Reggie Fils-Aime to Retire: Doug Bowser Named New President of NoA


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Maybe now we will get a Mario where bowser wins?


I would not be opposed to Bowsette. Regardless of what Nintendo says.


Reggie will be missed. I always liked his tactfulness when he had to PR.
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I'll always remember when Reggie appeared on stage and told us he was there to kick ass and take names.

I didn't really understand it at the time, still don't, but the DS was an exciting era. He had quite the tenure.
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He will be missed! And I am happy for him that he's able to go out on a high note. Of course, I don't know how much marketing his persona was but I really got the feeling he's a genuinely cool dude.
His pension is ready.

My body isn't ready and you're right, his pension is ready.

I have to have a little faith here though, Nintendo's leadership all have kind of an 'old school but we like to have fun vibe' for their executives. The two combinations are seldom seen together in a normal business but given their business of pioneers of the industry and innovation in the gaming world, we'll cross our fingers and hope Bowser isn't the bad guy.

Reggie just legitimately seemed to have a fun vibe to him, all the best and enjoy your well deserved retirement Reggie, you've made Nintendo fans proud over the years!
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Reggie was awesome.

Bowser seems like he was born for the role.


Watching Reggie and Geoff was always a pleasure, and Reggie was a good sport about a lot of stuff. Great career behind him, I hope he's happy in retirement.


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I'm actually heart broken over this; I didn't realize I had attached Reggie so much to NOA.
I will be raising a beer tonight in his honor, and wish him the best.

I'm sure he'll still be around in the Nintendo's garden, but it's gonna be weird not seeing him hanging around the Tree House.



He was a very entertaining COO from an outside perspective at least, don't know how he was inside the company of course. But not a lot of top ranking business men can say that really, sad to see him leave. He's only 57 though, that's a fairly early retirement but I'm sure he has his reasons, hopefully no sad ones.
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Reggie was great for Nintendo.

If I was at MS, I’d be on the phone to him right now... maybe he could rectify the sinking ship?


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Not going to lie, It's going to be weird to not have Reggie as part of Nintendo. Can't think of many execs who have as much of a great sense of humor as he does.



I’ll never forget his big appearance that one E3, the Twilight Princess announcement trailer and all that meme magic from the fallout.

Also, I’m OLD AF. :-/


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I feel betrayed. All I can say is

Reggie, you were a great face for Nintendo, not just for english-speaking regions, but worldwide. You were exactly the kind of person Nintendo needed during the Wii era and especially after the death of Iwata. You could've kept going another 10 years and build a significant legacy.


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Oh man, end of an era. Reggie has been amazing. I remember fondly the E3 where he announced himself, a guy completely unknown to any gamer - “my name is Reggie, I am about kicking ass and taking names, and WE are about making games!”

Nintendo was at their deepest bottom, and there he was, full of confidence and energy, holding a goofy Nintendo DS prototype.

His passion was contagious and the following two triumphs of Nintendo have been amazing to behold. I am glad he is in a position to retire when Switch is killing it, and he is still at good health.

Thanks Reggie, enjoy the retirement <3
We've been blessed to have such a charismatic figure like Reggie for that many years. He became a meme and Nintendo haters will mock him forever, but for the real fans of the industry he was a rockstar and a legend. Enjoy retirement Mr. Feels-Anime.



You cannot make this up.

On a serious note, congrats to Reggie on a killer career. He was in the firing line for a long time and always handled himself with class. Gonna miss the guy.


Reggie's impact on Nintendo will be both overstated as well as understated. I wonder how many here were actively gaming on Nintendo when Reggie Fils-Aime was brought on as EVP of Sales and Marketing. It would be understating his influence to say that he was just a PR guy during Nintendo's "Blue Ocean" transition. I would say he very much had a hand with that. Consider that he arrived during the middle of the GameCube's lifespan and was at the helm as the face of the western marketing push for the DS and Wii. You could say they were very $ucce$$ful with that.

It would also be an overstatement to suggest that he has had much hand in hardware strategy or what games come to the Western markets. Frankly, his time as the face of Nintendo in America had come to an end a while ago. The Nintendo Directs have really hit their stride of late even without an English-speaking presenter.

Just don't take any credit away from Reggie. When he arrives at Nintendo, he was the expert the company hired to present their blue ocean products that were intended to disrupt the industry.


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I’m happy for him. He’s retiring for the right reasons. It’s a little sad though.

Also sad is the reminder that I’ve been around the block a few times. Like when you realise you have watched an athlete all the way from rookie until retirement, lol.


I'm not even a Nintendo guy but I'll miss him. He was the perfect spokesman.

Does anyone else remember his tenure as being a lot longer than 15 years? I swear I remember him earlier on in the start of the Gamecube era.


Now I'm realizing my mortality and old age when your childhood heroes are now retiring or dead. Thanks for the memories reggie.
Now I'm realizing my mortality and old age when your childhood heroes are now retiring or dead. Thanks for the memories reggie.

I was looking at Reggie's Wikipedia page and saw a photo of him from E3 2006

Given how much younger he looks there I really don't like that as I don't like to think of 2006 being so long ago.
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