PlayStation Japan ‘Play! Play! Play!’ live stream set for October 16 featuring Dragon Quest X Offline, Elden Ring, and Horizon Forbidden West


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Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia will host a new “Play! Play! Play!” live stream on October 16 from 20:00 to 21:00 JST featuring Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, Elden Ring, and Horizon Forbidden West, the company announced. You will be able to watch it on YouTube.

The broadcast will feature the following content:

  • Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline (PS5, PS4) – First-ever gameplay with Takuma Shiraishi (producer, Square Enix) and Hajime Syacho (YouTuber).
  • Elden Ring (PS5, PS4) – Virtual YouTuber Dennou Shojo Siro, a big fan of FromSoftware titles, will introduce the appeal of Elden Ring based on previously released information, and have a deep discussion with Hatsune Matsushima (talent, host).
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS5, PS4) – Dennou Shojo Siro and Hatsune Matsushima, both fans of Horizon Zero Dawn, will look back on its gameplay, then introduce the highlights and new elements of sequel Horizon Forbidden West based on previously released information.

The following titles will be featured in addition to the above titles:



Wow, they got Siro to host an Elden Ring stream? I hope she gets to play. Although, it doesn't sound like there will be new information for Elden Ring.


Elden Ring??? Count me in

Edit: oh god i just realized "based on previously released information" oh well then, keep your secrets From Soft....
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Hype for the no audio version where i don't need to hear japanese hosts having a fake orgasm every 5 sec even during fucking load screens.


I’m interested in this DQX remaster… it was only of the few I missed so if there are big addiction maybe I can try it.
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