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Respawn Boss Confirms “Other” Star Wars Project in Development at EA


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It seems there might be more Star Wars stuff on the way from Respawn’s parent company EA.
This was hinted at by Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella where he was asked to give an update on how things are going at Respawn, DICE and Ridgeline Games.

Zampella: Things are going great. Apex [Legends] had a ton of competition last year. We weathered through that. This season did really well. We have another season coming out fairly soon. We’ve got stuff in development we’re not talking about. Some other Star Wars stuff too, which is exciting.

Could this “other” Star Wars stuff be a game? Maybe DLC for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? We don’t know for sure, but it does confirm that something Star Wars-related is brewing at EA. For reference, the last few EA Star Wars games were Star Wars: Squadrons (2020), Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), and Survivor’s predecessor Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019).



Dude, they announced in January 2022 they were making a Star Wars FPS and a Star Wars strategy game (the latter co-developed with Bit Reactor).
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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
the team responsible for this next game will continue their project once they patched Star wars: Jedi Survivor, please stay tuned.


I really wish we'd somehow get Battlefront 3 to return... Or there'd be a new Jedi Knight, or the closest thing to a successor.
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