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PS Now version of GTA 3: The Definitive Edition is stream only, no option to download


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lol first the penny pinching with the $10 next gen upgrades then a bastardized version of Godfall and now this. Just pay up. They are making more money than ever.
I’m sure that adding a streaming option to a game that has a lot of issues won’t cause any additional issues at all!


Go Go Neo Rangers!
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Has to be a temp thing!? HAS TO BE!?

I am guessing the DL option/version will hit sooner than later. It just rolled out today yes?
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.....And the award to the most strangest publisher of the year goes to...............(drum roll..) Rockstar! For GTA Definitive Edition! Just what were they smoking?


Lmao they probably did this so you don’t get the ps5 version. They aren’t budging on adding ps5 games to ps now. I’m very disappointed .


i was going to subscribe for this (and ps3 games)... now.... ehhh

You can’t download PS3 games either, tho.

To all PSNow subscribers:
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Don’t forget to play GTA 3 before end of January when it gets removed from the service :messenger_tears_of_joy:

The trilogy is trash. Whoever’s subs for this saves money and they’ll probably quit playing within hours, anyway.

With that said, January is more than enough time.
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