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Opinion [PS5] Samsung 980 Pro... barely faster than 5,500mb/sec?


Jun 10, 2013
Derby, England
The first step is to stop believing the PS5 actually requires an SSD that reads at 5+ GB/s when PC games have had equivalent load times for years even on SATA III based SSDs.
I have a PC with OC'd Ryzen 5950x, 32gb of ram and all my games run from a gen 3 970 evo (faster than the 970 pro which was released earlier) so very much in date for your statement of "for years" to be relevant and a PS5 and can categorically state this is bullshit.

PCs have not loaded games anywhere near as fast as PS5 does "for years" unless you are referring to minesweeper or classic solitaire.


Nov 30, 2012
A crappy SSD Is a revelation over a hard disk.

The Best SSD of all time is an okay bump over a crappy SSD.
HDD = A fat, frail person who can barely walk to the next block without losing his breath.

Crappy SSD = A silver medalist athlete.

Best SSD = A gold medalist athlete.