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PlayStation 5: Which Design will Sony choose for its PS5?

And you, what type of design would you like the most for the PlayStation 5?

  • Classic, horizontal design with the possibility of putting the console in a vertical position.

    Votes: 156 69.0%
  • Cube shaped

    Votes: 11 4.9%
  • At heights (Chimney Type) like the MAC PRO 2013 or the Xbox Series X.

    Votes: 15 6.6%
  • I don't care about Design, it could look like a trout, I would take it anyway ...

    Votes: 44 19.5%

  • Total voters


Feb 21, 2013
I hope it's a plain and sample design, function over style. The more curves or unique bends and little nooks and cranny's in design the more dust can buildup. Those concepts that are so thin all I see is Heat and noise lol.


Jan 1, 2011
If anything a just want an all black console, white will not match anything else in my entertainment center and stand out like a sore thumb.


Nov 20, 2018
The technical characteristics of the future PlayStation 5 from Sony are still obscure on some points. We also wonder what will be its aesthetic lines. We were used to rather sober designs and the brand's famous “Black Monolith” but the recent revelation of the Design of the next DualSense seems to herald a sharp turn on all points. As you may have noticed, the PS5 philosophy will focus onoptimization. Where we expected a console on an architecture close to the PC world, crammed with TéraFlops, it would seem that this fifth model of PlayStation is, as its creator, Mark Cerny presents, a small revolution. The same goes for its controller from a purely aesthetic point of view. Not only the DualSense is no longer a DualShock but its look in two white / black colors and its general design contrast completely with the old models which had hardly evolved so far.

The Design of the Dualsense is official and it will not go very well with that of other Sony consoles. We can therefore easily imagine that the lines of the future PS5 will probably recall those of this new controller. But before thinking of a Design, it is the technical sheet of the PlayStation 5 that we will have to watch. It is its ventilation system which can give us some information on its final look, except for the moment, we do not know much about this ventilation system. We know that the PS5 will have a GPU and a CPU to variable frequencies thanks to technologyAMD SmartShift. Bloomberg (who are quite well informed in general) had brought up the information that the ventilation system of the PlayStation 5 was abnormally expensive. We are not talking here about Water Cooling but about a more advanced system than normal.

Two solutions are therefore available to us. The first is to keep the radiator above the AMD chip but to move the fan. We will then be on a Design that we know well on the vast majority of home consoles. Type design Horizontal “VCR” with a big motherboard. The second possibility is to divide the motherboard into stages and align the APU, the radiator and the fan in a single direct cooling flow. We are here on a type design “Chimney” Vertical which has already proven itself in IT with Apple MAC PRO in 2013. Microsoft were largely inspired by this design on the Xbox X Series by opting for a square base instead of a circular base (MAC PRO).

PlayStation 5: A “classic” Horizontal Design?

Although Sony seems to want to focus its communication on the fact that the SP5 is a revolution, as much by its philosophy, its unusual material architecture and the design of the DualSense, it is possible that the Japanese brand remains “more classic” on the final design of its console. In this case, the machine is not very high but offers the advantage of being able to adapt to many TV furniture. The remote fan will cool both the APU chip and its SSD hard drive. This configuration is not the most natural to evacuate the heat (which goes to the top of the machine), it does however offer an infinity of Design possibilities and it is not because the console will opt for this more classic architecture than 'it will inevitably be little innovative in its lines.

Sony has always accustomed us to rather sober Designs, often very simple in their forms and it is clearly a good thing because they manage to pass the years without getting a nasty hang of it too quickly. It is therefore better to avoid the too complicated “Tunning” aspect which will age badly. The PlayStation 5 should, however, retain a certain symmetry to allow it to be positioned either horizontally or vertically. It's kind of the trademark of PlayStation since the PS2.

How about a Cube-shaped PS5?

The Nintendo Game Cube had known how to mark the spirit in its time. No need to wonder if we will place the console horizontally or vertically with a cube ! But this rather compact Design is not so simple as it seems to achieve. Although it offers the possibility of having a hot air extraction from the top, it is necessary to manage to store everything in a rather compact block. So we forget in this case the optical drive Bluray 4K horizontally if you don't want it to be a plug for good heat dissipation. The comparison with the Game Cube will be inevitable… Not necessarily the right choice if Sony wants to “Revolutionize” the world of game consoles. But hey, we still offer you a visual to illustrate this idea!

A PlayStation 5 on tour?

As we told you above, this configuration offers the advantage of offering a more natural exhaust of hot air, like a chimney flue. In this case, all the elements are aligned in a column. The reader Bluray 4K on the other hand is vertical to let the flow of hot air squeeze in without obstructions. But will Sony opt for this choice? Indeed, hordes of gamers will shout at plagiarism saying that Sony has only copied the Xbox X Series. However, it must be remembered that the Designers at Sony have been working on this PS5 for several years, Sony has made hundreds of prototypes and its Design is already well established for quite some time, well before the presentation of the X Series during Game Awards… Industrial leaks may have pushed Microsoft to announce the X Series urgently to style Sony on this point. Anyway, Apple was the first on this concept, Microsoft and Sony would be strongly inspired in this case if the Japanese firm decided to choose this architecture. The disadvantage of this type of configuration is its difficulty in entering a conventional piece of furniture. The console then becomes a “connected speaker” that will proudly sit next to your TV.

This Design being in a logic of fireplace, the aesthetic possibilities are more limited. We have seen that Apple had chosen a circular base, Microsoft a square base ... We can imagine a triangular base (We have already proposed a trailer on this idea), a base in pentagon, in hexagon but we will quickly turn in a loop…

Sony can however make this choice without however being too close to the X Series. The two black and white colors of the DualSense will decide, coupled with a line of bluish LEDs. Here is an idea that goes in this direction:

If Sony chooses to maintain the launch date of its PS5 for the month of November 2020 (Despite the Coronavirus crisis), we do not have much time to wait before being fixed on the Final Design of the PlayStation 5. The DualSense has already laid some foundations, but the number of possibilities is far too great to be able to truly anticipate the question of Design. If we put aside the idea of the Cube, two paths emerge: A “classic” console with two positions (vertical / horizontal) or on the contrary chimney architecture like Apple's MAC PRO. In any case, the future PS5 should be silent and efficient. As for aesthetics, it will not be unanimous because as we say: Tastes and colors…


All the designs look cancerous.


Sony make cringe trainers.
Apr 13, 2020
Hopefully something more traditional in shape. Don't get me wrong, the XSX looks cool but really fat and that will be a problem for me unless I decide that laying it on the ground is a good option.
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Jun 28, 2013
I’ve put down $20 on an X1X-like design, smaller than the XSX but a traditional-looking box albeit with a unique cooling design (I’m convinced the premise of the V-shape will exist in some way in the final design).


May 9, 2019
Why do these console design mock-ups always have neon lights? I see it every console generation and it's become such a cliché.
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Nov 21, 2014
Why do these console design mock-ups always have neon lights? I see it every console generation and it's become such a cliché.
There is this thought of "neon lights makes stuff look cool"


Apr 19, 2020
I don't really care what it looks like. I'm fairly sure I'm going to try and pre-order; however, I really hope there's at least five to seven launch games... not that I'd buy them all. I assume one to three games at launch with some of those being already released on PS4. Anyway, I'm probably wrong.

Khalid M.

Nov 8, 2018
Remeber this mockup? It's the only one I'd be okay with, but the controller makes it clear they're taking a different direction.

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Mar 27, 2020
A tower concept similar to the XSX. Just makes sense with how much more demanding these new consoles will be.


May 29, 2018
I see you all and raise you $10,000.

Also available in White :

(it's by artist Todo Ramon, not the PS5)


Nov 25, 2015

This looks the best IMO especially when it is placed vertically. In fact it looks so good that Sony should just buy the design from the guy who made it and be done with it. I'm not a fan of the PC tower thing.

Any other images of this one?
I like the V shape.
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Sep 30, 2006
Classic design. Last thing I want to hear from people is whether they're buying the water cooler or the fridge when these systems come outl.
Nov 15, 2017
What in the holy fuck are some of these designs? The top one looks like it's missing the two antennae from being a router and that third design that is supposed to rival the XBSX tower like design looks like a swivel fan. It actually looks like my rice cooker.

I'm not really sure what I want from a 'design' per-se. Even though I have the 500 million edition PlayStation 4 Pro, I don't spend an awful lot of time admiring it's design because it's on a self secluded under my TV and the only time I really see it is when I go to change discs. I quite like the box design but it makes the shelf I have irrelevant as a device with a design like that would not fit under my TV on the shelf.

I'm not really fussed about the design in honesty. As long as it doesn't end up like the original XBOX or the original XBOX One, I will be quite happy with a design where physically it doesn't sap up loads of power, doesn't have an external PSU and most importantly as Cerny has explained a couple of times, I really don't want one that sounds like it's going to take off into orbit or makes me wonder if the space under the PS4 Pro is going to erupt like volcano because it's that hot.
Jan 31, 2020
It's in their best interest to have a more classic design. If they show a design similar to the XSX a long while later, people will use that as another argument that Sony boosted and redesigned their console at the last minute. And they'd have every right to.
Looks like you've cooked up a nice go-to retort if the PS5 turns out to be a good console :p

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Currently Gif and Meme Champion
Dec 25, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
Where are those renders from some time back, round cornes, controller on the top. Elegant solution. I know it's not possible to do this, but I quite like it.
Aug 4, 2019
I can not stand predictions and rumors when I comes to console design. The most annoying shit ever. None of these will be it, the shape perhaps but these renders random internet people come up with are so far out it's astonishing really.

Look at the Xbox One its a freaking rectangle standing upright.

Tone it down and wait for the showcase.
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My fantasy is that my girlfriend was actually a young high school girl.
Mar 23, 2007
Sydney Australia
I hate artist's renditions. The media outlets pick that shit up and I get super excited that Sony revealed the design only to find its somebody's bedroom wankfest fantasy.


Aug 21, 2016
I like the tower design. It makes the most sense. i think series X is one of my favorite console designs ever. At least basic consoles. That being said as long as its a design that help keeps it cool and quiet I don't care. Just make a reliable console.


Mar 20, 2017
im not suprise is the console end up big like ps4 pro or even variant of ps3 fat lol...unless their cooling solution is really good