Philly Police forced to rehire officer who shot 3 People (1 in back) in 3 years -WaPo


Philadelphia police officer Cyrus Mann stood on a rain-slicked road, pointed his gun at a moving car and pulled the trigger five times, hitting the driver.

The next year, he chased an unarmed man down an alley and shot him in the back.

Two years later, he fired his gun four times at a man he had stopped for a suspected traffic violation.

Most officers will never fire their weapons while on duty. Mann, a nine-year member of the Philadelphia Police Department, shot three people in just over three years. The shooting in the alley, on Aug. 9, 2012, would prove fatal and prompt the police commissioner to try to fire Mann.

Like many police chiefs across the nation, he would fail.

A Washington Post investigation found that hundreds of police officers who were fired for misconduct, including allegations of sexual assault and drug trafficking, have been reinstated. Since 2006, at least 451 of 1,800 officers fired from 37 of the nation’s largest departments have won their jobs back through appeals provided for in union contracts.

Mann’s history on the force offers one of the starkest examples, from hundreds of cases The Post examined, of how little power police chiefs hold in deciding which officers remain in their ranks. What is known about Mann has been culled from interviews, publicly available law enforcement records and hundreds of pages of civil and criminal court documents, which include copies of some police records.

By the time he was fired, records show, Mann had also been accused of lunging at a superior officer and had been described to a jury by a defense attorney as a “nightmare to the citizens of Philadelphia.”

Of the 71 officers who fought to get their jobs back in that city, police were forced to rehire 44, more than in any other department examined by The Post.

“You would want to believe that if people were terminated, if proper investigations and protocols were followed, they were terminated for a reason,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. “There are occasions that you are frustrated, not just the police commissioner but even sometimes rank and file as well as commanders, because you’ll get people who get their jobs back and you are completely baffled and dismayed by it.”


Its crazy that even the commissioner can do fuck all to deal with dangerous nutjobs in his department.

Police unions are cancer.


Man, is there any other profession in this country that allows you to get away with so much? Besides that Catholic church, I can't think of anything else.


Unions are supposed to be the counteracting balancing force to prevent the managerial staff from having complete, unadulterated control over wages, hours worked per week, conditions, etc. There seems to be no equilibrium in regards to police unions.


Police unions have this much power, and they'd rather use that power to get murderers off scot-free rather than using it to try and get non-shitty wages.
Glad to see this story posted, as it highlights what a menace police unions have become. And they are a menace, they are the biggest factor in keeping both the incompetent and the downright sadistic cops on the street.
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