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Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Having A Rough Launch On PC

Can't decide

Sep 11, 2018
Guess I've had some weird luck with this game. Like I said in a previous post, after the game wouldnt launch at all for the first 4 days, it's worked perfectly ever since.

Bought a whole new system last week, Ryzen 3600 on a b450 tomahawk mobo - I saw swaths of people with this setup having all sorts of issues, whereas mine booted up from the first try, even without updating anything and hasn't had a single problem either.


Dec 10, 2009
Had a real weird PC issue yesterday. Playing via Steam. Had 18 hours of game time per Steam in then I get the ERR_GFX_STATE crash.
Seemed to only affect the game when I was loading in single player. Did not effect mp at all. Took a while and some playing around with fixes posted on the net and got it working fine again.

I'm convinced this error happened because I saved and exited the game while in first person view. This was the only time I know I saved and quit the game in 1st person mode. I've already had weird bugs when in this view (can't hear Arthur talk to anyone and dialog not playing during cutscenes are what I've experienced). Have no way to back this claim up, but haven't saved or quit the game in this mode since and the game is working.