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PSN Sale (NA) - Totally Digital/Square Enix/R*

I just want Automata for less than $40. It can't still be selling well.

Got it a few months ago on PSN for like $36 bucks during a Japan Sale they had.

And it's still selling fine. Obviously had a drop off but most of the games on the SE sale released last year.


First time Deus Ex DLC is on sale since release. SE finally got tired of offering the deluxe edition for super cheap late-comers and telling early purchasers to eat shit and buy a season pass more expensive than the game + season pass package.
Bought Mankind Divided for $60. I went to Wal-Mart and they had it in a clearance box for 9.99. I went to Target the other day, and it was on clearance for 5 dollars.

I'd feel better if it was getting a sequel...
The only that caught my eye is Mankind Divided, but the game is 5£ new on a few UK stores for PS4, so I'll probably go physical.

I would definitely recommend Murdered Soul Suspect, if you know what you're getting into. It's really cool for a single playthrough.


Tomb Raider on PSN was $60 a few weeks ago when I was checking it out, so this is definitely a big discount for the game. (At least for PSN)

It's been on sales several times with this 30$ price point, I would say that they've been lowering the price for 30$ every once in a while for months now.

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Metal Slug Anthology for $6. How bad can the input lag and emulation issues be??

is power rangers worth renting?

GAF was really positive on it when it hit theaters. Many were surprised which has made me curious to rent as well(haven't yet).

Is Shantae Risky's Revenge as good as Pirate's Curse? I fucking loved Pirates Curse.

Risky's Revenge is not nearly as good as the two follow up sequels. It's alright, but occasionally frustrating with a baffling map that can confuse progression. I ultimately enjoyed it, but there were times I was close to putting it down for good while playing.


No longer boycotting the Wolfenstein franchise
I never got around to A Criminal Past, so I guess that Deus Ex season pass is pretty good even if I already have all the other stuff.
I bought the season pass for 15 last night, and spoke to their support about refunding it so I could buy the bundle (want it digitally) They said they will do it, but the season pass is still active on my account?

Can I just buy the regular game for 25 bucks now and save the 12, or will they eventually revoke and I need to get the bundle anyway?
Week 4 looks almost the same as week 3 sales. If it is indeed the week 4 sale, that sucks. There's been some amazing deals the last few weeks, was looking forward to a few more. I do see Rez Infinite is on there now, grabbed that for my VR.

Is Overcooked as fun as everyone says it is?
It is. One set of sales lasted two weeks. So, the first two weeks were the same and now the last two weeks are the same.


GTA5 prices are so ridiculous, not that I'm blaming Rockstar, obviously it sells like crack so this is as low as they would go.


Is there a good third party tool for setting PSN price alerts? I really want Not A Hero, because I totally missed when it was the free Plus game, but I don't want to pay more than $6-$7 for it. Is there some sort of website that will send me an alert when it goes on sale? I know there is for the Xbox store, so I'm wondering if someone's rigged up something similar for PSN.


I'm looking for some feedback here.
- Ys Origin: I've seen a lot this series discussed on GAF, but what make it stand out?
- Shantae half-genie hero I'm tempted. Is it good?
I'm looking for some feedback here.
- Ys Origin: I've seen a lot this series discussed on GAF, but what make it stand out?

I'm fairly new to the series but essentially they are action RPGs with pretty cool boss fights and exploration.

I picked up Origins on PS4 and though it's old I had a blast with it, combat is fun and the music and characters are both excellent. It has multiple characters with different play styles you can go through the game with. It can be pretty challenging if you like games that way, especially on the higher difficulties.
Definitely going to pick up the Deus Ex Season Pass. I really enjoyed that game and that seems like a good price for all the DLC.
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