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[PSA] From January 1st 2022, Sony Reward points can only be earned when using Sony or PlayStation credit cards (existing points will remain)


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Source: https://gamerant.com/sony-rewards-playstation-store-changes/amp/

While there are certainly sales over the course of the year, being a gamer isn't necessarily an inexpensive hobby. For that reason, many gamers flock to opportunities to earn a little bit back when they purchase games and consoles, but unfortunately, one such opportunity appears to be coming to an end for most users.

For those not in the know, Sony and the PlayStation Store have offered a reward system for some time now. Sony Rewards, when tied to a PlayStation Store account, gives buyers points for each purchase made through the store that can then be used towards game discounts and purchases. However, some new requirements are being put in place in order to earn points.

Currently, all users are able to earn one point per dollar spent on the PlayStation Store, and users can earn more if they make their purchase through a Sony or PlayStation credit card. This will all end at the end of the month, however, and from that point forward, only Sony or PlayStation credit card holders will be able to earn points.

For those who still have points earned through the store, according to Sony's official terms, those points should remain active for a while, depending on the user's actions. Points are set to expire five years after they were acquired, but inactivity on the Sony rewards platform will cause them to expire in 18 months. Those who currently have points and either don't have or won't sign up for a credit card through Sony will want to use them in the near future.



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