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PS5 Controllers Are Drifting, And The Repairs Are A Hassle

Sep 22, 2020
It's like a super low stakes version of the Fight Club scene with the car. As long as returns are under a certain amount the risk of drift is ok with all of the gaming companies if it saves a few $ on production costs.



Aug 14, 2020
I can confirm all the ds4 I had, have had the drift issue first or later; I solved it buy one separately to the console. Frankly I'm quite annoyed of this stuff, it seems the controller bundled with the console have a cheaper built of the version sold separately. Hoped with Dual Sense this thing was definitely dead. God I hope when ps5 is available to not have such issue again because I could lose my mind.
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Jan 6, 2020
As is the case with all controllers. It's just a byproduct of mass production. There are probably 15M+ Dual Sense's out there. Even if just 1% are defective, which is actually a great rate, that's still leaves 150K people who can complain online, amplifying the issue. Really 5% is an acceptable fail rate, which would be 750K people.

Same thing has happened to MS and Nintendo, and both have been sued for it, too.
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