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PS5 Exec Doesn't Want To See Gaming's Future Dominated By Live-Service Games: "Boring"


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
the most realistic option we have here is single player games + live service games.

There is no way any corporation can sustain for long just buy selling single player games.

They have to get funding from elsewhere.
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hemo memo

Shuhei absolutely gets it. He always appeared as someone who genuinely love gaming and not just pure business.
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Poor Shu....they are probably going to promote him to some corner office for saying this stuff once all sonys gaas games get announced this year and next.

And he's right.
Agreed! Absolutely zero interest in Live service games. As soon as I see a newly announced game is a live service game, I immediately move on and stop caring about it


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If Sony cared about what he had to say they probably wouldn't have demoted him and shipped him off to Siberia with the indies in the first place.


There's a limit to how many live service games can be successful, because most gamers can only play one. Two if they are a maniac. And now we see that publishers are willing to drop games if they aren't Destiny (does anyone really think MultiVersus will come back?). Realistically if Sony can find success with 2 out of those 12 it will be a massive victory. That's how crazy this GAAS market is.

Never gonna happen, he got demoted/Gunpei'd.
I'm curious to know what will happen to indie games , there are many and most of us aren't interested in these types of games.
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