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Pred: Xbox Series X sales are being cut in East Europe & Asia. Strong possibility Series X will be discounted like Xbox Series S WW. (Links included)

Originally, before I made the thread about Xbox Series S prices being cut in Europe, it was cut from $299 to $269-$250 USD conversion in Eastern European retailers first. it then spread to the rest of Europe, and by the time I made that thread it was cut in the US to $289, and still is as of right now even from Microsofts own website.

Now the same pattern near the holiday season is happening again. Eastern European countries are suddenly cutting the Xbox Series X prices by equal to $20-$80.

https://www.dns-shop.ru/product/01a...konsol-microsoft-xbox-series-x--igra-fifa-22/ Was 69,999 now it's 64,999 and may be permanent because there's no crossout of the older price displayed. It also comes with Fifa 22 for free in Russia. The difference in USD is $82.

https://www.pgs.sk/xbox-series-x-p-405292.html price cut from 599 to 569 in South Korea for the console new. Difference in USD is $30.

https://www.electroworld.cz/xbox-series-x-herni-konzola Was 13,999 now is 13,499 and there's no crossout so it may be permanent in Czech. Difference in USD is $20.

https://www-gamers-ro.translate.goo...tr_sl=ro&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc Romania went from 2,899 Leis to 2,789 Leis. $25 USD difference.

More proof the spread is likely to happen is the Chinese Microsoft store has recently a few days ago cut the price of Xbox Series possibly permanently from 3,999 Yuan to 3,899 Yuan, and the crossout price was there at first but now has been removed as you can see, showing that it is likely permanent. https://www-microsoftstore-com-cn.t...sl=zh-CN&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc The different in USD is roughly $20 in savings on Microsoft's official Chinese website.

It's not just China too, but South Korea saw a price cut, https://www.expansys.co.kr/xbox-series-x-console-1tb-black-328817/ crossout price was removed too (very interesting) Going from ₩999,999 to ₩937,365 USD difference $45 in savings.

All these discounts are between $20-$50+ in savings just like with the Series S during July through August and Gamescom. The discounts are likely to spread the same way, and while before I wrongfully believed that Microsoft would formally announce the price cuts, they didn't, the price cuts did still happen and as of now still are happening for Series S, and are now starting with Series X.

it may be possible by the holidays Microsoft then may announce a permanent price cut at these prices, or maybe they'll wait until after the holidays like they did with the Xbox One price cuts during this same time launch aligned.

I predict that within the next month or just in time for the November holiday season, you will be able to get the Xbox Series X for $20-$50 cheaper or more across most countries it's sold just like the Series S now.

In this case, it would be a subtle jab at Sony, who raised their prices between $20-$50 and possibly more based on currency exchange, worldwide a couple weeks ago. A $550 PS5 next to a $450 or $480 Xbox Series X brings to question value proposition, especially since the power difference is in Xbox Series X's favor, and the size. At he same time, if people still think that's too much to spend, there's the discounted Series S, which has already reduced in price by $20-$50 and was already $200 less.

Now, so far, these indications have been accurate, the only mistake was assuming Microsoft would formally announce the price cut early for Series S in the last thread, but the price cut did happen and did spread for Series S. So I expect the same for the X. Now IF they do announce the price cuts, which will likely be permanent based on some of these links, it will likely be at or after the holiday rush, I am leaning toward after, feel free to give your thoughts.

Unlike the Series S, the crossout prices are not there or are being removed, not a single Series S retailer that cut the price removed the crossouts. This is making me believe that Microsoft is more likely to make the X prices permanent, and it may spread and apply to Series S as well, for why permanently reduce the price of one and not the other?

In the meantime, the next step is to see if the price drops spread across more European countries, if so than it will be an exact repeat of what happened with the Series S. The X will be discounted across more Euro and Asian countries, possibly even Mexico, and then we will see discounts in the US.
In Europe it should come with some sort of coupon for gas, then I'd buy one.
Xbox consoles are targeted at consumers who can afford to fill up their gas tanks. Sorry.

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So no, nothing has been discounted in CZ. The price stays the same. The extra CZK is for shipping.


If this turns out to be true, a price reduction that coincides with a competitors price increase is a great marketing tool. Even if in the end it's not much of a cut, it still may grab the attention of individuals who were irritated (for the lack of a better word) with the PS5 price adjustment. Obviously this also may attract price conscience buyers during the holiday shopping season.


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EDIT: LOL, sorry OP. My dyslexia made me read "strong possibility series x and s will be discontinued".

To the point, i dont know, maybe Series X is cheaper to make than PS5? Or MS got better deals with providers? No idea tbh.
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Why cut the price if selling so well and there is a big shortage, something is not adding up, I’m not gonna speculate as it’s gonna upset some Xbox fans here,
You mean why follow in the footsteps of every single console manufacturer in history and cut the price after a couple of years once parts become cheaper? Wow, those consumer friendly bastards. They should increase the price to keep people happy.
I wouldn't expect any official price cuts for the X. We're gonna see some good deals around black friday from both PS5 and XSX tho.


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No need for a price cut yet, just focus on the getting those 2023 games out the door next year


Why cut the price if selling so well and there is a big shortage, something is not adding up, I’m not gonna speculate as it’s gonna upset some Xbox fans here,
"Sony raising the price of the console is a good and logical thing. It's a necessary luxury product. Pro consumer move."

"Microsoft is reducing the price they suck lol they are so anti consumer."
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I payed only 2299 SAR (1999 SAR without tax) for my PS5, where did you get these prices?

Please stop giving false information.

This is the pre order price for launch PS5 units, it's been nearly 2 years since PS5 was sold at that price ..

Not sure who is spreading misinformation here
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The Xbox Series S has a MRSP of R$2.649,00 in Brazil (~U$504,75), but is aways being sold on every retailer for like R$2.100,00 (~U$400,14).

The Xbox Series X is never sold below it's MRSP.

Anedoctal, but those are the rankings on Amazon Brazil, right now.

#04 - Xbox Series X.
#08 - Xbox Series S.
#12 - Nintendo Switch Neon.
#16 - Playstation 5 + Horizon Bundle.
#59 - Xbox Series S.
#66 - Playstation 5 + Horizon Bundle Digital.
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"Forced Bundles"

And? Retailers are forcing bundles everywhere. Why are you equating this to the price of the PS5? That's simply false.

This is the same as suggesting the price of Xbox Series X is $639 because Sam's Club in the US is selling this "forced" bundle:
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Why cut the price if selling so well and there is a big shortage, something is not adding up, I’m not gonna speculate as it’s gonna upset some Xbox fans here,
Or they saw that playstation got greedy and they found an opportunity to pierce some new markets or raise their market share. But Xbox is struggling to sell is better narrative for some of you..


Were i live in Dominican Republic the X cost US$200 less than the ps5. The Xbox Series always have been available here both the S and X. The X always have been cheaper even at launch.

Right now the PS5 disc cost is around $800. The digital is $50 here the digital is not worth it.
The series S cost is around $360 and the X is around $600. Those prices are from the stores. Not from scalpers.
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"It's one of the most fundamental decisions that every business must make: What price should I charge? The right answer to that question is a company should charge “what the market will bear” — in other words, the highest price that customers will pay"


i think they can bring the series S to 200 dollars in upcoming years. X should go down to at least $400 dollars so they can bring PRO machine for 550-600 dollars. This way they can compete in 3 different price zone.
S = 4TF
X = 12TF
X PRO = 16-20TF range
i think they can bring the series S to 200 dollars in upcoming years. X should go down to at least $400 dollars so they can bring PRO machine for 550-600 dollars. This way they can compete in 3 different price zone.
S = 4TF
X = 12TF
X PRO = 16-20TF range

Not happening.
But at some point the Series X will become the new Series S and a more powerful Model will be released.
Probably in 2025 or 2026


I don't think they will cut the price so soon to avoid the "desperate" or "bomba" misconception, especially so early in the generation and the so-called "shortages".

They will throw in a free game or 2 and a free game pass subscription instead of a price cut.
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