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Rise of the Ronin PSN page is up (PS5 only)


Much like Stellar Blade, Sony's published Rise of the Ronin, developed by Team Ninja from Koei Tecmo, has its PlayStation Network page up, so you can add it to your wishlist right now.
Since the game is stated for a 2024 release, I suspect it's going to come out early in the year. Which is on par with some of Team Ninja's previous games, as Nioh 1 and 2 launched in February and March respectively.


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Nioh is my favorite action game so super hyped for Wolong and this one. But man life is changing a lot, I am not even sure if I will have leisure and coziness to enjoy the game in 2024..


First fight was the biggest fluke since gsp vs serra 1:lollipop_grinning_smiling_eyes:
That was no fluke, Serra made GSP into a wrestler that night.

This game looks fucking amazing, this might be the first Soulsborne to match From Software.
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The biggest part that makes me excited about this game is time period its covering. This the time west explorer came to Japan and in this era you see much more western made building and cloths.
You dont see many games explore that.

Buuuuuuut 2024 release looong way off.
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