PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita Will Continue Operations

Mikey Jr.

I see a lot of people bringing up PS5 BC

I would actually be a little pissed if they were to develop some type of PS1/PS2/PS3 emulation for PS5. I bought the Digital Edition under the presumption it wouldn’t be there.

You would be pissed if they made a PS1-PS3 emulator......

What the actual fuck?
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Seems Jimbo noticed people are upset with him after all. Nice move on taking it back.

I admit that I do not use my PS3 too often but I'd still like it to work properly when I boot it every once in a while. Wouldn't even have been too upset with not being able to buy new games in the PS3 store but that shit about patches not working rustled my jimmies. Glad that is off the table now.... for a little while at least. Pretty sure this closure will be coming sooner or later.

Mikey Jr.


Pretty much.

Like, I get it. There is a ton of good shit on there.

But at the same time, the thought of hooking my PS3 back up and using that console sends shivers down my spine.

Having said that, if they made an emulator for ps1 and 2, I would be buying and playing Grandia 3 right now.
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The Shepard

Cant you use the PS4 controller on the PS3 AFAIK I read someting like that in the past

great move from Sony, really happy that they took back the decision

Not all games work but you can use both the dualshock 4 and dualsense on ps3, wirelessly aswell. Only downside no rumble and the ps button doesn't work (you can just use a dualshock 3 as player 2 for the ps button)


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Gotta love the replies from people who dismiss this as dumb and claim that nobody uses the services. Meanwhile, my PS3 is still hooked up and I've consistently bought from the store every year. Last year I grabbed the Drakengard 3 DLC. Recently, I nabbed some PS1 games (Alundra, Parasite Eve 1 + 2, Legend or Dragoon, etc), Carnage Heart EXA (PSP game never released physically in US) and Cho Aniki Zero (also no physical in US).

Don't bitch about something that doesn't have any effect on you. Celebrate that those of us that do use these stores will continue to be able to do so.


Good news. I see this more as a delay, but a delay is great for all those gamers who wish to purchase more of the games, your time has been extended.

How many of those same "retrogaming" Youtubers will now release an update and "more games to get" regardless? They need them views and Patreon dollars. 🤡
lol now sony is doing the huge backtrack
Sony is allowed some 180s too!

I'm happy with language in the announcement, it seems like Sony has noticed that they have an important legacy in gaming.

Hopefully they are working on a way to put it forward, like it should, the PS5 could emulate all of their previous generation hardware, the PS4 can handle PS1/2, it could probably handle PSP games as well. I assume that we will know in a year or two.


A step in the right direction! Now announce Days Gone 2.

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I never get when people make these comments the service and games are limited to one old platform.
They seem to think they have a point when because only a few people use them.
Perhaps if the games/service were available on newer platforms it would be different, or not

I still fire up the Motostorm series on a monthly basis as there really isn't an alternative to it.

Also, there are also the old style arcade sports types games that are no longer made at all.

Give me modern day alternatives or BC and I will kick the PS3 to the curve, but until then, it stays connected in my entertainment center.
I don’t know about that really. I don’t think it’s representative and they already know how much people buy when they aren’t panic buying.

Hell I could see them making more money in the two months then they would in over a year having the store open.

Its just a PR move. The PS3 store is like off road driving for those people who buy Landrover: nobody actually uses it but it needs to be there for psychological reasons.


You would be pissed if they made a PS1-PS3 emulator......

What the actual fuck?
Nah not really. It would be great for the community as a whole, but I would have to go through the effort to get a Standard Edition which i suspect would be a little problematic at this point


Great news! There are still a few games to get in the store, hopefully they won't pull them out before I buy them.


The only reason Sony reversed their decision was because every one went into a PS3/Vita game buying frenzy and Sony realized they were going to lose a free revenue stream for no good reason...


Nice to see they reacted and changed their plans. Now please keep the PSP store alive too, and put a PS Vita emulator on PS5 (and if possible PS4 too).

It would allow us to buy and play Vita, PSP, digital PS One Classics and Minis on PS5 (and if possible PS4 too).
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