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Rapper FBG Duck dead in Chicago shooting


I won't speak in regard to country music and reggaeton. However, in regard to gangster rap music, it's way more than a couple of idiots that make it bad; it's the sub-genre itself. Gangster rap music in and of itself promotes illegal activity; the lyrics of songs belonging to this sub-genre glorify illegal possession and illegal use of firearms, murder, the possession and distribution of illegal drugs, pimping, robbery, gangbanging, etc. I'm seriously perplexed as to why Congress has not created laws that would prohibit it.

Man, I hope you never discover death metal. Some sing about all sorts of wacky things like eating fetuses and promote mass murder.


Man, I hope you never discover death metal. Some sing about all sorts of wacky things like eating fetuses and promote mass murder.

The difference is that death metal isn't taken seriously by those who make it or those who listen to it; it's all fictional, whereas gangster rappers actually rap about the types of activities in which they engage and sometimes rap about actual, specific crimes that they have committed (which is how some rappers have been successfully prosecuted).


I know I should feel bad but I don’t. I only feel bad for the people of Chicago who have to deal with these degenerates. Chicago is hopeless but people still aren’t ready to fix the problem.

That said I added his diss track to my playlist so I appreciate that!




I don't understand why gangster rap music is legal. Even though the First Amendment grants us freedom of speech, there are certain restrictions on that freedom, such as the prohibition against ordering others to commit acts of violence or to otherwise break laws. Gangster rap music doesn't necessarily order people to commit acts of violence or to otherwise break laws, but it promotes that behavior and should therefore be illegal - via the same principle on which laws that prohibit people from ordering others to engage in this behavior.
My god you make just...some of the dumbest posts.

Yes, let's ban an entire genre of music because violence exists. Lord knows violence doesn't exist anywhere but where you rhyme words

Kev Kev

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Sure it does. People have a lot of moral judgements about another’s life that they have not had to live themselves. They rather finger wag than have any real commentary about what happened. It’s just what people do. They’re negative over positive.

This guy for example was a highly motivated and energetic person, but he grew up in an environment where he didn’t yet come to the realization that he needed to escape. Perhaps he wasn’t successful enough to make that leap, like say chief keep, but this stuff happens in a cycle. It happens a lot, where rappers from crazy environments are just starting to taste real success and then they kick the bucket because life hasn’t changed enough yet, so they’re still in mindset of how they grew up. They aren’t victims andThey know that, but it is just a reality.
So we just give him a pass to be a thug?


Judging from while safe from afar is the American way smh.
Yeah, us Americans are able to process information and evaluate multiple outputs based off of that.

I guess that is just one of the things that makes America so much better than the rest of the "non-judgmental" world.
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