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Private Division signs Christian Whitehead for new game (and also 3 other indies)



Small news of relevancy to come in the distant future (no game on this list will ship before Take-2's Fiscal Year 2024, which ends... in a long time from now, if I were to look it up.)

However, for those who loves Sonic Mania CDr/Plus and were not happy with what turned out after that game or were hoping to hear about something new from "The Taxman", publisher Private Division has picked up his new company Evening Star's first game. This game won't follow in the 2D footsteps of Sonic Mania, though; the project is a "a fully original 3D action platformer game powered by our Star Engine!" (Star Engine is described as "the high definition companion to the Retro Engine," and it seems like the team is going in the direction of early platformers or 3D games after having made 2D with the Retro Engine used in Sonic CD and Sonic Mania Plus.)

The other three developers who also signed with Private Division are Die Gute Fabrik (makers of Mutazione, Sportsfriends, and Johann Sebastian Joust), Piccolo Studio (makers of Arise: A Simple Story), and Yellow Brick Games (a new studio formed by Dragon Age & Assassin's Creed developers, who are making a "New Fantasy Action RPG").
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Example of tech work of the Star Engine, which may or may not relate to this project:

Artwork for the Yellow Brick Games project:
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