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PubG Receives Next Gen Optimization Patch for PS5 - Series S|X


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Only managed half a game last night before I went to bed. 30 people left in the game, and I just grabbed level 3 gear from a care package and my internet decided to die on me haha

Looking forward to giving it a good run over the weekend. The game felt really smooth on Series X.


You have to wonder why at least XSX and PS5 dont have a 1080p/120fps mode. Earlier today i literally just watched a vid of a gtx970 running the game at 80-120fps at 1080p High settings.


Overall, this is a welcome upgrade, for those on 1440p/4K monitors. That said, it doesn't hold 60fps 100% of the time on the XSX at least, with some occasional drops and when smoke grenades are deployed it's a slideshow, - around 15fps I'd guess.

Still, overall this is better than 30fps it used to be, but hopefully we see some further patch tweaks.


I tried out the new TAA feature on my One X.
Definitely not good for the 4K/30 mode. Ghosts that persist for several frames and there seems to be more stuttering.
It works fine in 1080p/60 mode, though.

Any PS4 Pro users want to share their experience?
The gunplay is unmatched. There are plenty of different types of gamers, PUBG is for those who like fair competitive multiplayer shooters. It's not an easy game to be good at which is why people get discouraged, bash it, quit, and move on to instant gratification games.

Anyways, this is great news but I'm scared of the residual effects. The people who port this to console are not very efficient at their jobs.
insurgency sandstorm has the best gunplay on any shooter.

Fools idol

Still my personal favourite of the modern battle royale games. I couldn't really tell you why, it's clunky as shit.

just a shame no one plays it anymore, the online servers are 80% bots
Gave this a crack yesterday. The patch is certainly welcome as 1080p on Series X with no antialiasing looked like dog shit.

Now with 4K TAA, it looks pretty great!
It looks pretty clean. Would prefer an unlocked frame rate, and maybe explicit resolution options. But if you compare what you get on Series X right now w/ what you got on launch w/ Xbox One... it's night and day.
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