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Remember Intelligent Qube?

Decades ago, I remember a demo disc that had one of the most addicting games called Intelligent Qube. I remember just playing this thing over and over again. It was almost as good as the Tony Hawk Pro Skater demo or the Tekken 3 demo. But ever since the Playstation came and went, we never got a sequel to this game. I'm left wondering, why isn't this game brought back and just given online gameplay? It's probably cheap to make and could be a good nod to the classics.

Intelligent Qube. So many memories locked behind a console over twenty years ago.


Yes I remember playing the demo on the PlayStation demo disc, when I was like... 8-9.
The demo gave me a sense of a bleak world that the character was trapped in and his only escape was to solve the puzzles. :(
I remember liking it, but never played the actual game.
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I remember feeling like I have no I.Q.... as I never really tried to figure out how to play this game on OPM demo disc.... :)

Same goes to that "No one can stop Mr. Domino" game. Sometimes I just wish the rules would just magically get uploaded into my brain like Matrix.


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Why isn't this another elden ring thread 😈

Oh yes I do remember it. It was on a demo disk I had
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