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Riders Republic - PS5 Beta Gameplay


Jun 1, 2019
Got invited to a RR event by Ubisoft. The beta is live now for people with keys but under strict NDA to not show gameplay. People at this event can share some gameplay so here goes. Some info I wanted to share as well:

- PS5 beta install size is 20.57. This size can change upon full release, but the beta did have the whole map accessible.
- Has bike, snow, aerial, tricks, and mass events (Combining all types of races and events)
- For aerial you got wingsuits and Rocketwings.
- Game has 22 progression unlocks, which basically means unlock event types. You need stars to unlock them which can be earned through completing the numerous events.
- flying around the map clockwise took about 10-15 mins on the rocketwing which is the fastest way to move.
- Mass Events feature up to 64 players through crossplay as well.
- The beta only allowed till 60 ish stars to be collected through normal events and only allowing a portion of the progression. Rest in main game.
- The game has special gear such as surfboards, panda suits hidden across the map to collect. Has higher stats
- Multiple costumes in the shop to buy which also cycle daily.
- You can squad up and do versus event with your squad or take them into bigger events such as the mass events.
- Fast travel on the map is instant. The PR mentioned that they devs wanted you to access new areas quickly without having to look at loading screens
- Snowmobiles are there for fast traversal on snow, and an equivalent with rocket thrusters for land.
- Other collectibles include monuments and locations to discover.
- Lastly collectibles that give cash all around the map. 500 of them..... Good luck finding that.
- Game releases Oct 28th.

That's pretty much it. If you have questions do ask. There are somethings I can talk about and some I can't but I'll try my best to answer :)

Intro Race:

3 hours of Beta Gameplay:

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Sep 9, 2018
What the, it looks pretty dreadful.
Will try the beta on PC though and see what its like in person.


Candy Corn Aficionado
Apr 12, 2010
What's that saying? Jack of all trades, master of none. The biking and snowboarding/skiing don't feel particularly great and as a whole, the game lacks a sense of speed.


Dec 9, 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden
After playing a bit of this, I mostly just wish that it was Steep 2 instead. I really liked the original. This feels too scattered and unfocused, and also too EXTREEEEEME BRO!!!

It also runs way too poorly for a game that doesn't really look all that good. Lots of frame drops and screen tearing on PS5.

I also fell through the ground a few times in the tutorial. Never again after that though, but you'd think they'd playtest that part rigorously...
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Sep 9, 2018
Only managed 30mins then had to stop, although that was partly down to the beta crashing.
Too edgelord for me lol.