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Red Dead Redemption 2 fan with nearly 6,000 hours on Stadia begs Rockstar for character transfer


A Red Dead Redemption player with almost 6,000 hours logged on Google Stadia is begging Rockstar to allow character transfers after the news of the service's closure.

YouTuber @ItsColourTV(opens in new tab) took to Twitter shortly after the news that Google Stadia is shutting down broke out yesterday. "No, you don't understand how seriously pissed off I am," the tweet read, alongside a screenshot that shows that they've put 5,907 hours into Red Dead Redemption on Google's gaming service.

"For context: these hours are on Google Stadia and today Google announced they'll be shutting down the platform," a follow-up tweet(opens in new tab) reads, "@RockstarGames please let us do a one-time character transfer I am begging you." If you aren't aware, once Google shuts down its Stadia service on January 18, 2023, ItsColourTV's progress will all be erased from existence, meaning they'll need to start a new save file on another platform - with all 5,907 hours (approximately 246 days) going to waste.

It seems that fellow Red Dead Redemption players felt sympathetic towards ItsColourTV, with many replying to the tweet with suggestions as to how to save this player's save. One suggested(opens in new tab) that ItsColourTV use Google Takeout - a data downloading service - to transfer their file to PC, to which they replied: "I don't play story mode."
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Imagine gaming on Stadia for almost 6000 hours.

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Isn't online character progress saved on R* servers? Or it is but it's not cross-platform?
It is but you can't move your save cross platform. Its stupid really. They allowed it for gta:eek: I believe.

And it is shitty because he would have spent premium time farming gold bars, acquiring limited time items, maxing out roles etc. I'd even be OK with them just allowing this one guy to do it. I want to migrate mine from PS to Xbox too. Like I did with Destiny.

Rockstar said they didn't want to migrate hacked PC accounts basically so stopped it. I think they should make an exception, given the game is like 2 and a half years old (stadia specific)
It might not be as easy as just copy pasting the save, but R* could certainly edit the new save with all of his important choices in the game, however then you're running into potenatialy 100's of me too's and that's too much work.


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Eh.. sucks for him. But come on, this is Google. I’m sure he knew the risks going in, and if he didn’t it’s a life lesson for next time. Pretty much everyone knew Stadia would crash and burn from the get go.
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On the one hand it sucks for the guy, but on the other hand, putting any trust in a game streaming service ( especially one by Google) is just asking for disappointment.


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That really sucks for him and hope he gets it sorted out but let thus be a history lesson.

Joking aside, I can't imagine playing this game on cloud, it's pretty clunky feeling on consoles, so extra input delay etc doesn't really sound like the most pleasant experience.

RDR2 already has very laggy controls. I can't even imagina how much worse it got playing it in a streaming service.
According to the Twitter replies, RDR2 online has dedicated servers on Stadia and I’ve only heard great things about Stadia’s online performance being among the best in cloud gaming.

So maybe it wasn’t as bad as it seems to be on the cloud with Stadia. Never used Stadia myself so I can’t say for sure but as much shit as it gets(and rightfully so) this may of been one of its strong points. Can’t imagine otherwise if the guy did 6000 hours on it.
The people begging for cross-save are hilarious.

What an absolutely niche demand. Next, you should be able to buy a game once and play it on all platforms. Hell, why not at the same time so if I buy it and I have a friend we can play at the same time? Let's go further, why should I even have to pay for the game in the first place? Games should just be free.

It's a "nice to have" for sure. There are absolutely times when I've purchased a game on Steam if it wasn't available on PSN and then later becomes available on PSN. I'd rather play on my PS5 and not have to start over, but I made that choice when I started the game on Steam.
Man, what a bunch of dicks in this thread.

Regardless of how many life hours he wasted regardless of how dumb he is for choosing Stadia, the problem needs to be addressed, period.

They shouldn't just do this for RDR2, but for all games.
Not to mention there's people IN THIS THREAD that have spent far more than that amount of time on gaming overall. Shit, I wonder how many are into MMOS and wanna dump on this dude
tough shit. how stupid do you need to be? everyone knew it was only a matter of time before google killed stadia.

don't invest in google products because we all should know by now that that google will not hestitate to abandon that product.

suck it up dude. maybe go outside for a bit.
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