area that only a ranged character could hit, so that's bullshit.

Overall fun game the first game I'd give 8.5/10 this one I'd say 7.5/10 for all the annoyances and the shitty Sun Tower level.


I've put probably 15 hours into it, I'm almost done my first and only run.

Build your castle with stats more than expanding early on, the grind becomes really fucking stupid later in the game, if you've grown your castle to get every class. When you get the Architect unlocked on your tree, only use him for boss runs and you might as well make his lock go to ALWAYS you'll be getting 0 coin but you're doing boss runs so who cares.

The game is fun, but I had more fun with the first one, Fairy Chests are very stupid and at times CLASS SPECIFIC, like "hit all targets" and then all the targets are in an area that only a ranged character could hit, so that's bullshit.

Overall fun game the first game I'd give 8.5/10 this one I'd say 7.5/10 for all the annoyances and the shitty Sun Tower level.
I'll follow your advice on castle and I'll see how the game is for me. I like its artstyle and its premise, but I'm not going to play it if I don't like it.

Maiden Voyage

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Anyone playing this? Just bought it on one x and I don't know what exactly to expect. I've played the first one for an hour or two and that's it. Any tips for beginners? How are you finding the game?
I’ve been playing here and there on my Steam Deck.

It’s similar to the first but way more content. Best advice I can give is keep doing runs. You’ll learn the best that way.

Davey Cakes

Anyone playing this? Just bought it on one x and I don't know what exactly to expect. I've played the first one for an hour or two and that's it. Any tips for beginners? How are you finding the game?
I've been playing on PC since Early Access. Finally beat it once it released officially, and I'm working on NG+ right now.

The game is a bit grind-y, but it's super addictive in my opinion. A star in the Roguelite genre.

If I had to give tips, I'd say take your time and focus on getting as much gold as possible. Be willing to go on entire runs without taking on any bosses. When you upgrade, focus on expanding your castle so that you open up as many upgrade options and new classes as possible. Go for Rune Capacity and Gold Gain, but never forget HP and Strength. I find that Runes are super helpful, but obviously you have to put some effort into finding them in the world first.

The fairy chests can be frustrating. You'll probably fail more than succeed in getting them, but that'll make success all the more satisfying.

There are a myriad of ways to approach the game, and it depends partly on which classes you gravitate towards. The Knight is the ol' reliable, and I love the Valkyrie and Ronin but some people really like the magic-based classes. Don't be afraid to try new things, as you never know what'll click.

I don't agree with jaysius that this game is worse than the first. It looks better, plays better, and has a lot more variety. The first Rogue Legacy is still awesome in its simplicity, though. That game was a great 8, where RL2 is fine 9. Depends on what you want out of these games, and RL2 is definitely ambitious and experimental.
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Currently in the Stygian Study. Defeated the two sub bosses but haven't tackled the main boss for the biome. Haven't played in a few days. Anyone know if the patch is live on xbox?


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They’re definitely listening to feedback. More gold in the Sun Tower is a direct reaction to people calling the game too grind-heavy.
Fuck, those are a ton of changes, I finished the game the other day and I kind of hated the last few bosses and other stupid shit like cheap shots from projectiles.

I don't know when the right time to start playing this game is.
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