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Playstation doesn't want my money. Can't buy anything. No one knows why.


I'm sick and tired of telling this story, but I'll do it again because I feel like I've got no where else to go. Gaf HAS to have a legit answer for me... Please..?

2-3ish weeks ago PSN had a sale where BF4 and BF Hardline were discounted to about $5 each. The plan was to purchase them (the SAME way I purchase everything on PSN - through my PayPal account), but when doing so I was prompted with a message along the lines of, " This purchase cannot be complete. Check your transactions history." I can't really remember the last time that'd happened to me, but IF for whatever reason I can't make a purchase at a given time, it's because either there was server maintenance, my wifi conked out at the last second, etc etc etc. The problem would easily be fixed by just trying again soon after or later on.

Anyway, I tried buying them 4-5 times that day and nothing happened. I got the same message each time. I figured PSN was down and/or had maintenance that day. No big deal. I'd just try it tomorrow...
The next day rolls around, I tried making the BF purchases again and I got the same messages - again.
Not understanding why this was happening, I decided to switch my payment method up. At the checkout screen, instead of using PayPal, I entered my debit card into the system, but with no avail I received the same message yet again. THEN, I tried putting credit into my PSN Wallet and that didn't work either! I went to my Account Settings on the PS4 and checked out the Transactions List, and listed were several failed purchase attempts, labelled, "Missed Charges".

At this point, I'm really confused because my debit card was and still is working fine. I have no issues buying anything else. Either in person or online, and that included using my PP account (bought HL1 yesterday on Steam using PP). This problem is happening ONLY with PSN purchases.

So yea, last week Friday, I called Playstation support to find out what the problem was. The employee assisting me said that he was unable to find any issues with my account and that the problem might lie with PayPal. He explained that if there was an issue with them, that could be the reason as to why my methods of payment, PayPal and straight debit card, were not working. My PayPal account has my debit card on it. Because of this, it would technically stop the transactions from my card as well. This was his reasoning. A type of security reinforcement. Not sure if it really works like that, but I went along with the story.
Now, BEFORE I made any moves with PP support, he offered to delete my PP account off of my PSN account, so that I could add it again the next day and in a sense, "start fresh". This is something I had already tried prior to calling PS support, but I figured, what the hell, I'll do it again. HE'S the one wiping my PP acc off, not me this time. (like it makes a difference? idk)

I hadn't really had the time to add my PP acc and see if the issue would've resolved itself since that conversation last week Friday, until now. Today 9/7/16. So, I add the PP acc again, try to purchase two dynamic themes, $2 and $3, and guess what?? SAME message. "Cannot be completed, blah blah blah".

I called Playstation support once more to let them know what the situation was and they once again pointed fingers at PP. So, now I'm on the phone with PP, letting THEM know that they are the problem, but they are telling me that there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with my acc. They see the transactions I've been making through PP, up to the most recent one, HL1 through Steam... but nothing from Sony/Playstation was showing on on their screens.
The supervisor, told me that I need to renew my "billing statement" (?) with Playstation because for whatever reason, the email/PP account/ debit card I have assigned with them, is somehow blocked and that THEY are the ones who need to "unblock" me. Not arguing with her because I never believed it was their fault in the first place (since other PP transactions had worked for me (HL1)), I called Playstation support ONCE AGAIN ^_^.

After 30 minutes of waiting on the phone and re-telling the story once more to someone completely new to my problems, she and her superior basically said they had no idea what was going on. Bless their ignorant souls, but they could only blame the "automated system". That "it" was the reason why it was preventing me from making PSN purchases. The supervisor said that there was no way for her to override it and it really sounded like she was concerned for my problems, so I'm not really upset with her. It's not like she wrote the code for PSN. What she offered me was an alternative method of payment. To go to a retail store or online site like Amazon and purchase those prepaid cards/keys with "X" amount of money on them.

I'm sure that would work, but here's where my stubborn attitude comes in. Why in the fuck is my PP account and debit card not working with PSN? They don't work when I pay on my phone, my laptop OR the PS4.. and I'm NOT buying those prepaid cards every time I want to buy something on PSN. I'm looking for a way to FIX this, not go around it.

Before coming here to ask for help, I decided to do a little research online to see if anyone else had my problem. I found a thread with a user who had a similar problem, where the issue actually lied with his bank. Turns out, that was the fix for him.
SO, I called my bank's support center, re-told the story once once once more and you know what she said? "Sorry, but there's nothing wrong with your account. Everything's green. You're in the clear soldier. Can I interest you in signing up for a new credit card though?"

I'm lost. I literally have no idea how to fix this problem, nor do I know who else to call. Supervisors from every support center I talked with doesn't know what's going on, but Gaf surely does... Right?


Buy gift cards on Amazon. I've had the same problem in the past and it's not worth the trouble. So Amazon is the simple solution. They send you a code that you enter on the store and then you can use it.

Edit: Sorry I missed that you addressed that in the OP. Just let it go, you'll be much happier.


Nobody knows what is causing this. Sony doesn't know. My bank doesn't know. I see authorization charges but I still get that same error. The weird thing is that sometimes it randomly works when I try while other times it won't. Same card, same details saved. I have to use the same exact card to buy a PSN card on amazon when it won't work.
I had a similar problem recently with Paypal no longer taking my debit card without further verification. Make sure to check that your verification is up to date on Paypal, as I believe their terms have changed recently.


It's a recurrent problem. Not sure how or if it'll get fixed. I've tried with 3 cards now but no deal. and PayPal worked for some time but now it's down as well.

Buying over console works still though


Yeah, might be a hassle but I'd just buy codes from now on if your having issues with this. Doesn't solve the problem at hand I know but its a way around it at least and a lot of places like amazon will mail you a code within seconds of purchasing.


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If you want to narrow further, gets new replacement debit card to see if any change.
If no luck then it is all PSN side might have something problem linking your account.
You're not the only person dealing with this issue. PSN hasn't accepted my debit card in almost a year now.

Just buy PSN cards. You can continue to be stubborn if you want (your words, not mine), but I doubt the issue is going to get fixed anytime soon, so if you want PS4 games, buy the pre-paid cards.
This seems to happen at random to random people when trying to buy things on PSN. No clue why. It's randomly denied my cards a couple times in the past, and they've just as randomly started working again some time later. Buying codes really is the only workaround.


it used to happen to me, then worked and now fail again like you.

Weird thing is it fails on the webstore but not if I buy stuff from the console itself!

even worse, I buy stuff on ps4, save my billing infos and try to buy something else on the web store and it fails...

So try to buy on the console itself (which may sucks if there is a sale and want to buy ps3/ps4/vita game at once with a coupon for example) so see how it goes.


Yeah PSN is really bullshit about this.

Recently I simply wanted to buy Castle of Illusion HD before it got delisted for $3. But nope, PSN kept giving me errors with my PayPal and CC, so I was forced to buy a $20 PS card online.

They made me spend more money for no reason, I used the remainder of that $20 to impulse buy SFV costumes.


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you have to make your address and names competely match for your PSN and credit card.

Also deactivate all your consoles from your account and change your password. Maybe want to get a second PSN account and use that as your primary account on your PS4. And you'll be able to play with your old PSN. Maybe request for replacement credit card with a different number. Idk.


Yeah. It has been a random problem lately. Usually happens in the site (transaction not completed, missed charges), but not in the PS4. Bought Party Hard, Enter the Gungeon and Rock Boshers that way.


Yeah, i tried buying stuff off the UK PSN a few days ago with my paypal account, which uses my credit card, when i got to adding funds it kept telling me to check my card details, which is horse shit as they shouldn't even be seeing the card details due to it being done through Paypal.

I can't add a credit card either due to it always saying something is wrong with the details, and buying cards for PSN online causes my credit card to get fraud flagged as according to Mastercard it is high risk and automatically flags as suspicious activity due to previous security problems seen on PSN.


I've had this problem for over a year now. I can't use paypal or credit card and could never figure out the problem.I've contacted Sony so many times now and they can never help and are not sure whats wrong and I've checked with my bank and credit card provider and they say nothing is wrong on their end. I went from using everything fine to it just crapping out so the only way to get anything is PSN cards.


Had this for a good year too. Happened when I tried to buy MediEvil on sale a long time ago. Bought a couple things fine, then as I was closing tabs MediEvil caught my eye. Tried to buy that a minute or so later and boom, completely fucked. Finally fixed itself this year, no idea when though. Went to buy something recently and thought 'fuck it, always fails but can't hurt to try' and the payment went through. Previously just bought PSN cards from cdkeys which actually saved me money in the long run. (dat lower price plus 5% facebook discount aw yeah)
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