PlayStation Cloud Streaming is surprisingly good now (streamed PS3 GoW HD 1 & 2)


Ive been saying ps cloud and xcloud streaming anything ps3/xbox 360 era and below feels like playing it native. People who dismiss it are prob trolling or never used it.


To be honest, in my brief time using it a few years ago, I can’t say I had any issues that took away from the overall experience. I know a lot of people have had issues and find it unplayable, so I was lucky in that sense, or maybe it was the games I chose, but something like Killzone 2 was perfectly playable. I’d like to try it again, but after purchasing a PS3 recently, it feels mostly pointless right now to pay for premium. Hopefully they improve upon it for everyone else in the future. They have too great a catalogue over three generations to not have backwards compatibility or a decent cloud option.
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I've played through quite a few PS3 games since I upgraded to PS+ Premium and I've had a good experience.


Some time ago I tried playing Infamous 1 natively on PS3 and was surprised how shitty it runs. I guess I wasn't as sensitive 10+ years ago when I played it for the first time. So even if the streaming itself is perfect performance may still suck.
I just want to relieve my childhood.
Since I never had ps3 in my life.


Just chiming in to say it’s very impressive from where I am in the UK
Out of curiosity, whos your broadband provider? I'm with Virgin Media and with them streaming has been fantastic. Sadly though, VM has let me down with their pricing and so i'll be switching to BT with a 500mb fibre connection.

Please. Don't ever be okay with streaming. :D
I'm definitely ok with streaming.


Out of curiosity, whos your broadband provider? I'm with Virgin Media and with them streaming has been fantastic. Sadly though, VM has let me down with their pricing and so i'll be switching to BT with a 500mb fibre connection.

I'm definitely ok with streaming.
I’m on a company called Community Fibre, they had to install it to my block of flats as it had no viable broadband so I’m on 1Gb up and down.
i played 1 & 2 before playing Ragnarok and it was fine. The only problem I have is you can’t leave it idle for more than liek 5 minutes or it closes out and unlike modern games with auto save it can set you back an hour or more if you aren’t careful.

Sometimes you get distracted or have to take a dump and theres no saves point near. I’m so glad for all the QoL improvements to modern games after playing some of these ps2 and ps3 games
Its amazing.
I played Red Dead 2 on my phone using Xcloud for a while. It was amazing. All my saves carried over to the Xcloud version as well. Streaming games makes sense to me. I still notice lag, but the technology has to start somewhere. I look forward to a time when the limits of my local hardware, doesn't prevent me from playing graphically and performance intense games.


In the light of Ragnarok, I am surely not alone wanting to revisit the OG Greek trilogy.

While GoW III is easily accessible as there is a remastered version for PS4, there isn't really a convenient way to play the first two games - I haven't had a PS3 since 2010, the vita version has performance issue, and you either need a powerful PC to emulate PS3 or have to spend time meticulously tweaking PS2 emulator.

Yes there is one more way to play - via PS Plus Premium's cloud streaming service. But I had been skeptical about Sony's streaming service - I subscribed to PS Now a few years ago and the experience wasn't great - there were noticeable input lagging and video/audio breaks. It was by no meanings feasible to play action games. And the skepticism is why I've been keeping at the second tier PS Plus since launch.

But the urge to play the OG Kratos is so strong and I finally pulled the trigger to upgrade. And I happily found the streaming experience is much more satisfying now. The most surprising part is that the input lag is virtually gone - during the playthrough, I was able to do all precise timing inputs, perfect parry right before being hit, etc.. There were a few hiccups where the video and audio broke for one second, but overall the streaming quality was consistent - for most time, it felt like I am playing a normal game on my local SSD. Granted, it was just PS3 games and 720P, but the consistent framerate and precise controls really elevated the experience. Because of the enjoyment, I even took my time, beat all the challenges, and platinum'ed both games.



As for the games themselves, they hold up pretty well, in fact, I'd say they actually feel like rather modern in terms of design - the hack and slash gameplay is as satisfying as it ever is, the game pace and puzzle design, especially GoW 2, still feels very fresh and doesn't diverge much from nowadays games. The utmost angry and violent Kratos feels day and night different from the father figure Kratos, not saying it is better, but it is a nice change of flavor. Overall, I'd say I got what I wanted from streaming the GOW I and II from PS premium cloud.

Also tested some other PS3 games like Castlevania Lords of Shadow, and it also played very well. This opens up much potential to me as there are many good classical games in the premium tier. If you are on the same boat, might worth giving it a whirl, and also there is the Black Friday deal that's 25% off for subbing PS Plus service.
I'm playing resistance3 and after the first minutes adapting to the clanking camera (that had already forgotten about and got me blaming the streaming lol) it has been an immersed experience just like any other game, and don't even notice its flaws. Got to try gow games after, thanks mate.

Do you guys actually get clean resolutions for this? I always get that 5% fog on all cloud games across PSN or xCloud, I'm over it until they can get it to run properly and look clean.
I got a 55 inch TV and get that foggy image too. But haven't tried any ps4 games yet, maybe they have better image quality being full HD.

They’re still using the proprietary Gaikai protocol and haven’t moved off of it. There are better alternatives available but Sony is now stuck with the technical debt.
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