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PlayStation: Ultimate list of popular, gaming-related terms


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Source: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/e...station/playstation-ultimate-gaming-glossary/

Few highlights

  • Aggro - Refers to attention from in-game enemies, often relating to the distance at which an enemy will notice the player character and engage in combat, or - in a multiplayer setting - the player being targeted by an enemy. See also: 'Tanking'
  • Bullet sponge - A somewhat derogatory term that refers to an enemy with a very high pool of health which can absorb large amounts of damage.
  • Camping - Holding to or hiding at a certain strategic location (typically in a multiplayer setting) within a map. Depending on the game setting or game style this may include specifics, such as 'spawn camping' or 'bush camping'.
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T-pose - A type of bug in which a humanoid character appears in-game completely static with both feet locked together and both arms extended perpendicular to the body, forming the shape of the capital letter 'T'.

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