PSN Plus SEPTEMBER Leaks - Overcooked! All You Can Eat, Hitman 2, Predator Hunting Grounds


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Hello everyone,

Being on vacation, I couldn't help but reveal to you, exclusively on Dealabs , the next games offered with the PlayStation Plus subscription for the month of September ( from September 07 to October 05, 2021 ) .

Contrary to what we have seen in some leaks, such as Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 or even Jett, the real games offered are as follows:

Overcooked! All You Can Eat (

PS5 ) Overcooked !, Overcooked! 2 and all of their add-on content are brought together and remastered in this delicious definitive edition!

Hitman 2 (PS4)

Hunt down your targets across the globe and experience extraordinary environments in HITMAN ™ 2. Whether it's sunny streets or dark and dangerous rainforests, no place is safe from the rain. deadliest assassin ever: Agent 47.
Prepare to experience the ultimate spy thriller: your mission is to eliminate the elusive "Shadow Client" and dismantle his militia, but everything changes when Agent 47 learns the identity of his target and the truth about his past.
HITMAN ™ 2 introduces new ways to play, new modes and features, including the new Sniper Assassin, the franchise's first co-op mode.

Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4)

Hunt down your prey or escape your pursuers in this asymmetric multiplayer shooter. As a member of the commando, you must complete missions before you get caught by the Predator. And if you want to play as the Predator, you have to hunt down and eliminate the commando.
• Play as the Predator: Hunt down opposing commandos using a sophisticated alien arsenal.
• Join the chopper: Complete tricky missions as a four-person squad while escaping the Predator.
• Discover a human and alien arsenal: the commando can use the best ground weapons while the Predator can resort to more technologically advanced options such as the shoulder plasma cannon or the CombiStick.

Sent directly to the moderation of Dealabs and verified by them.

Why am I posting deals in advance?
To help you plan your purchases (if you have one), so as not to jump on a fake promo for example, or delay your purchases if you plan to make one today. The goal is quite simply to save as much as possible.

Enjoy it
No ps5 game?

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It's a good selection. I already own Overcooked on PS5, a rare local multiplayer game and it is really fun with friends and family.


I haven't unlocked the games from this month yet either. I will not, if I am constantly reminded by the Playstation. If the leaks are true, then September won't be for me either. I think there is no other way to show them that the selection is garbage and you are dissatisfied. IMO better than bitching online but then redeeming the games after all.
Also, didn't we have Overcooked some years ago?


The beta was pretty dull but it also ran like dogshit so it should benefit from being on the PS5.

I'm a big fan of Predator.... I'd play just to get all the customization stuff.

They shoulda really made a Destiny type game where you hunt different species on each planet and have clans and stuff.

Eventually have raids.... like trying to get through an alien hive and kill the queen or something. Coulda had the Engineers too etc.


I’ve been thinking about buying Predator Hunting Grounds, so that’d be great. My SO is obsessed with Overcooked so she’ll be happy as well, but I’m not very fond of the game because it reminds me too much of my previous workplaces.

Edit: Oh no, I just realized its the PS5 version of Overcooked. Wait. Is this a way to sneakily make us to buy a second Dualsense?
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Overcooked is fun if you've got some friends over I guess, but that almost never happens for me anymore. So meh.


It's a shame that FIST isn't coming to PS+ as a PS5 game after all. I have zero interest in the co-op games from this lineup and I already own Hitman 2.


if the rumors are true, i think i still have another hitman game given as a month sub-game, from ages back.

i have got a month till diablo res is out, only have time to play one of the games

What would people recommend, 1 or 2


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If you have Hitman2 can download the free version of Hitman 3 and import the Hitman2 levels
Not sure if this works with the PS+ license, but I guess it will

That didn't work with the free Hitman 1 they gave out with PS+. You had to buy the Legacy pack add-on to unlock those levels.
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Not bad if true, gonna check Predator but keep in mind we get false leaks on PS+ lineup almost every month. We'll see.


Pretty solid offering if true, massive improvement from this month. No interest in Predator but Overcooked 1+2 and Hitman 2 is really good
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