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Red Dead Redemption 2 fan with nearly 6,000 hours on Stadia begs Rockstar for character transfer

And then calculate the CO2 consume of this.

Cloud gaming is not the future.
From the environment standpoint it's the opposite. Same like carsharing. HW units that are shared via internet certainly have a smaller footprint than black boxes and white towers standing in every individuals home, often unused.
Things like saves not even being compatible across generations is annoying.
Sony was and is terrible at this. I remember selling my Wipeout HD disc since I got the digital copy and was perplexed when I realized that it did not accept my saves. The same thing with the second game I bothered testing recently; Motorstorm apocalypse, PS+ freebie from PS3 days and with the new PS+ streams I thought to try it there. Loading my saves from cloud to the streaming cloud is possible- already a step that should not be necessary- but the game ignores it.
Incompatible within the very same platform and same region, the latter case even solely digital.

Stadia is basically just PC so transferring all save files to each user should not be impossible and hardly much work. To avoid bad pr they might even do it. Or wind it down silently without anything more than refunds that are possibly already more than they need to do. Especially if they also meant such cases.



Should have known better than to play on Stadia.
Man, what a bunch of dicks in this thread.

Regardless of how many life hours he wasted regardless of how dumb he is for choosing Stadia, the problem needs to be addressed, period.

They shouldn't just do this for RDR2, but for all games.
The problem is being addressed:


Just say no to stream only gaming.
1st mistake was not investing so much time on stadia, the best console of all time, but playing low tier games such as RDR2. low IQ move really stadia is just going on a hiatus and will return next gen with a backwards compat -stock 8k 144hz base machine. no lag as always promised, even on an aol dial up connection. guaranteed.
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WTF are people doing thinking the online portion of RDR is offline? Are people this dumb?

I want some of whatever you guys are smoking too!
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And I thought I had an unhealthy amount of hours on GTA V / Online with around 3k over the space of 7 years.

How has this guy done 6k hours on RDR2 Stadia streaming service? This guy not work a job?


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It would be less CO2 than local hardware though. Google's servers are designed to be efficient and run on renewable energy.
Have you ever been in data center?

Google marketing is good but doesn’t change the fact a data center sucks a lot of energy.

Why do you think they build them next to power plants?

Those are not running on lithium batteries and solar. And likely have diesel generators as backup.

Doesn’t matter how efficient it is.

Those things suck power when they aren’t even on.
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Probably like most mmo players just had his game on 24/7 standing still in a town or something. I had insane play time in some mmo's or even they are billions, yet i have it on 24/7 never really play it.
I used to leave Witcher 3 paused days at a time. Steam says I got a 1000 hours or something, but 9/10 of that is paused time, lol.


The fuck is going on with the hypocrisy in this thread? Are you all just being sarcastic?

Mock him for buying and playing on stadia. Dunk on him for begging for features that don't exist.

But why the hell are people insulting him for his playtime and choice of game? On a GAMING DISCUSSION FORUM no less. And I'm not even a fan of RDR2.

Have we finally reached the new age of gaming edginess?

"Yeah man, I game regularly, but not like those nerds who have made it their hobby. I'm an outstanding, upright, and respectable gamer™ who doesn't let any game's playtime reach 10 hours. Don't want anyone to think i enjoy them or something."
It’s the geek hierarchy, man.


Its already bad that someone put 6000h in Red Dead Online by choice, now image doing it on Stadia.

Anyway if its for his online character it might be doable, Rockstar allowed character transfers in GTAV Online.
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