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Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 port also cancelled


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Rockstar going all-in on GTA6 putting every other project on hold. After rumored cancellations of GTA4 and RDR remasters, RDR2 PS5 allegedly also bites the dust while Rockstar moves all its resources to its next open-world crime epic.

Following reports from multiple reliable sources that Rockstar Games has canned Red Dead Redemption 1 and GTA 4 remasters, another report has emerged claiming that the developer also cancelled plans for Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports. This update comes from the same insider, Tez2, who originally revealed that Rockstar dropped the aforementioned remasters after Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition‘s poor reception – a claim that was later corroborated by other outlets as well.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 release would have followed GTA V current-gen launch​

The idea of Red Dead Redemption 2’s current-gen release makes sense. Although not as successful as GTA 5, which spanned three console generations along with GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold like hot cakes and came with its own take on multiplayer in Red Dead Online. The multiplayer portion may have benefitted from adding current-gen players to the mix. However, support for Red Dead Online dwindled, with Rockstar later admitting that it needs to invest time and resources into GTA 6 in order for the upcoming game to meet expectations. With that, it looks like any hopes of Red Dead Redemption 2 on current-gen platforms have been dashed.
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oh come on!!!!
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Whelp. with this knowledge I guess I can safely pick up the One X version of RDR2. At least it runs at 4K/30 FPS there.

Does running the PS4 version on PS5 at 1080p fix the shitty checker board rendering issue from the PS4 Pro version like you can do on that console ?
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That game on PS5 would look amazing!

Yeah. This game screams for the new-gen updates. I guess this is where PC is the better choice for a game like this then.

Edit: I guess I mean to say that I would like to see updates like 60fps and improved HDR, etc.
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This tells me that they're going to release a RDR 1+2 remake. It will be a lot easier to sell without a RDR2 next-gen port in the picture.


They want that microtransaction money...they will release on consoles, 2 years later on PC get the double dippers and history will repeat itself with next gen consoles after PS5 and series x.


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Agreed. If somebody is dead set on a game's performance increasing with future tech then they need to make the switch to PC.
Bingo. RDR2 runs spectacular on PC. Runs at native 4k 80 fps on a 3080 on high settings with some even set to ultra. No need for DLSS even.

St. Denis at night looks amazing, but sadly the game still feels rough to play even at higher framerates. People expecting it to feel better all of a sudden are in for a massive disappointment. And I say this as someone who considered this game the best game of the generation.

Captured this a couple of weeks ago. I just love the volumetric lighting here but I do remember it looking pretty much the same on the X1X. What a phenomenal port that was.

I can't fucking understand what is so hard about sending a fps=60 ini file update
Id suspect its the QA time. They would need QA to replay through the entire game over and over again, and ensure nothing breaks. But yeah, QA is cheap and we are likely looking at a patch that would cost them a few hundred thousand dollars max. This is why you just add an option to keep framerate uncapped instead of locking it. Devs are STILL doing it this gen even after the release of mid gen and next gen consoles. GOW, The Last Guardian, KZSF run brilliantly at a locked 60 fps simply because they shipped the disc version with an uncapped framerate. No need for extra coding to add a toggle or redo QA for a patch.

I think they just dont want to get distracted atm. GTA6 has taken way too long as it is.

P.S I dont know if the PS5 and XSX would be able to run this game at a locked 60 fps without creating a next gen SKU. XSX especially is exactly 2x more powerful than the X1X and im not sure if that would be enough for a 2x increase in framerate as we have seen in several next gen games that struggle to run games at native 4k 60 fps. The PS5 might be able to do it since its just 4kcb on the 4.2 tflops Pro and it should have some headroom available for a locked 60 fps but again, ive seen several PS4 open world games that had to dip below 1440p in order to hold a locked 60 fps.

Which means creating a next gen SKU which is far more costlier than uncapping the framerate.


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RDR2 is already pretty next gen, it would be a waste of ressources to "port" this game to PS5/Xbox. The game is just fine as it is. Focusing on GTA6 seems to be the more reasonable decision.
The game was boring as hell but it ran well and looked amazing on the 1X. Can't Xbox just do an FPS boost for the series X?

I don't get why some people are so obsessed with remakes and remasters of games they already paid and played instead of getting new games. I guess some people just love to buy the same game multiple times. Personally, buying it once is enough for me.
lol I will never understand gamers. You want them to spend time on remasters instead of new games? Especially when this new game has already taken 9 years and is nowhere near release?
Except that the whole "let's put work into GTA 6" is most likely bullshit.

A native port to the next-gen consoles is not a lot of work either.

The cash cow that is GTA Online keeps on giving, Rockstar has just become complacent.
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Beating the game to 98,5% completion over 300hours, I'd still love just to fuck around in 60fpsx4K and do the remaining 1,5%. At this point tho it sounds like the right decision and I'm sure GTA6 will make up for it and then some.


The game was boring as hell but it ran well and looked amazing on the 1X. Can't Xbox just do an FPS boost for the series X?

I don't get why some people are so obsessed with remakes and remasters of games they already paid and played instead of getting new games. I guess some people just love to buy the same game multiple times. Personally, buying it once is enough for me.
I have it on the new xbox and there is no fps boost available. But as others said, If you want high fps - just get a goddamn PC. It looks and plays awesome in native 4K/30 on the current xbox though. It is good as it is, just let devs make some new games ffs. I don't need ports and remakes and remasters of every shitty last gen game.


This is sad from a gamer perspective. Not that much money to earn for them with an upgrade, only additional cost and QA and support. GTA is their cash cow they're gonna milk until the end of times.


I guess the update wasn't going to earn them 200 million sales. It'd be funny as hell if the game sucked and nobody bought it though, heads would roll seeing how much their future depends on a single game.


Just the PS5 version? Still coming to Xbox Series X|S?

Either way, I played the start on PC not long ago, a higher fps doesn’t change much tbh when it’s so incredibly slow. I would rather see them make a remake later on, or some nice and meaty DLC.


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I'm not concerned but that really sucks for my fellow PS5 players.
R* is becoming the kind of company they criticized in previous games...
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