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PS5 and PS4's Lead Engineer Masayasu Ito is Retiring from Sony


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Sony hardware architect Masayasu Ito, who led the engineering work on both PS4 and PS5, is retiring at the end of September.

The 60-year-old engineer is currently the vice-president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, but according to Bloomberg, will step down from his position on October 1.

Ito first joined Sony in 1986, transferring to its console division in 2000. During his time at the company, he led the engineering of the PS3, PS4, and PS5, as well as the PS4 Pro.

Although not as famous as Sony hardware designer Mark Cerny, Ito was nevertheless instrumental to PlayStation’s success – a key engineer when it comes to the hardware and system software of the PS3, PS4, and PSP. Now, he will be leaving Sony behind, exiting as representative director as well as SIE vice president.

Ito began engineering consoles in the early ‘00s – largely working on PlayStation 1 and 2 peripherals including LCD Monitors for the PSOne. He then led the development of Sony's popular handheld, the PSP. He was also heavily involved in the creation of Sony’s first dabble in VR, the original PSVR, as well as the PS5.

Ito’s exit marks the end of a 36-year-long career with Sony – originally working on audio equipment. Current director and deputy president Lin Tao will replace Ito when he steps down on October 1. Additionally, Kiichiro Urata will take over as representative director in his absence. However, it’s also assumed that Cerny will remain as lead designer for Sony’s next generation of consoles.

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