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Recommendations on a souls game to play in anticipation of Elden Ring? (xbox only)





Demons Souls was very good but my problem with that game is most bosses are very one note, once you figure out their fatal flaw, they become a cake walk and not much fun to fight them multiple times.
For me it's less the bosses, but environments. In my opinion the atmosphere in this game is the best of any Souls game.


was thinking it might be fun to play a Souls game in anticipation of Elden Ring so I can get a bit more familiar with the gameplay/challenge of a FromSoftware game

I beat Demon's Souls on PS3 a long, long time ago but haven't touched any of the other games.

currently only have xsx and a switch.

I thinking Dark Souls Remastered or Dark Souls III are probably my best bets? between these two, which would you recommend? open to any suggestions.

I know Sekiro is supposed to be great too but it's my understanding that game is quite different and not really comparable?
Dark Souls 3 Enjoy!


For me as far atmosphere goes I have to go with Bloodborne, it has my favourite locals and enemy designs.
For atmosphere... I choose Demon's Souls,Dark Souls and then Bloodborne.
For best souls game I choose Dark Souls,Demon's Souls and then Bloodborne.


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You should try THE SURGE series.. it has best map design and combat is on par with souls series.

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I would play all three Dark Souls games.

Dark Souls 1 has the best world/level design
Dark Souls 2 has the best build variety
Dark Souls 3 has the best bosses I would say (though that’s a bit more subjective than the other two points I made).

One big thing DaS3 lost from 2 was the Dual wielding system. In DaS2 you could mix and match any weapon of a similar type and use a stance to do special dual wielding attacks. In DaS3 there are weapons you can do special dual wielding attacks with, but they’re only select weapons that come as a set, so there’s less experimentation you can do with it. From what I’ve seen though, Elden Ring will bring back DaS2’s mix and match system. It’ll also bring back double sided blades that previously only appeared in DaS2 as well.

In terms of build variety it seems like it may be a successor to DaS2, so that has me excited.
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