Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Review Thread



brb throwing my switch out the window.
Decent scores. Nice to see PS5 get another Overcooked: All you can eat tier game.

No no, I think decent is fine. It's not a masterpiece score by any means. It's certainly not a bad score either so I think decent covers it.

Decent would be in the low 70s to me. Once you go beyond 80 you start to get into the really good game territory.

But that's just me.
But decent means good. It's a good score. It's not a bad score. It's not an amazing score.

From Merriam Webster:


Your definition is wrong.
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Im sure he hasnt, probably doesnt have a PS5 either. Its funny how these people hang around review threads for systems they dont own, shitting on games theyd never play.
Of course I have. It's a decent system with decent games. Decent but not spectacular.


⁶Year 2021 what a time to be a dev when your most mediocre 5/10 game gets 9/10 reviews. A 9/10 should mean a nearly flawless gem all around, but somehow everyone forgets those 9/10 games within a week tops.

What a total shame, there isn't an ounce of integrity left among reviewers.
You don't review Sony games too highly do you?

On Returnal:
Why would anyone buy this 6/10 low budget 1080p indie game with shooting mechanics for kiddies at launch knowing it will be at $15 tops within a month, when there are hundreds maybe even thousands of better games already released, that they haven't played yet.

And yet amazingly you consider CyberPunk GOTY.
I would love, if they'd drop a bomb like with F4. Show the first trailer and release 5 months later. Don't know why, but have a fuzzy good feeling this might be amazing and compete with Cyberpunk for GOTY.

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I really think this is why insomniac is so productive. Prolonged crunch is UNPRODUCTIVE and leads to game delays, developer burnout etc.

Think about it when was the last time you heard a developer claim we crunched our asses off and released a game on time or christ ahead of schedule.

No it's the opposite the games that are endlessly delayed always have devs crunch. Crunch is at least one of the reasons why the games get delayed due to burnout, illness, unproductive work hours and devs eventually quitting.

Rant over well done insomniac!!


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Disaster averted, the game is not complete utter trash anymore, 1 point makes all the difference...../s
Yes I see it now too! 89 is a decent score! Looking forward to playing it this weekend.


Damn, I was off by one point! An average of 89 with almost 100 critic reviews is very high praise indeed. It puts Rift Apart head and shoulders with the all-time greats of the series like Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal.
Hey guys do you remember when that Demon Souls remake came out and everyone was so hyped, the game was going to be so grand and then about a week later nobody cared about it anymore?

This is another one of thoose games.
The Demon's Souls remake was outstanding. WTF are you talking about?

And are you saying Ratchet and Clank is a fad? You realize it's been a mainstay for decades now? And this looks to be the best one yet, and best looking console game to date.

Oh, new account with 4 posts. I see. You made a burner to troll the latest AAA PS game.
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