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Quantic Dream Star Wars Title Has Been In The Works for 18 Months


High republic?
Oh boy, I hope we get to play as the best Star Wars character then:



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According to Grubb, this new title is called Star Wars Eclipse and is “ready to be announced soon.”
He said “before the end of the year,” and the logical deduction from that is the Game Awards 2021.

Eh… Heavy Rain was alright for the time.

Detroit was ok.

I dont think I would be interested in this work. Maybe a Heavy Rain remake by another studio.


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A prominent industry insider reveals some new details about Quantic Dream's upcoming Star Wars game, which is reportedly called Star Wars Eclipse. Now, new details about this game have potentially come to light thanks to Jeff Grubb, who is known for having accurate insider information.

Furthermore, while Grubb wasn’t certain of all the details, he believes that Star Wars Eclipse is set during the High Republic Era. Fans of the franchise know that the High Republic was introduced early this year with new comics, books, and characters, and that the High Republic itself was a time of peace 200 years before the prequel trilogy thanks to the strong presence of Jedi throughout the galaxy.


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*Han Solo walks into banquet room in Bespin*

*Darth Vader stands*
[] Fire blaster
^ Sit with him
O Hit Lando
X Jump out window

*Press O*

*Vader force pulls Han before his fist connects*



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Alright, just going to pop in for a second here.

Conceptually, I like the High Republic. Probably because I loved the prequels and the aesthetic of them.

Unfortunately, I feel it was very poorly executed.

That said, I am interested in a High Republic game if they can pull it off.


Weird choice but Ill play it.
Disney should give the a jedi star wars game to Rocksteady or Sucker Punch.
Im guessing Rocksteady is owned by Warner Bros and cant do that lol
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