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Question for UK Gaffers regarding PS5 stocks.


Hi UK guys, Im in Japan so not aware of the situation in the UK but a family member has asked for advice on where to get a PS5 before Christmas. What's the situation like over there? Which stores will have the best chance, any notification accounts to follow to get a headsup etc. Advice much appreciated.
I've become so numb at the thought of the PS5 being sold out everywhere that I stopped even bothering about buying a PS5 completely.

It's not that I dont even want one, but the mantra of "Its sold out everywhere" is just so ingrained that any will to find one has surely dissipated until halfway next year.


I signed up to a discord notification service through a website called StockInformer and it pings my phone every day with new stock updates. It's fairly easy to get a console this way. You won't find one at RRP unless you use a notification service of this type. It definitely won't get easier before end of year, so using a service like this is vital.

I'd say you need to click that link from the notification and click to add to basket within 20 seconds to have a chance.

It's annoying, but it works. Zero chance otherwise.


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Ps5 has been will stocked over past few months with lots of regular drops.

In the run-up to Christmas I expect that to change though. Probably starting now.......


PS5 is fairly easy to obtain in the UK, if you're following an account like dealsfoundry with the bell on twitter.

Now getting my hands on the halo series x, has been impossible on the other hand, had it in my basket, went to check out and it was swiped away from me :(


Game typically tweets out before hand but i would also follow

And the eurogamer deal account (trying to find the handle).

Amazon also locks ps5's behind Prime so that might be a good shout (add the ps5 to wishlist, then move it to the basket from there and then checkout)

It's quite easy to get a ps5 on the UK, just follow the following twitter account and turn on alerts and as soon as they say they're available at a retailer you click the link they usually provide and you buy one.

Between these you should get one if you’re quick enough, but be prepared to get a bundle with a camera or some other junk you don’t want. I got one for myself and one for a friend using IGN Deals, so it’s definitely worth a shot.


Got mine from Very.com

Stock is scarce but keep on track with the blogs and Twitter accounts for stock drops and you'll get one.
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As others have said, it's easy if they actually try. If they're expecting to walk into Argos and buy one it won't happen.

Might be harder this close to Christmas, though.


Join the @PS5StockAlertUK , the console stocks every week here in the UK, since Im the only one working from home I've gotten over 10 PS5's for my friends through that account in the last few months and got myself another one for my office last night because of the alerts.

If you join their discord they give you notifications straight away and are the fastest, including predictions of when an item might restock so you can be on your toes.


I just wish Sony would hurry up and put PS5 hardware into the PS Now system. Then I suspect I won't even need to worry about buying a PS5 at all.


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I managed to get one following uk PS5 stock alert accounts on twitter and turning alerts on.

Everytime I got an alert I would try to get one, took me about a week.
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