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Polygon's Top 50 Games of 2021


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1. Inscryption
2. Chicory
3. Halo Infinite
4. Metroid Dread
5. RE Village
6. Hitman 3
7. Death's Door
8. Wildermyth
9. Psychonauts 2
10. Unsighted
11. Outer Wilds: Echo
12. Forza Horizon 5
13. Unpacking
14. Monster Hunter Rise
15. Tales of Arise
16. Ruined King
17: Overboard
18. Guardians of Galaxy
19. Deathloop
20. Ratchet & Clank
21. Chivalry 2
22. Valheim
23. Age of Empires 4
24. Shin Megami Tensei 5
25. Pokemon Unite
26. Animal Crossing: New Horizon 2
27. Forgotten City
28. Sable
29. Loop Hero
30. Guilty Gear Strive
31. Super Mario 3D
32. Genshin Impact 2
33. Returnal
34. Toem
35. Moonglow Bay
36. Nier Replicant
37. Ace Attorney Chronicles
38. Eastward
39. ME Legendary
40. Dorfromantik
41. Boyfriend Dungeon
42. Persona 5 Strikers
43. No More Heroes 3
44. Artful Escape
45. Cookie Run
46. Tender Creature Comfort
47. Back 4 Blood
48. Mundaun
49. FF7 Remake Intergrade
50. Immortals Fenix Rising

Punished Miku

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There's some severe trash takes in the list, but it's actually not a complete embarrassment.

I guess I'll keep an eye out for Inscryption if it ever hits consoles. Kind of unsure why people are hyping up Loop Hero either, so I guess I'll put it on the radar.


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Polygon? I'm Surprised that it is not just a list with "get in the car, loser!" Repeated 50 times...


Inscryption as number 1? I am pleasantly surprised. The game blew me away after the demo. Rest of the list is kinda whatever.

Side note: I have not played SMT5 but is Tales of Arise really better than it? Always kinda viewed SMT/Persona titles as the cream of the crop for modern jrpgs.


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Notice how Hitman 3 which is essentially a better Deathloop, is higher up a list once journalists stop pretending to gush about a games "themes".

Honestly the game was robbed, its one of the most fun sandboxes ever built, but oh no its too formulaic to be a critical darling like Deathloop with its inferior level design, targets and NPC AI and reactions.
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