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PS5 for Steam? Plus PS4 vs Ps5 Feeling


Jun 13, 2016
hey guys, i recently had probs getting an ORIGINAL ps4 controller and getting of 2nd hand market a fake ps4 controller i had the idea getting a ps5 controller which i got, and suddenly a local store had also a new ps4 controller....
i got already ps4 controllerfor my ps4 so i just wanted another one for pc.
so far ok, but well somehow im not used to the ps5 controller yet, it fits a lil bit smaller on the hands? and also heavier? also the sticks are a little bit easier to ove it seems than the ps4 controller. i dunno yet if i really prefer the ps5 controller to the ps4...
what are your experiences?
and how is the compatibility of the ps5 controller for steam? i just testetd it shortly and i got no vibration.

do you think the ps5 controller might be better for steam in future? and do you think the dual sense might be added to steam too?

sorry for the too many questions! thx