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PonPonLand and the sad end of the 3DO M2 dream


So when M2 was cancelled as a home console, Panasonic did that they could to recoup their investment and sold the hardware as a “interactive multimedia kiosk” ala the CDI. 100 million for the hardware was paid so they had to do something with their investment

GM dealerships for kiosks to show info and videos on new cars, a program called VizHouse was released so you could design buildings in 3D, and the hardware was jammed in ATM and Automatic coffee makers in Japan.

And the biggest “genre” for M2 became “elder care edutainment brain training software” Lolol. Think “Brain Age” except with anime raccoons and kite racing.

Anyone else known of another “console” getting something this weird for it. Funny thing is this is just the first game in a PonPonLand series. Only one on M2 but the company that made it went on to make more. Clearly it was a hit lol



If you want to see raccoons racing kites lolol

why did I spend years looking for this?

(really not intending this as self promotion but if it’s an issue I’ll just replace it with “go watch it on YT....really posting this to get a good laugh 😂)
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