PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita Will Continue Operations


It won't affect me much because I'm not really buying PS3 or Vita games anymore. However I think it's an important sign and shows that they are listening to consumers. Well done.

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Vita = life.
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I have all my PSP games transferred to my PS. If Vita emulation gets going, I'll have to find a way to do that for my Vita library, too.


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Days Gone 2 to be announced tomorrow.

More than sure they're discussing it, at least. But sometimes the lack of vision could've made them let Bend work on a new, bigger IP instead and put the sequel on hold/preproduction so when they're finished it doesn't end up being a reskin of Days Gone and worse instead of better.


I imagine because everything is available on the Vita store, and because the thing come out in 2004.
Oh ok. I was under the impression PSP games were only on the PSP store.

My PSP can't even connect to modern wi-fi.
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Well, i just panic purchased about 400 dollars worth of PS3/vita/psp games and dlc, mainly story content DLCs. Well, guess I don't have to worry about it anymore at least until Cmos that is. I'm going to feel like sh*t when they throw a PS3/Vita is back sale though.

I hope the prices on physical Vita and PS3 games go back down though.


Sony: we are saving the old games, too!

so is anyone going to to stop complaining and buy PS3 and vita games?


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Will this treasure of a man ever stop getting everything so right? Jim is blessed.

(I don't actually care about this, I have no interest in buying digital PS3 games in 2021. I wonder how many of those who complained loudly about this actually give a shit.)
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It is really nice to hear something good about Playstation. Congratulations to everyone who participate in this turning of events.

This is the way to go. This is the right path.

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Not that much. But this decision is a good start.
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Well, considering Sony BC for me is keeping my PS3 hooked up and Vita in active rotation, this is good news. Would love it if they came up with a proper BC solution, through.



I love how the word 'passion' or 'passionate' always gets wheeled out in the midst of a corporate backpedal or awkward consumer relations olive branch. Without fail, every time.

PS3 has too many good games locked to it. Until they're made available on PS5 (haha), my PS3 is staying under my TV.
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Oh ok. I was under the impression PSP games were only on the PSP store.

My PSP can't even connect to modern wi-fi.
Ummm, might be a possibility but you might have to switch your modem to 2g, most newer modems let you switch between to two but disconnects the other or they have dual 2g/5g connection which allows both connection at the same time.


Never get tweets or comments like this. davidjaffe davidjaffe I use my Vita and PS3 semi-regularly still (as in every couple of months I’ll play a game on them), I still play N64 games once in a while too.

It was a shit decision, people rightfully complained, Sony reversed it. Good stuff.

Edit - I’m literally in the middle of one of your brain childs - God of War (Ghost of Sparta) on PS3! And I played God of War 1 & 2 for the first time on my PS3 also!
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