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Resident Evil series breaks 100 million units sold. Which one is the best?

What is the best entry in the Resident Evil series?

  • Resident Evil (original)

    Votes: 33 8.5%
  • Resident Evil 2

    Votes: 51 13.1%
  • Resident Evil 3

    Votes: 7 1.8%
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica

    Votes: 18 4.6%
  • Resident Evil Remake

    Votes: 72 18.5%
  • Resident Evil Zero

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Resident Evil 4

    Votes: 119 30.5%
  • Resident Evil 5

    Votes: 18 4.6%
  • Resident Evil 6

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Resident Evil 7

    Votes: 26 6.7%
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Votes: 43 11.0%
  • Resident Evil 3 Remake

    Votes: 2 0.5%

  • Total voters


Jan 26, 2018
Outer space
And why is REmake?

The Resident Evil series has now collectively shipped over 100 million copies worldwide.

As computed by our pals at VG24/7, it was back at the end of March that Capcom confirmed that its hugely successful Monster Hunter franchise has shipped 63 million copies, the Street Fighter titles have shifted 44 million units, and the collective sales of its Resident Evil titles had topped 98 million as at 31st March, 2020, falling just short of the 100 million milestone.

Not any more, though. Citing the "continued sales growth" of the Resident Evil 2 remake - which has sold over 6.5 million units alone - and the recent success of Resident Evil 3, which has sold two million copies since its release last month, the series has now collectively surpassed 100 million shipped units....

Started with the first and original Resident Evil in 1996, with a B class film atmosphere, this series has become one of the biggest in gaming history, with all its ups and downs.

  • Resident Evil (original) > The one that started it all.
  • Resident Evil 2 > The succesor, faster, stronger, better.
  • Resident Evil 3 > The introduction of one of the most iconic antagonists, Nemesis.
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica > Still with fixed cameras, but this time with 3D rendered scenarios, focused on Claire Redfield and her brother Chris.
  • Resident Evil Remake > The reimagination of the original. A perfect remake that faithfully recreated and expanded on the 1996's story.
  • Resident Evil Zero > A precuel that tells what happened before the mansion incident and makes us play with two characters at the same time.
  • Resident Evil 4 > The one that innovates and reinvigorates the RE formula, pivoting more towards the action than the horror.
  • Resident Evil 5 > Now we have the RE4 formula, but this time with co-op and the horror totally gone.
  • Resident Evil 6 > Anime
  • Resident Evil 7 > The series goes back full horror with a 180 degrees turn. RE goes first person and twisted.
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake > The remake on 3rd person of one of the most beloved of the series.
  • Resident Evil 3 Remake > The return of Nemesis in the same vein of RE2make.

Which of the Resident Evil games is the best and why?


Jan 21, 2012
Here, Now and maybe later
The one the only....
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Oct 5, 2018
here we go....

REmake>RE7>RE2make>CVX>RE3make>RE4>Revelations/2>RE0>dog shit>RE6>RE5

Note: i didn't feel the need to include Resident Evil 1-3 as i feel the remakes make them pretty much obsolete. Just my opinion.
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Jan 6, 2019
They are all great. I was about to list my favorites, but it would be kind of pointless as most of these would make the list.

Also, there are no Revelations here, I'm sure that's part of the 100m.
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Stilton Disco

Aug 22, 2014
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for me. It's everything from the first 2 games dialled up to 11, has the best vilian of the series in the Nemesis, has amazing mechanics like the dodge, branching story paths, ammo crafting, first implementation of Mercenaries Mode and epilogues for all characters in the series after multiple completions.

Add to that, Jill is stuffed to the gills with awesome one liners, mad action heroine antics and sass.

It's bloody awesome and is still to this day in my top 3 games of all time.


Oct 10, 2014
the thing with the first couple or games is they were truly horror games. since 4 they "mostly" been action games. also with the first few the controls were clunky, but it made it more exciting. with todays controller system in Res Evil games its not as hard to aim or run.

for me the First 2 are the best and that includes the remake of the first one to
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Feb 15, 2009
REmake and RE4 are easily the best, but if I have to pick only one, I choose REmake.

Amazing: REmake, RE4
Great: RE2, RE3, RE5, RE6
Good: RE, RE0, RE2 2019, Revelations 2
Ok: Code Veronica, RE3 2020, RE7, Revelations
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May 22, 2018
Has to be the original for me, but could be any of the first three.

Though RE2 and RE3 add a few extra elements and improve some mechanics/combat, I just adore playing through the first RE. The house is creepy, the music is ominous, the story hasn't reached completely ridiculous levels and a lot of it is still unexplained and mysterious. The remake is perfect too, but I still prefer the original. It was just what we needed after the likes of original Alone in the Dark games and summed up exactly why people needed a PS1 or a 3DFX card for their PC.

If i were to be swayed a little, i'd easily concede RE2 is probably a better game all round. Due to size. scope and sheer amount of content and replayablity. The simple addition of Claire and Leon pushing zombies back after being attacked, stops you experiencing some cheap deaths. Jill's dodge is just a fantastic addition to this and means they could throw harder situations at the player.

CV is cool too, but i prefer fixed perspectives and don't feel CV really adds anything to the series.
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Jun 14, 2019
RE2 > CV > RE3 > RE1 > REmake > RE4 >>> RE0.

- Yes, I prefer the original RE1 over the remake.
- I think RE4 is massively overrated but still a good game.
- Don't like any others in the series that I haven't mentioned (including the re2 remake. dunno why everyone likes that game).
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Jan 7, 2018
We live in a ree world but if someone votes for anything other than:
Code Veronica
You lost your minds.

Just kidding 😁
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Sander Cohen

Gold Member
Sep 3, 2019
Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina
I voted RE2 Remake. If I wear my nostalgia glasses I would probably vote RE3 (original) but I’m too wise right now to do that. RE7 was good game, worth playing but first person RE is not my 🍵 . RE4, obviously great, but departed from much loved 1-3 style. RE1 I only played as remaster on PS4 and it’s a fabulous game, no doubt but it was not remake.
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Feb 24, 2012
United Kingdom
This is something I couldn't answer, because the winners for individual categories are varied. Best I can do is some category winners:

Best music: Resident Evil 2
Best boss: Resident Evil 3
Best classic gameplay: Resident Evil Remake
Best modern gameplay: Resident Evil 4
Best online gameplay: Outbreak File 2
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Jun 18, 2018
Been playing them since 1996. Easily RE4 for me. I got it from the usual place on Ebay i got my import games, a canadian place, and i had no hype for it whatsoever. thinking it would be average as i knew it was action based instead of slow and menacing. Played about an hour of it thought “it’s alright”, then didn’t play it again for 3 years. 2005 i wasn’t in the right frame of mind for games i was too busy going out to nightclubs and kebab shops. but by 2008 i was back into games and couldn’t believe how brilliant RE4 was and how i waited 3 years to complete it.

REmake is probably the next best and was incredible at the time. but replaying recently it it’s not as good as i remember. personally i like RE2 remake better, and RE3 Nemesis was the best of the PS1 games. End of console-lifespan games are always the most polished. The production values were so good for a PSX game and the boss battles were far better than RE1 and 2.
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Jan 9, 2019
RE2 remake > RE5 > RE4 > RE3 remake > Revelations > RE6 > Revelations 2

I don't like the tank games at all.
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Jun 18, 2018
God tier
  • REmake.
Great tier
  • REmake 2.
  • 4.
  • 2.
  • Revelations.
Good tier
  • Revelatiois 2.
  • OG.
  • 3.
  • 7.
  • The Chronicles Duology.
"Oh God! What the fuck is this" tier
  • 6.
  • 5.
  • Survivor.
  • REmake 3.
  • Code Veronica.
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Jan 9, 2018
Much respect to the original RE2 (played nonstop over and over that one summer many moons ago) and REmake (still probably the only perfect videogame remake) but I still play RE4 to this day, doing runthroughs with different load outs and shit. Amazing game. Don’t remake it please.
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